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T-Bone Probably inspired by its moniker, the restaurant’s interior sees glossy black marble counters and tabletops, giving off a sleek, classy vibe. We decided to order lightly, intending to do justice to the main event - the steak. Naturally, it arrives on a wooden board, sliced and grilled to a nice shade of rust and brown, with oil glistening off it. Accompanying it is a bulb of roasted garlic and some plump cherry tomatoes, which explodes juice on the first bite. The T-Bone was pretty quality beef, with tension and flavour which you could further amplify by adding salt in varying sodium levels on the side. Black Marble is a nice neighbourhood eatery, though without the pricing like one, and without the pedigree of a high class steakhouse. But hey, this makes for a decent meal nonetheless, and you could always head over to the nearby ice cream parlours for dessert too, if you’re on a date and would like to end the evening on a sweet note.
Lobster & Scallop Saffron Risotto I felt this was overrated, couldn’t see what the hype was all about. Whilst good, this Lobster & Scallop Saffron Risotto felt fairly textbook. Rice was of the right texture and soaked nicely in smoked mullet bottarga zest and has a savoury, lobster bisque taste. Both the lobster and seafood was grilled to perfection, retaining both its freshness and flavour.
My Favourite 😋 I love me a good foie gras but the rendition here is served with blueberry compote which I found rather queer, as it has a slight almost herbal-like taste to it that just can’t seem to fit right in. But the foie gras itself had a crispness on its edge, that crunches and melts once it enters your mouth. It did come with slow-roasted duck breast too, which was flavourful and tender, and some sprouts of greens which I happily tossed to the side hahah
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