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Truffle Pesto Gnocchi Amazing food and amazing service!! On top of the truffle pesto gnocchi (20.90) we ordered sweet potato fries (6.90), iced mocha (6.50) and iced white (5.60). Seriously, everything was good. The coffee was great, sweet potato fries were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside (and they remained that way even tho we left it out for a while). I've never had gnocchi nor pesto before so idk what the standards are BUT this was really enjoyable. Great flavour, could taste the truffle throughout but it wasn't overbearing. The sauce might be a lil salty towards the end but it's fine if you don't lick the entire plate clean ykwim. Take note that they have different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Overall, this place is really nice and I'll defo go back to try their other dishes. Wouldn't mind going back even without burpple beyond!
Mediocre Foods But Good Service Order salmon bowl, breakfast toast, sides and yoghurt bowl Everything was just average Too much yogurt, very cloying, should added more granola/ fruits to balance it. Would not drop by if not for burrple 1 for 1. Coffee was better compared to foods served.
Best meals I've had in Singapore! Meals just like being in Oz I recently moved to Singapore from Australia and what attracted to trying this place out was their sign of Australian Artisan coffee roaster and I do miss the comfort of food from home. I ordered soy cappuccino and it was ok but definitely the best coffee I've had so far. It was not too milky and had a coffee taste. Then so I felt like I had to try their meals. I ordered the Arburi Salmon with Caviar and the Truffe Pesto Gnocchi. It was the best meal I've ever had since I've moved here. They also sell my fav Remedy Kombuchas that I always bought back home in Oz. Definitely my favourite place so far.
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Good rosti and egg, disappointing meats Do note that the menu is different from what is on Burpple. Base price ($14.90)+ Pork escalope (+$1), Fried egg (+$1), Signature rosti (+$1), Dijon mustard - Pork escalope was tough to cut and mega salty - Fried egg was a fried egg - Rosti was quite nice and crispy Base price ($14.90)+ Grass fed ribeye 180g (+$4.50), Fried egg (+$1), Signature rosti (+$1), Sour cream (+$0.50) - Steak was pretty tough and a bit burnt - Fried egg and and rosti were pretty good OVERALL: the meats were quite a letdown but the rosti and fried egg were pretty good. Would definitely not recommend without burpple beyond and would also suggest to try different meats. But was not a super bad experience because I have low standards for food.
Classic Rosti With Spicy Chicken Bratwurst My delivery took quite long due to bad weather and thought the food would be cold. But it was not! Rosti taste good but the crispy outer a bit hard. I hope I am wrong but this might be due to recook. I liked the spicy chicken bratwurst except the burnt part.
Picnic under the stars With burpple one for one takeouts, we happily settled at the tables around the "fountain" with our truffled rosti meal + ribeye + spatzli. While rosti and sour cream is delightful, the truffle scent seems missing. Ribeye gave a good combi of fats but may be on the tougher side. I miss spatzli (an egg pasta) from my time in Munich indeed - the egg taste is strong (~$27 for two of this, fyi only the mains are one for one)
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Homemade Goodness Comfortable cafe with comfortable homemade dishes! Pesto pasta was good and masala chicken pasta was a little spicy but great! Muffins (triple choc and banana choc) were good as well and light to the palate. Homemade Lemonade was sparkling water with lemon, dirty chai was not sweet. Would come again, friendly waiter :-)
Mocha ($5.70) First time visiting this place because of its ample seating space on a very crowded Friday. There’s three storeys! It was okay but way too sweet at the bottom.
“テロアヤで見つけたマフィン屋さん” 最近どんどん加速しているマフィン熱。 こちらもまだまだ続いているテロアヤ朝活の帰り際に。 事前に調べていたイメージとは何故か全然違う店構えで、地図で見てもそこにあるはずのマフィン屋さんがなく、行ったり来たりしてしまった。 別に奥まった場所にある訳でもなく、通りに面して普通にオープンしてるのに、なかなかわかりずらいです(笑) 夜はバーになるのね。 で、昼間はマフィン売ってるのね。 マフィン屋さんという概念を捨てて、バーをイメージして探せばすぐ見つかるかも。 店内は薄暗くて、ショーケース内のマフィンも2列目以降まったく写らない(笑) お店の人は明るく気さくでフレンドリー。 マフィンは1つ$3.3〜$3.5。 この日は4種類置いてありました。 マフィン6つ+クッキーのセットが$18でお得です。 セットで買うと可愛いショップバッグに入れてくれます。 クッキーは新作だというアップル&ピーチをチョイス。 マフィンは小ぶりのしっとりめで子供に好評でした。 子供はしっとりマフィンが好きなのね。 #themuffinry @themuffinry #マフィン持って走る人 #見かけたらそれ私です #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #シンガポールで子育て #instasingapore #singaporeinsta #sgig #igsg #singaporecafe#sgcafe#sweettooth#sgcafehopping#hungrygowhere#eatoutsg#nomnom#eeeeats#foodpics#burpple#みど朝活隊
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Konichiwa Hōjicha Boasting a rich roasted tea flavour, Nesuto’s Konichiwa Hōjicha ($65/16cm) is the ultimate treat for nutty tea lovers! Perhaps a little of an overdose with the Hōjicha Ganache, Hōjicha Chantilly, Hōjicha Soufflé Chiffon and loose Hōjicha Tea Specks for embellishment; the different textures and taste still came together wonderfully - just look at the beautiful and distinct cross-section of the cake. The combination of the smooth, chilled, almost airy chantilly cream and the moist, fluffy sponge balanced by the intensity of the earthy ganache. I also enjoyed the fact that I found no one element outshining another. It wasn’t too sweet and in all, left a well-rounded toasty flavour.  Thus, while Nesuto Patisserie remains closed for dine-in and walk-in, order online (www.nesuto.oddle.me) and do take advantage of their free delivery service with any purchase of their whole cake!
Konichiwa Hojicha & Yuzu Raspberry Cake Truly Konichiwa Hojicha now that @dear.nesuto is selling it in slices! I had to think long and hard about getting it previously because they only sold the whole cakes. I got this together with the Yuzu Raspberry cake and both were really yummy. The Yuzu Raspberry was sweet with both the Yuzu Raspberry flavours providing a nice balance. I really liked the Konichiwa Hojicha with the robust nutty flavours in the cream and the sponge. They only accept online orders now so do remember to order online before heading down! 🤗
Addicted To This Place ....for their decadent and gorgeous desserts 😭 CB couldn’t take me away from this place because they offered !!free!! delivery 😭 ordered the whole C3 cheesecake and I’m in loooove with their fluffy white chocolate mousse, creamy cream cheese and salty chocolate cookie base. Take my money n give me my calories 😭😭
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