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Cuz it’s CRUSTomary to order pizzas at an Italian restaurant! 🍕🍕🍕 @supplydemandorchard pride themselves for serving up rustic Italian cuisine 🇮🇹, so pizzas are a must-get here! ✔ With dough that is handmade in house daily, hand opened & freshly baked to order, the wide selection of thin CRUST pizzas here (I counted 28 different flavours! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻) will certainly satisfy your taste buds! . New on the menu is Pizza Manzo Scottato E Pera ($25++ for Regular/$29++ for Large), which features a thin-crust pizza slathered with tomato sauce 🍅 & mozzarella cheese 🧀, topped with sliced seared beef 🐄, red onion, fresh pear 🍐, rucola leaves & pine nuts. . Love the interaction between the different ingredients all in a slice 😋 - the natural sweetness of the tomato sauce & pear slices mellow the astringent taste of the arugula, while the pine nuts add an irresistible nutty flavour. 🥜 While I wished the seared beef could be more tender, these thick juicy cubes would please any carnivorous diners! 🥩 . For the health junkies, Avocado E Pesto ($25 for regular/$29 for large) will be a good pick! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 It may look unassuming but trust me, this vegetarian delight delivers so much more! Even the guys liked this - that just says SO MUCH! 💯 . The base of garlic cream sauce, oregano & drizzle of pesto sauce 💚 flavours the pizza perfectly, not forgetting mozzarella 🧀 & roasted pine nuts to make this a true-blue Italian classic. 👏🏻 Topped with sliced red onions, fresh avocado 🥑, rucola & cherry tomatoes 🍅, every bite was rich in flavour but minus the guilt! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 . Tempted to get yourself a slice? 🤤 Definitely good for sharing with your loved ones! Time to head down to @supplydemandorchard for a good time! 👌🏻
Supply & Demand @supplydemandorchard has a new menu to tantalise your tastebuds! It is worth noting that some of the items are based on some Singaporean favourites like the indomie fries! Here are some of the items that we tried: • Seven Cheese 🍕 ($25, $29); Tomato sauce, garlic mozzarella, smoked scarmoza, gorgonzola, emmental, taleggio, brie and raclette cheese topped with Grana Padano, sun-dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. • Okonomiyaki Sweet potatoes 🍠 Fries ($13, $18); Popular Japanese-inspired fries topped with savoury netsuke sauce, Japanese Mayo, Bonito Flakes, Furikake and scallions. • Indomie Goreng Fries 🍟 ($12/$17); Thick-cut fries tossed with house blend of Indomie-inspired powder and chilli powder, drizzled with sweet Kecap Manis, topped with a fried egg, red onion, parsley and creamy Mayo. • Beef Tagliata Crostini ($22); Seared beef, guacamole, mango salsa, tomato, shallot, scallion and toasted sesame seed on linseed crostino. • Beef Carpaccio ($15); Thinly-sliced Beef Tenderloin with watercress and Yuzu Wasabi emulsion. • Nero de Seppia with Seared Scallops 🍝 ($19); Pasta in Squid Ink, garlic, splash of White Wine, homemade broth and cherry tomatoes, finished with cream, butter, parsley and shaved Grana Padano. • Peach 🍑 and Parma Ham Crostini ($14); Thinly-sliced Parma Ham, peach slices, Mascarpone cheese and shaved Grana Padano on Garlic Crostini, drizzled with Balsamic Sauce. Personally I really like the Squid Ink Pasta that we had. The pasta was really flavourful and the scallops were done just right! And afterall, they did popularised themselves in the first place with their pasta dishes!
Here's some EGGceptional FRIes to brighten up the rainy FRIday morning! 🍳🍳🍳 Did you know that @supplydemandorchard offers 9 different kinds of communal fries that will leave you spoilt for choice?! 😍 Many innovative spin-offs to their signature thick cut fries & sweet potato fries await you! 🍟🍟🍟 . In a dilemma? Fret not - they have thoughtfully introduced a Petite size so that you can try more flavours! 👌🏻 . Indomie Goreng Fries 🇮🇩 ($12++ for Petite; $17++ for Regular) is certainly one of the highlight of their new menu! 🤤🤤🤤 Featuring thick cut fries fried to the perfect golden brown & tossed in a house-blend of savoury Indomie-inspired flavour & chilli powder 🌶, you are bound to get that spicy kick with these! 🔥 Drizzled with sweet Kecap Manis & topped with a fried egg, fried red onion, parsley & creamy mayonnaise, this is the ultimate indulgence that I would go for! ✔ . Fans of Japanese cuisine 🇯🇵 will be delighted by their Okonomiyaki Sweet Potato Fries ($13++/$18++), where thick-cut sweet potato fries don a drizzle of savoury nitsume sauce & sweet Japanese mayo, with a topping of bonito flakes, furikake & scallion for the complete makeover. 😍😍😍 The end result is a lusciously creamy & predominantly sweet serving of fries that is equally delectable. 👍🏻 . An aromatic whiff of truffle can be easily detected metres away from the restaurant so I think I might try their Garlic Truffle Fries ($12++/$17++) next time! 😉 Die-hard fans of cheese can look forward to indulge in their Melted Raclette Cheese Fries. 🧀 . Everyday can be a FRYyay with these awesome FRIES at @supplydemandorchard! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
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Smoked Duck Hoisin Pizza ($22.90+) Perfect for sharing, this is one of my two go-to pizzas here at Marche! They do their pizzas surprisingly well - oven baked with just the right thickness and crispness of dough, generous toppings of smoked duck and assorted greens and topped with some good ol hoisin sauce; it was heaven with every bite! 🤤🤤 Their pizzas are ridiculously value with eatigo 50% (usually available at 330/4 in the afternoon or 9/930/10 at night)
🎶Wake me up when SeptemBER ends~🎶 Cuz im gonna have some BEER in OKtoBER! 🍻 From now till 13 Oct, join in the OKTOBERFEST festivities at @marchesingapore! 🎉🎉🎉 I certainly had a great time feasting & catching up with my friends here! 💕 . Here are some of the menu highlights! 🔹️Beer $9.90+ per pint (500ml) 🍺 🔹️Beer $29.90+ per jug 🔹️Pretzel $4.90+ 🥨 🔹️Pork knuckle $25.90+ (half) 🐖 🔹️Pork knuckle $48.90+ (whole) 🔹️Sausage platter $26.90+ 🔹️German platter $49.90+ 🍖🍗 . It's a MEATilicious affair with their German platter which features half pork knuckle 🐖, half roasted spring chicken 🐓, coarse pork & garlic pork sausages, mashed potato 🥔 & sauerkraut! Definitely makes a perfect pairing with a cup of beer! 🍺 . Of course we couldn't leave Marché without having their signature Rösti ❤ with chicken cheese sausage & sauteed mushrooms 🍄 (promo at $17.40+ ✌🏻), as well as their Black Forest Ham Crepe ($17.90+)! 😋😋😋 . Want to win some free bears? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Participate in their games happening every Fri-Sun evening & stand to win! ✔ Beer guzzling, Arm wrestling, or Empty keg lifting - are you up for the challenge?! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 . Be entertained by the live bands 🎸 at [email protected], VivoCity & Suntec City outlets! Do check out @marchesingapore for the schedule! 👌🏻 Time to drop by for a good time!! 😉
Rösti With Cheddar | $12.80 Potatoes are freshly grated and pan fried. This was my second time having it and I remembered I didn’t really liked it the first time. However this time it was really different which might be due to the cheddar on top! Highly recommend to add cheddar! 7.0/10
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Fantastic Meat They've got a promotion going on their website itself so I didn't use beyond for this. Skip the Deluxe buffet and go straight for Premium. For 75 per person (inclusive of gst and all), I thought the meal was really worth it. The meats were beautifully marbled and melted in your mouth. We couldn't help but get more orders of both the kurobuta karubi and wagyu karubi. Highly recommend getting their tonkotsu soup for your hotpot too, it's lovely and sweet.
1 For 1 Burpple Beyond This set was $22.90 but with 1 for 1 it was quite reasonable. Honestly, was expecting more quality for the food but it was average at best. The rice did not look like Japanese rice, I think they used jasmine rice instead. However, the unagi was quite good but I’ve tasted better before. I liked the sashimi! However, portions were quite small and the chicken in the chawanmushi was pink and I did not dare to eat it. Overall, it was quite okay, would not go back there again if I were craving Japanese, could probably get cheaper and better quality food elsewhere. Food: 6.5/10
MUST READ - Great Food But Very Schemy Went because of Burpple, 1 for 1 and because we love Wagyu so we went for the premium On their website the price of their buffet ranges from 40+ with premium at 64.9++ but as soon as they found out we ereee using burple they wouldn't allow the price that everyone else pays normally, instead it was $180 per person after ++ so we ended up paying 90 per person WHICH IS A TOTAL SCAM because it would have been cheaper without Burpple which was 64++ without the Burpple. Food was great but trust me if you read enough reviews you'll realise they are very dodgy and scammy. Another example is the premium was so much more expensive because it's more variety of wagyu AND you get free flow Ben and Jerry's ice cream which is not obvious and I looked everywhere on their menu and couldn't find it. I only knew because I read a review online, otherwise they would have gotten away with us having no free flow ice cream because they never told us, they purposely hide that info from you. Just because they're unethical and dishonest I wouldn't come back here again. Disappointed that you pay for burpple for such a terrible deal. Shame on burpple for allowing this also
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