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Signature Creamy Crab On first glance, this may look like crab in the now commonplace salted egg yolk sauce. But NO! This is Joyden’s signature creamy crab steeped in pumpkin purée and milk, made fragrant with curry leaves and chilli padi. The sauce is sweet and flavourful just like it’s lookalike, salted egg sauce, but without that cloying salty aftertaste that salted egg gives you. And that means I could happily mop up loads of that sauce with the crispy fried mantou 🤗 If you like crab, I assure you that the crabs here are fresh and sweet, with meat that isn’t overcooked. If you like your crab with an interesting twist, Joyden is the place to be!!!
Lemongrass Pork Ribs ($18/$27/$36) Looks and tastes somewhat like sweet and sour pork, as the pork ribs are first deep fried before tossing in a sweet tangy sauce. What's special is the lemongrass, adding a touch of citrusy lemon, herbal and slightly minty flavor, to the dish, especially when the shredded lemongrass is sprinkled all over and eaten together with the meat. Recommended to eat this with their yam ring.
Miss Ha
Yuan Yang Hor Fun with Clams ($16/24/32) Never thought that there would be a version of yuan yang hor fun cooked in this manner. It's a dish that's kept simple, without much variety of ingredients. What's unique was how they combined half of the hor fun that's deep fried and the other half that's wok fried. The wok fried hor fun was slightly charred and no lacking of the wok hei. On the contrary, the deep fried hor fun, though interesting, but lacked of flavour, basically tasted bland and greasy. It wasn't very crispy either. The gravy was rich in the crustacean flavour, not surprising due to the considerable amount of clams in each plate.
Miss Ha
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Premium Hotpot Buffet The best remedy to relieve your growling tummy is to have a comforting hotpot especially during this time of the year with the cold weather and cooler temperatures. Chosen Broth: Double boiled treasure (bottom) Royal chrysanthemum chicken broth (left) Hua diao phoenix (right) Hua diao phoenix is a hearty and creamy concotion of double boiled treasures chicken broth infused with chinese hua diao wine, herbs and spices that leaves a lingering sweetness. Royal chrysanthemum chicken broth is a seasonal special that uses a range of chinese herbs and ingredients such as yu zhu (solomon’s seal), red dates, goji berries and dried chrysanthemum. This nourishing broth has subtle sweetness and scented with hints of floral aroma which will infuse into meat and vegetables to give a sweet-savoury aftertaste. Double boiled treasure is a upgraded version of their usual chicken broth that uses chinese herbs like red dates and wolfberries and developed into a rich and robust flavoured chicken soup. Not forgetting to try their famous homemade coca dipping sauce that contains coriander, thai sweet chili, fish sauce, sugar and a few other secret ingredients that turns into a sweet, spicy, rich and savoury sauce.
COCA Steamboat [~$42 for lunch] My favourite go to for steamboat. Despite it being in buffet style, the quality of food has always been good. The variety of food is awesome too. Service from the staffs is good too :) Price is reasonable as well. About $42 per pax for lunch!
Buffet (4) Sauces were in abundance. The table was very clean too. I did my sauce using Coca original sauce and added sesame paste, sesame oil and seeds, garlic, soy sauce, spring onion and fried shallots. Yummy!
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