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Neggs Ben Just kill me 🤮 the hollandaise sauce and almond muffin is really bad. My friend had the portobello mushroom burger and it’s equally bad. No more faith in vegan food after this 🤮
Portobello Burger ($20++ U.P.), Zucchini Noodle Carbonara ($16++ U.P.); Both On Burpplebeyond [TLDR Alert] My family and I have bought into the propaganda of Netflix Documentaries- Game Changers and What the Health. What this means is an attempt to maintain a vegan diet (plant based diet) which is difficult with what the F&B scene in SG has available so we give ourselves some leeway of vegetarian options when dining out. But at wholesome savour, the vegan theme is the pride of the menu. Take this portobello burger for example, the large dark mushroom serves as the burger bun with animal free ingredients; the mycoprotien chicken (plant based meat) reminded me of unseasoned mash potatoes which complimented a pleasantly tart beetroot patty. Other delightfully ingredients included the diary free cheese which has sent me stocking up on all the dairy free cheese I’ve found on redmart because I cannot live without cheese and these are some great cheese. Lastly the dehydrated chips will feel like tasty substitutes to your usual chips, warmly welcomed by my mum and I aka crisp lovers. Separately we also had the zucchini carbonara with some savoury coconut bacon and a fun tasty nut sauce. Sadly I found the zucchini noodles too crunchy for my liking because I was expecting noodle texture. All in all, kudos to Burpplebeyond for a vegan treat at an affordable price point.
Negg’s Benedict A good attempt looks-wise in replicating the classic eggs ben. I love the avocado (replacing the egg) but I found the ‘hollandaise sauce’ a little too sourish. Ambience here was nice and generally quiet :) One for one on selected dishes using Burpple beyond
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Value For Money Tried the vegan burger, it was flavourful and comes with two sidea. The seaweed crunch was addictive while the pasta salad was a nothing spectacular.
Hui Yee
For Healthy, Vegetarian Meals In A Homely Joint Don’t be fooled by the name, Well Dressed Salad Bar certainly serves up a multitude of vegetarian and vegan dishes - and they are some good stuff! They’re housed in a corner unit with Eight Treasures Vegetarian (which serves Chinese vegetarian dishes) near the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The staff will ask whether you’re here for WDSB or ETV, bring you to your table and provide the appropriate menus before coming back to take your orders later. Our young male server was a little blur about the menu items, but he was genuinely very sweet, friendly and earnest. Though some of the staff weren’t as friendly, the majority of them were proactive and helpful - even coming back to our table to check if we wanted ‘no onions’ in our other dishes as we’d specified that for another order, offering to take a family photo when all our food had arrived, checking if the sweetness was okay for my beverage as I’d requested for less sugar. The ambience at WDSB isn’t snobbish, it’s homely, welcoming, and with such delicious healthy vegetarian foods, I’ll definitely be returning. Recommendations: - Smokey Edamame Chia Nachos ($7.50) - The BPMH Burger with SeaSalt Seaweed Chips as a side ($16.50) - Veganlicious All-Day Brunch Set ($16.50)
The BPMH ($16.50) The BPMH burger stands for black pepper monkey head mushrooms, served with bell peppers, celery, cucumber, tomato and avocado slices, tucked between lovely vegan wholemeal brioche buns. We ordered these without onions. This dish comes with two sides where you can select from herbed potatoes, seasalt seaweed chips, Italian pasta salad and garden salad. We went with the seaweed chips and garden salad which were fantastic choices - the seaweed chips were akin to fried popiah skin wrapped around crisp seaweed, which was a favourite across the table and we all agreed that we should order a double portion of this next time. The salad vegetables were really fresh, not a limp leaf in sight - always a good sign at any self-respecting eatery. The monkey head mushrooms in this burger are sliced longitudinally which makes them all the better to absorb the black pepper sauce. I love the fibrous and meaty texture of monkey head mushrooms, and these were no exception. They were tender, chewy and oh so flavourful with the black pepper sauce. The vegan wholemeal brioche buns were toasted to crispness and tasted amazing. Not as buttery or sinful as regular brioche buns, but honestly they were so delicious in this burger I didn’t think I was missing out on anything. The vegetables in the burger were scattered quite haphazardly across the bun, so you won’t get a single bite with everything. That didn’t bother me much as the main star of the burger was the monkey head mushrooms, which were spread quite evenly across the whole burger. I did wish that the avocado was smashed and spread on the bun rather than sliced as the pieces kept slipping around. Eating this burger is a messy task, and I suggest just getting down and dirty with your hands instead of trying to be dainty and cutting it apart. Don’t expect that toothpick in the center to hold the burger together, and be gentle when putting the burger down as the fillings do tend to fall out. Overall a delicious and satisfying burger that I wouldn’t mind ordering again but with such a wide variety of delicious and healthy dishes to choose from, it might be a while before I order the BPMH once more.
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Seelenheil And Gezupfter Mind blowing-ly good! Wasn't expecting much as the burgers came out looking just like any other burger, but damn, these are real good. The sauces are uique and amazing. Swee potato fries are noms as well.😋😋
Cheese And Bacon Burger $17 beef burger with cheese and bacon topping. The sourdough bun was very soft and enhanced the succulent beef patty. The special Hans Im Gluck sauce infused a special tangy aftertaste with the fragrant cheese. Decor was really natural with a foresty look, great for supper with friends. However, sweet potato fries were very monotonous and nothing great. 3.5/5
Fav Burger Spot!! Third time here and this time I decided to get chicken instead of beef (again). The Henne (~$16), which had avocado cream, orange mayo and chicken breast, was impressive for a chicken burger. Most chicken burgers I’ve had always turned out too oily or too dry, but thankfully this one hit the sweet spot 😋, being juicy but not heart-attack inducing. . Avocado cream was done well too, not sour or too chunky like some guacs! Didn’t really fancy the orange mayo because it kinda tasted strangely sour, and ended up ditching the bottom bun with the mayo 😂 . The dinner set (additional ~$15) came with a side and a cocktail. Got my sweet potato fries as usual which can’t go wrong, and GOLDREGEN (vodka cocktail)- which was really sweet and refreshing! . Personally still prefer the beef burgers as compared to the chicken but I’d say the chicken is good too 8.5/10 More on ig @goodfomood
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