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Signature Souper Combo: Creamy Tomato Basil Soup + Sweet Thai Chicken Popiah ($10.80) The best part about using Burpple Beyond is when your favourite meals are on it. I absolutely love their tomato soup - if you are #TeamCreamy, this is a must try! Their fusion popiah was also bursting with ingredients and sauce, but not too overwhelming that you feel jelak; in fact it's a lighter version of a wrap, and complements nicely with the soup - especially if you are not a fan of bread. Truly souper duper, and they only play the greatest hits (their music playlist was so amazing I stayed there for 3 hours) ❤
Natasha Nicole
Fusion Of Traditional And Modern The Sweet Thai Chicken ($4.80) Lychee Cold Brew Tea ($3.50) This place sure jazzes up the good ol' popiah craft by infusing modern flavours with the traditional local snack. The popiahs are made-to-order which explains the freshness of the ingredients. I had the Sweet Thai Chicken popiah and the fillings were packed with flavours. The fresh mango and sweet thai chilli mayonnaise added a pleasant zing, while every bite had the crunch from the lettuce and savoury crispy bits. A definite go-to place for a light dinner or quick bite.
For 1-for-1 Souper Combo (save ~$6.90) East-siders, this one’s for you when a soup craving hits. Souperstar offers an array of tasty options, from Western-style Mushroom Soup to Thai Red Chicken Curry. For the perfect pairing, get the soup and popiah combo, from just $6.90! Photo by Burppler Jasmine L.
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Giant Grouper Seafood Soup ($14) Usually my mom is very into sharing food so she can share the calories but this is one dish that she absolutely refuses to share and insists I get my own. Also, according to her, this is the best food recommendation I’ve ever given to her. Yan Ji’s Seafood Soup is made from chicken stock boiled with scallops which ends up as an incredibly thick and rich broth. It’s savoury and bursting with umami flavour that you definitely can’t help yourself from slurping everything up. The basic soup comes with dory fish, but if you’re feeling slightly more fancy, you can opt for the giant grouper slices (pictured here). I felt that the giant grouper slices were a little on the fishy side, but the flesh was still pretty bouncy and tender anyway. I might just go for the cheaper dory fish next time I visit. There are other deluxe options that include abalone or crayfish as well. Apart from fish slices, the soup comes with prawns and meatballs. The real showstealer here are the meatballs - they’re packed full of flavour (perhaps with some salted fish) with a great soft and chewy texture. I could eat these with the seafood soup without any other ingredients and be just as satisfied!
Affordable Premium Seafood Soup We ordered premium seafood soup. It’s for 2-3 pax. The soup is thick and delicious. And the portion is generous considering the price! Have to mention there were two giant scallop hidden at the bottom of the soup. And the minced meat is really nicely done!
Yan Ji Seafood Soup in Orchard Road? The portion may be small, but it still packs a luscious flavour. The newly opened outlet of this popular Woodlands brand is at the basement of Far East Plaza, close to where Ya Kun is. Seats are very limited though!
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