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鈥榯is the time for steamboats! the 4-tiered ones at @isteamboatmarina offer three ways to cook your food (steam, grill, boil) and one tier for cheese 馃槏 or salted egg yolk dip. . from now until 28 feb, enjoy a steamboat buffet here at 20% off when you use the @mypluslife app. promotion is valid on mondays to thursday. . @mypluslife is a lifestyle app that offers one-for-one deals, discounts, and free food to users who complete digital stamp cards. other benefits also include rebates for travel & transport, health and wellness products. . thank you @kenpgl, @isteamboatmarina and @mypluslife for having me! 馃コ
4 Tier Pagoda Steamboat Went to try the 4 tier pagoda steamboat today鈽猴笍 Options were plenty with different seasonings of meat such as tomyum, barbeque, korean fusion, extra spicy etc. There were also seafood items such as bamboo clams, lala, mussels, sotong, prawn and fish! There were many other ingredients too(which you can check out their menu), alongside drinks and icecream! Had a great feast馃構 The good thing about this place is theres no time limit, thus my friends and I ate for 2.5 hrs haha insane馃槣 2 soup bases and 1 dip could be selected. We chose the pork bone broth and the tomyum soup. I personally wouldnt recommend the pork bone broth as it didnt suit my tastebuds(not that im picky, it just tasted a little weird). The tomyum soup was not bad tho! Overall the buffet was an 7/10 for me as there are plenty of options, but for the price of $22++ before gst during weekday lunch, its a lil steep but a great 4 tier steamboat experience鈽猴笍馃挴馃憤馃徎
Value For Money Porridge Buffet! Wanted to share about this place with $8.80 porridge buffet cos I was quite impressed with their dishes variety and food standard. Dishes are all hot, and they continually replace the dishes with new ones once they run out, couldn鈥檛 really pinpoint any dishes that were not up to standard. My 2 folks were thoroughly satisfied 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎
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Value For Money Steamboat ($29.80) Onepot offers a wide variety of soups and ingredients at affordable prices. You can get up to 3 soups per table and we got laksa, mala and chicken soup. The chicken was a bit plain for our liking but the laksa and mala were flavourful and yummy.
Mala Hotpot buffet for $20?? Yes, with #burpplebeyond it's possible. Although it's not the best, it's not too bad either considering the spread available (scallops, bamboo clams, mutton slices, etc). You're able to satisfy your mala cravings definitely. Do note that your clothes will smell of mala oil after the meal, so just go really casual if you want to!
Good Variety The sauces are pretty standard, & are right by the entrance. Next to that are the ice cream freezer & free flow sugary drinks station - these cost $2 extra (total), which I didn't opt for & I felt I wasn't missing out on much. For meat, I basically whacked the beef & mutton as I usually do. They weren't too fatty, which is great! The other options are pork & chicken. The main section where the rest of the ingredients are saw a large variety seafood (the bamboo clams were a bit smelly though), mushrooms, vegetables, my favourite tang hoon & thick sweet potato noodles, & I must have cracked 4 eggs into the soup nearing the end of my meal 馃槀 Overall, in terms of variety & quality of food, I was quite happy with what was offered. Give the Xiao Long Baos a miss, though - despite being included in the buffet price, they aren't actually nice. Not much soup inside, & the skin is way too thick. The top is also very stiff & hard (that's what she said). 馃挿 Cash/NETS only 馃枼 Accepts reservations - I used Eatigo for 50% off, clicked through via Shopback for cashback 馃嵔 Burpple Beyond partner 馃摫 Accepts GrabPay
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Crab Steamboat Crab Steamboat ($55) . After facing rejection countless times due to the need to brave the heat eating at a hawker centre, I finally managed to grab a companion to join me at Wen Wen Pork Rib Prawn Noodle to try their Crab Steamboat on a rainy evening. According to the stall, it is best that this steamboat be had after 6pm as that鈥檚 when the stock has developed enough flavour after simmering for the entire day. He was right! Most prawn mee stock I鈥檝e had is usually murky from all the pork being cooked. Instead, Wen Wen鈥檚 was a clear broth that packed mainly the sweet umami goodness of all the seafood. So for the price, we get pork ribs, pig鈥檚 tail, pig intestines, big prawns, clams, and the crab full of roe. With so much seafood simmering over a slow fire during the meal, the prize really is the taste of the soup towards the end of our meal. Do note that you are also allowed to bring your own ingredients to add to the steamboat and I would strongly recommend bring more vegetables as it鈥檒l cost $5/bowl from the stall.
Wen Wen Hotpot ($55~$80) Wen Wen Big Prawn Mee is now back at the newly renovated Geylang Bahru Market & Food Centre! All I can is that soup is just as shiok, uncle Richard is just as friendly and the experience just as fun as before (sadly, no more lala). He even has his own add-ons now like veg and fresh pork shabu shabu so you don鈥檛 have to bring your own (though you still can).
Large Steamboat ($80) Back to Wen Wen (in Geylang Bahru) 鈥р伜鈼( 岬捥刺短诽ヌ 路太 岬捥刺短诽Lヌ ) Love the seafood flavors and the super generous ingredients; it came loaded with crab, prawns, pork ribs, intestines (also you can order their prawn noodles FOC), and you can always bring your own ingredients to add! Also uncle is seriously the nicest hawker ever. Only downside is the hawker setting, but this is really worth the sweat.
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Steamboat Buffet [$28.80++/pax on Weekends and PHs] Walked up and down Liang Seah street, aka steamboat street now 馃槀, before finally settling with this place! They have an ala carte option as well but we went for the standard 90 minutes buffet (they鈥檙e quite strict during peak hours). If I didn鈥檛 remember wrongly, the premium buffet is around $32++, but it looks more worth if you take beef - we saw many tables ordering plates and plates of them! The trio soup base is an additional $8 top up per table with their mushroom base as a default. We went for tomato and ma la for the other two. They have a good range of veg, seafood, etc. that is available for you to take, while their fish and meats are prepared on order. Ingredients were all pretty fresh I must say! Ma la broth was drinkable and the mushroom base was comforting. Overall it鈥檚 affordable for its variety plus free flow drinks and ice cream, but it got really stuffy after awhile. Ventilation inside is not the best, it might be cooler sitting outside if you鈥檙e coming for dinner! Weekdays鈥 pricing per pax is $25.80++.
Wei Zhi
Premium Buffet Took the premium buffet, totally worth it! Service is good! Look at this portion for 2 pax only! And it鈥檚 buffet!
Hui Ting
Steamboat Buffet Rein by their signature mushroom soup base, they have both ala carte and buffet options. In exact, 2 kind of buffet options - the normal one and the premium one which includes additional items like wagyu, black pork, scallops etc. For the usual normal selection, it has a decent variety of pork belly, beef belly, pork shoulder, tender beef slices, fish slices, handmade balls, mushrooms and veggies etc. All their ingredients are fresh and timely replenished. Among all the soup stocks, I still personally like the mushroom one, it鈥檚 light and flavorful. While the mala base is kind of fragrant but lack the oomph while the herbal soup is easily sweetened up with all the ingredients added into it. Quite worth the buck I would say! But it gets really crowded! So there鈥檚 a time limit during peak period and to avoid the queue remember to make a reservation!
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Will Be Back Again! No Extra Charges For Soup Base! Food is delicious, value for money and very fresh!馃檪 With burpple, you can get 1-for-1 set meal and a complimentary plate of meat. A plate of 6 prawns costs only $4! The corn was also very sweet so we ordered an additional serving! We ordered the Superior Pork soup, which was homemade and very tasty. They also offered 2 types of chilli which were all homemade as well. It felt like we were eating at home and the ambience was comfortable for a gathering with friends 馃槉 NOTE: Not sure why many reviews said that soup base costed $3.80 but there is actually no extra charge and it's part of the meal (see receipt). The staff promptly refilled our soup as well! Highly recommend! If I worked nearby I would go for lunch as well 馃榿
Very Disapppointing 1-1 deal. $10.80 for a beef set. $3.80 for a soup base, so that makes it 2, which is not included in the set nor the 1-1 deal (pretty ex for a small pot of soup). All the meat, pork ball n the dumplings are frozen! The fish is super hard after it was cooked,!! Soup base is not fantastic with that price paid. Total dmg: $20. Not coming back again, N I Wil definitely not recommending anyone here. Ps: a set consists of 4 piece of beef, 4 pork ball, 2 fish dumpling and a handful of veg. So If u are a big eater, is, definitely not for u!!!
Pork Set And Beef Set! The food was fresh, the soups tasted yummy 鉂わ笍 with the 1-for-1 burpple app, it was extremely value for money. Also, The Teal coloured store front is eye catching and adds a pop of colour to any post.
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