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Penang Char Kway Teow ($5.50) Aromatic "wok-hei" permeated the oodles of noodles completely. And because it was relatively grease-free, I hardly felt the twinge of guilt that usually accompanies the act of me falling face first into a plate of "char kway teow". The only thing I would change about this is the beansprouts. They could do with some fattening up.
Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun Soup ($4.50) I have walked past here several times at night and it's always full of customers feasting on their steaming hot pots of "Malacca Satay Lok Lok". I haven't tried it for myself so I can't comment but I did have their "Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun Soup" and it was really satisfying. They're generous with the smooth rice noodles - almost too generous in fact. And although the plentiful shredded chicken breast meat was a bit on the stringy side, all was forgiven when I sipped the soup. It was clear but full of flavour, and it had crispy bits of fried pork lard in it! Ok, anything with fried pork lard gets me beaming, so I was immediately nodding my head happily as I sucked up every drop of soup from the bowl. They also have this wonderful spicy chicken rice chilli sauce which went very well with the "hor fun" and shredded chicken. Another plus point is they are open till 2am every single night so I know where to go if I feel like having a healthy supper :)
Malacca Satay Lok Lok Located at Tanjong Katong. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Overall the food is just normal... Buffet price about $26.80 per adult..
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Gingseng Black Chicken Soup Another signature herbal soup from Tan Ser Seng would be this black chicken soup. It is a classic herbal dish that has high nutritional value, high protein and low fat content. Each pot is carefully prepared and stewed over night with one whole ginseng, to give a fragrant and rich flavour. I guess we are more familiar with this taste and something we can accept easily.
Double Boiled Turtle Soup Haven鈥檛 been eating exotic food for awhile. I was here for an event and decided to visit this restaurant for some herbal soup. The Double Boiled Turtle Soup is a clear-based broth using traditional herbals. It said the soup is rich of collagen and antioxidants composition that can reduces age spots. My friend and I was trying hard to figure out each of the ingredients inside and we realised we don鈥檛 know many of them. They look so mystery but we still try it. The soup has the strong taste of herbal and with generous amount of ingredients inside, including the meat.
While we were not as adventurous to order their turtle soup, we had both their black and white chicken soups which were an absolute hit. Situated in a remote corner of Geylang, these could be the best chicken herbal soups for us by far. The black chicken soup was cooked 12 hours with ginseng while the white chicken soup with cordyceps and other traditional herbs. With a golden tone, the soups were thick and rich with mild tonic flavours and a pleasant sweetness. With soups this tasty, there was no need to have many other items on their menu. In fact, there were only a vegetable and a home-made prawn roll dish to complete their menu of 4 types of soup. We enjoyed the prawn rolls densely stuffed with meat and water chestnut. Even their yam rice was worth mentioning. And their home-made chilli was not to be missed, with the chicken or simply the rice. Though this was our first visit when they鈥檝e already been around for a long time, we knew we would return whenever we yearn for a nourishing and tasty soup.
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Traditional Popiah from Souperstar! It is rly good though a little more expensive than hawker centres etc @ $2.90 each. Got it to try with ShopBack Go's 1 for 1 promo! Not only the popiah is good, the service is rly great too 馃榾 thank you for the amazing breakfast and service 鉂 (sorry just random but my fav part of popiah is the turnip + peanut HAHAHA)
Signature Souper Combo #BurppleBeyond 1-1 Signature Souper Combo A($8.50) & B($9.80) Clam Chowder + Traditional Popiah Creamy Tomato Basil + Sesame Chicken Popiah Hearty soup for the rainy evening. Both soups were good though we think they weren鈥檛 warm enough. Both the traditional and sesame chicken Popiahs were surprising refreshing and went quite well with the soups. Changed the genmaicha in the set to a soft roll. Overall think the portion was just right, and beyond made it a relatively good deal for days you do not want a heavy dinner.
1-for-1 1-for-1 Signature Souper Combo At @souperstarsg Using #burpplebeyond membership via @burpple app Hey, here's a tasty gift for you! Enjoy 20% off a Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 400 curated restaurants. Simply use my invite link: https://burpple.com/invite/DORE156 . Was limited to Souper Combo A and B. So ordered Souper Combo B (S$9.80) which was Soup + Modern Popiah + Hot Genmatcha drink. Can鈥檛 have other sets such as Souper Combo D (Soup + Salad + Drink) or Stew Combo (Stew + Rice + Mini Salad + Drink). Kind of disappointed with the limitations. Having Double-Up Potato 馃 & Chicken 馃悡 Soup (medium/ 270ml) + The Sesame Chicken 馃悡 Popiah Wish the soup was served pipping hot. It鈥檚 just warm. . SouperStar Address 馃彙 : 1 Fusionopolis Way, # B1-24 Fusionopolis One, Singapore 馃嚫馃嚞 138 632 Open 鈴 : Mon - Fri : 8am - 9pm Sat : 8am - 3pm Website 馃寪 : http://www.souperstar.com.sg MRT 馃殗 : One North (CC23)
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