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Me and my family really enjoyed dishes from @whampoakeng. Feature : 1. Signature fish head steamboat soup (Batang Sliced Fish), $40. Its comforting, flavourful and the fish were fresh, and they gave extra soup. 2. Specialty Food Street Tofu, $14. My son favourite dish, he literally finished this by himself, the gravy very tasty, cooked with egg and dried shrimp. 3. Salted Egg Yolk Sotong, $20 Very tasty, coated with thick salted egg sauce. 4. Deep Fried Nan Lu Pork Belly, $16. The pork belly tender. Currently they have promo free island wide delivery daily for orders with a min spend of $50 and also 15% off for pick up orders. For view menu, can visit Http:// 📍Whampoa Keng. 556 Balestier Road.
Hearty Red Garoupa Steamboat The signature steamboat here comes with 3 types of fish options (in order of price from lowest): bardan fish, red garoupa, bucket pomfret in 4 different sizes. We got the largest size for the red garoupa (for 8pax+) at $75! The broth from the soup is rich, flavorful and well balanced. Apart from the thick slices of fish, there are yam chunks, seaweed, cabbage along with 30 other herbs and ingredients that are said to go inside! It is said that the use of charcoal elevates the flavor by adding that robust smokiness. The menu here is rather extensive for a comprehensive dining experience. We ordered several other dishes. Fu Rong omelette [L-$16] Deep friend prawn rolls [S-$14] Specialty Food Street Tofu [L-$26] This dish is prepared by steaming the blend of mashed silken tofu with egg mixture before steaming then topping it with the signature seafood sauce. San lor horfun [L-$22] Wok hei check box checked! Generous amount of fish. Just didn’t like the slightly undercooked beansprouts. Mushroom with broccoli [L-$30] You can’t really go wrong with this! Marmite pork ribs [L-$27] The kind that is diced into smaller chunks. Great sauce makes up for the fact that it’s not boneless. Crispy yam basket with chicken [$24] Slightly on the dry side for the yam ring, comes with a generous amount of shredded chicken!
Crispy Cereal Prawn Very generous amount of cereal on the deep fried prawns. Crispy shell.
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🎶It’s getting’ HOT in here, so take off all your clothes~🎶 Can't dine out but thay ain't gonna stop me from satisfying my hotpot cravings cuz City Hot Pot delivers! 🚙 Enjoyed their Set E for 4pax 🥘($115.99nett) which includes soup, staple & sauces! 👏🏻 The ingredients were of good quality & super fresh 😊, nicely packed with a lock on the package to prevent any human touch on the way! ✔ . Ingredients include Australian wagyu beef 🥩, pork collar 🐖, lamb leg 🐑, chicken breast 🐔, fresh fish fillet 🐟, fresh prawns 🦐, prawn paste, handmade tau foo, pork minced paste, fresh meat wonton 🥟, fried tofu skin, vegetable combo 🥬 & mushroom combo 🍄. . For staple, choose from instant noodles 🍜, rice vermicelli, tung hoon, mee sua, udon noodles, pearl rice 🍚 or braised pork rice (+$1). . You will be spoilt for choice with their 15 soup bases 😍😍😍, ranging from the classic chicken soup, Sichuan Mala 🌶 to Thai Tom Yum 🇹🇭 and Korean Kimchi Soup 🇰🇷. Simply top up $1 for twin soup base! ✌🏻 I got their Fish Soup with Milk 🐟🥛and Tomato Soup 🍅 - both were pleasant! . Check out for the various hotpot sets that @city_hot_pot offers! 👌🏻
1-for-1 Quality Hotpot Soupy meals are my comfort food, & I could honestly eat hotpot all day erriday. Here’s my latest gem of a find on Burpple Beyond: 旺爐 City Hotpot Shabu Shabu at Raffles Place. I made a reservation on Chope, & swiped the 1-for-1 Wagyu Ribeye Set ($49.99++) deal. It comes with your choice of soup, staple, & a "VegiCombo" basket of delicious vegetables & soy products. The beef wasn’t too fatty & it was fresh! Also, very importantly, I enjoyed the Chicken soup base (香菇鸡汤) that I chose.. Would very happily return here again. Til 12 Feb 2020, I'm running a contest to give away a free #BurppleBeyond Premium (Monthly) plan to 2 lucky winners! Details on: @wobblethebui on Instagram / Bui Bui Eats page on Facebook
Great Value For Money! Ribeye wagyu beef shabu shabu completely worth it in this place! The set is complete with vegetables and carbs mains!
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Deboned Duck Feet 2.5/5pcs, Mala Beef 2.5/5pcs First of all, deboned duck feet at 0.5 a piece is an absolute steal. The effort needed to debone a duck feet is not trivial. It's very shiok to be able to eat an entire duck feet with minimal manual deboning. Particularly when they're coated in a super CLEAN MALA COLD OIL. It's such a profound flavour that goes so well with interesting textures with little taste. The mala beef was delicious as well, full flavoured and tender. Definitely a must try too What's really impressive is their attention to detail. The duck feet was not skewered, allowing them to soak in the oil as it's not flavoured. The mala beef was obviously already marinated, so it was skewered and thus angled by the box. This prevents its marination from being overpowered thru soaking in the oil. Lastly, all of these were wrapped in cling wrap to prevent the mala oil from coming out during delivery. All of these for a box with 5 dollars worth of content only. WOW
[Si Wei Xiao Chuan Chuan] - Guess what is this?? Pig’s brain in spicy mala sauce. I missed it so much. Super satisfied! . Find out more at . Si Wei Xiao Chuan Chuan (思味小串串) 31 Mosque Street Singapore 059509 Tel: +65 69261630 Nearest: Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line) Opening Hours: Daily: 12pm - 11pm
[Si Wei Xiao Chuan Chuan] - The folk at Si Wei Mao Cai (思味冒菜) has opened a new Chuan Chuan Xiang concept - Si Wei Xiao Chuan Chuan (思味小串串) just a few doors down the road at Mosque Street. It is a hotpot concept whereby the dishes comes in sticks and cooked in the hotpot. Ordering here is quite simple. First is to chose the soup base among the 7 different choices. We went for the Mixed Pot ($12) with two choices of soup base. For the soup base, we had the Sichuan Spicy Soup with Butter Oil and Tomato Soup. The sichuan spicy soup base is really fragrant while the tomato soup impressed me a lot. Made with real tomatoes, you can taste the different and freshness in it compare to those cost saving restaurants. It is the best tomato soup base I have eaten. . Find out more at . Si Wei Xiao Chuan Chuan (思味小串串) 31 Mosque Street Singapore 059509 Tel: +65 69261630 Nearest: Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line) Opening Hours: Daily: 12pm - 11pm
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Xun Wei The New hotpot XunWei offers really nice beef (@this price). For me, even better than the forever-que-use-ing Hai Di Lai.:D
📍 Xun Wei Hotpot Xun wei is a new found hotpot place that i enjoyed at! I like that we can choose up to 4 different types of soup even though I only drank the Tomato and Ma La soup 😅 Service is quite slow here and they tend to forget a few items when you hand back the list. BUT it may be a blessing in disguise when you regret what you ordered as you get full over time 🤭 The Seafood here are fresh! Meats are good (I don't eat lamb but from what my friend said, it wasn't gamy). They have a wide selection to choose from - for eg, we had 3 different types of tao kee ok 🤣 Drinks, Ice-cream and Sauces are included in their $19.90+ (weekdays) buffet but you HAVE to +$8/table for the soup. I would recommend making a reservation before going over as they are always packed during dinner time and even with the reservation, we waited for about 20mins before we get a seat. Lastly, they have a 2 hour time limit but trust me, thats more than enough time to down all the food! ~💲26/pax For more Steamboat or Bbq Buffet options, look under my igstory highlights 😋 #jeanhojiaksg #igsg #sgig #sg #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #sgeats #sgfoodporn #instafood_sg #burpple #eatoutsg #foodporn #foodlover #foodpics #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodgram #food #foodie #instafood #foodblogger #feedfeed #dailyfoodfeed #yum #delicious #eat
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A Sinful Affair to be Shared Couldn't resist this Fried Bun with Condensed Milk ($5) even though I was soooo full but it was so worth the additional calories! The fried mantou have a really crisp exterior and are soft and fluffy on the inside, nothing too sinful until you take a dip into the condensed milk, resulting in a simple yet sinful treat for a sweet conclusion to the hotpot meal.
I can't recall the last time I had hotpot - as in literally, at least five years back or more - but that streak has been broken when I got to check out Xiao Mu Deng Traditional Hotpot (小木凳怀旧火锅) which is situated a good 5~10 minutes from Chinatown or Outram Park station. SWIPE for a preview of some of the dishes that went down that night and see if you can tell what they are! Offering a variety of meats, cuts and parts, as well as veggies, seafood and non-hotpot options, you will surely be spoilt for choice as you browse through the fresh selection which include Prime Fresh Beef Tripe ($12), Swine Throat ($13), Prime Beef Tongue ($17), among several other choices! Of course if everything I mentioned has freaked you out a little, you can also select from Pork Belly ($8) or Australian Prime Beef ($18), to name a few. For the soup bases, you can select up to three types, with a choice between THREE levels of mala. My personal favourite is the Pork Bone and Spicy Soup ($15) because it is flavourful but not too heavy and is the safest option is terms of keeping the original flavour of your food as much as possible. Having it at a level 1 spiciness, it was really easy for me to drink. Level 2 would be my 'last warning' point which I tried with the Tomato and Spicy Soup ($16) that I also enjoyed actually! For personal reasons I did not try the Spicy Jiu Gong Ge Hot Pot ($18) with which was given a level 3 spiciness; I could feel the heat from a distance so I assumed it'd be safer for me to avoid. 😨 There is also Mushroom and Spicy Soup ($15) for those who'd be interested! If you need your sauces, there's a station to make your own, featuring a wall othat suggests combinations to go with your food! I personally love the sesame oil which comes in a red can as well as the vinegar which you can put after you've selected your condiments! On a whole, it's been a really loooong time since my last hotpot experience and Xiao Mu Deng definitely satisfied and filled me up so bad I couldn't even think about supper. All's well that ends well I suppose. 😂 Thank you @xiaomudeng_hotpot for the HUGE spread and @foodinsing for having me at the tasting! 🙏🏻
Hotpot Situation 😍😋 BCYF #火鍋 慶功宴!真心覺得主持活動需要經驗累積而來的扎實功底,很慶幸有這個機會擔任今年的論壇司儀。感恩有這樣的學習經驗能夠豐富自己的閱歷。 純粹想紀錄一下這兩天發生的事情。 外婆昨天又進醫院了。每次阿姨出國前,外婆都毫無例外進醫院一趟。已經好多次了,不像是巧合。更像是這位老太太知道女兒要出國玩不帶上自己的無聲抗議和耍脾氣的一種方式。進了醫院 - 留院觀察 - 檢查無大礙- 出院 。感恩又是虛驚一場,今天就能夠出院了。下午陪著她聊天,播電視劇給她看,逼她玩需要動腦筋的遊戲。別看她老人癡呆,可機靈了。一下問我是不是還和男友在一起啦,問男友有沒有工作。問我拿到了大學文憑是不是薪水會比較高😂 知道女傭的錢似乎被男友騙走時,還說女人怎麼可以倒貼男人。簡直把我給弄得笑翻了🤣 雖然了解不應該那麼死板地看待性別責任,但是一昧和對方索取金錢的關係也不健康吧。一如既往地爭寵,問她最疼誰。最近大學畢業季,也和外婆說要健健康康的參加我的畢業典禮。我們約定了喔❤️🙏🏻 半夜發文通常都是為了圖文不符啦,半夜感覺沒什麼人會花時間讀長文。會讀完的,有心了。希望這些文字能和你有些共鳴。就算沒有,稍微有些觸動和想法也挺好的。 題外話/ 近期每當看到新聞,"這世界到底怎麼了?病情怎麼一直在惡化當中😭" 的想法一直浮現。持續很久的「難民」問題,最近高度關注的「香港」「KyoAni」等等,太多太多令人感到痛心且不應該發生的事在全球的各個角落發生著。 人性需要藥醫,這世界才會好起來~ #慧思敏語
Hui Min
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It’s not Friday yet but @danielwellington is starting its Black Friday sale earlier! Get a HALF PRICE on selected watches from @danielwellington and also receive a FREE accessory (ring/bracelet/strap) with any watch purchase (at regular price) at or at any of their official retail stores in Singapore & Malaysia. Take extra 15% OFF using my unique code <Joanna19> applicable on the offer to save you up to SGD$160! All parcels will be perfectly gift wrapped with free shipping! Limited stocks so hurry up and get yours now, offer ends 2nd December! . Wearing iconic link in Gold (36mm) which is their latest collection! And pairing it with the Classic Bracelet & Ring both in Gold. Loving their Iconic Link series! Go check them out this Black Friday sale period! . #DanielWellington #DWSingapore #DWinSG
Collagen Hotpot We came here for supper and there’s 20% off hotpot ingredients after 10.30pm! Got the collagen soup and spicy pork soup and we really enjoyed it. Ingredients were also very fresh as well. It’s rather pricey but I’d come here on a special occasion!
Wellness Hotpot Each dish has a specific timing for cooking! We burnt our collagen soup and had to refill at $5++, good thing is we could takeaway the soup if we like and make yummy noodles with it back home! Anyways, lunch experience was quite not up to standard; HDL still trumps the hotpot industry! Must-orders: fried toufu skin, and fish cakes!
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