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Si Chuan Spare Ribs 楹昏荆鎺掗 Available as part of #burpplebeyond鈥檚 1 for 1 offerings, the Si Chuan Spare Ribs was a right choice. The spareribs were cut into small bite-sized pieces and cooked in the mala broth, served with the large beansprouts, leafy vegetables and topped with cut chilli padi and spring onions. The meat is done perfectly that it slides off the bone with just a small tug; making it extremely soft and enjoyable. Have it together with the mala broth and you鈥檝e got yourself a hot party going on.
Si Chuan Spicy Wonton 绾㈡补鎶勬墜 ($7.80) After finding out about this quiet space in Orchard Central, I鈥檓 back again for the second time to enjoy the quiet space and spicy hot bowls of mala. One of the must gets would include this Si Chuan Spicy Wontons. Each bowl comes with the large bean sprouts, the main item and a mala broth. The wontons are generously filled with prawn and minced pork, before being wrapped in thin dumpling sheets. The broth that it is cooked in is drinkable (yes you heard that right), after removing the layer of oil on top of it. P/S: for every person who dines you, you get to help yourself at the free flow ice cream bar to help you get rid of the fire. The ice cream comes in small individual cups with 3 flavours - lime, vanilla and chocolate.
Mala Lok Lok The mala soup at this place was good! The food sticks was tasty, and they have a good variety. Plus it鈥檚 affordable~ will definitely be back!
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