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Son-in-law Eggs ($7/4 Pieces). •HOSTED TASTING• According to chef, this is one popular dish that people return for. When asked about the reason for the name of this appetizer, chef shared that it’s actually a popular Thai street food and the story goes as a mother served deep-fried eggs to her son-in-law as a reminder/warning to treat her daughter well, or his valuable bits would be in danger. Hard boiled eggs are first cooked with a precise timing such that the yolks are still runny like the ones in soft boiled eggs, and subsequently deep fried till the exterior crisp up, just like those of fried fish balls. Served with Mama’s signature chili jam, star of the dish. Processed over 8 hours, the chili jam is a creation based on sambal, less spicy but sweeter as palm sugar is used, and has a jammy texture. Caters well to those who can’t take spicy stuff, but I would have preferred the actual sambal. Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!
Miss Ha
Grilled BBQ Pork And Pan Seared Fillet Of Fish Pork has a unique taste with their sauce. Fish was good as it is not too dry. Overall is good.
Pork Lovers ($19) •HOSTED TASTING• Are you team sio bak or team lor bak? Get the best of both worlds in this pork belly platter! Deemed as Chef’s personal favourite, savour the Guangzhou style roasted pork belly that has its crispy skin rubbed with Sichuan pepper or the Taiwanese style braised pork belly that’s marinated with coca cola and soy sauce for its sweet caramelic savoriness. Seated near the kitchen, we could already smell the fragrant aroma of the roasted pork belly before it was served. Would have even been better if the pork bellies, both cooking methods, were cooked till tender and not as tough. Served with herb cucumber and greens. Dip in the in-house chili sauce for a complete experience. Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!
Miss Ha
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Pork & Beef Stew Price: $24.48 (includes tax). We had beef rib stew & pork rib stew spicy level 2. Meat is tender, soup base is tasty but we find spice level 2 kinda spicy. Will go for level 1 next round. Will recommend to friends but do come earlier than 6.15pm cos it’s crowded. The drawn back is: customer service isn’t really good, guess it might be due to the crowd.
For egg lovers (like myself), this plate of Honey Mustard Cheese Egg Roll ($9.80) must be what dreams are made of 😍 . I never knew that honey mustard could go so perfectly well with eggs. It definitely lent a sweet note to the cheesy and buttery soft-scrambled interior. Achieving this utterly creamy texture must be no easy feat! . The Cheesy Rice ($9.80) was pretty scrumptious as well. The addition of nori not only imparted an interesting texture, it also made the kimchi rice deliciously fragrant. Served in a small hot stone pot, the rice retained its heat and bits of rice were even crispy towards the end. . The ANTicipated scale ⚖ 👅Flavour: 8 ants 💰Value: 9 ants (with @Burpple Beyond app) 📍Convenience: 8 ants
Impressive Value Set One of the best Korean restaurants out there. With the food scene churning out Korean restaurants after Korean restaurants.. it’s not uncommon to find Korean restaurants which are good merely because “korean food tastes good in general” the $50 set was impressive, feeding around 2-3 pax. It consists of 1 DIY rice ball + stew + egg roll/pancake + drink. The grapefruit yoghurt drink cake in a jug and added a refreshing twist to the entire meal. Some key highlights were the rice ball & egg roll 😋 DIY rice ball - can’t speak for the other flavours, but the crabmeat & roe was fantastic. The soft crab flesh and roe definitely played a part in giving a creamy and moist texture. Flavour was on point with some specks of chili padi! Tuna Egg Roll - fluffy wobbly eggs?! what more can you ask for! Although the tuna can be a tad dry, i’m sure other flavour (mustard and honey) could’ve brought out an enhanced flavour and texture profile.
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