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Comfort Wok-hey If you like charred like hor fun then you must try Chef Lam's Seafood Hor Fun ($6). The hor fun is smooched with gravy and eggs filled with aromatic fragrance. Their crispy fish skin ($8) is also equally addictive. Worth the wait.
Delish Zi Char at Pocket-Friendly Prices French beans - Dive into crisp French beans that’s accompanied with fragrant silver fish, onions and garlic. Every bite produced a clearly audible crunch.  Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/chef-lam/
Review on Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin There wasn't really a crowd or queue when I went at 5 plus in the evening on a weekday. I reckoned the price of this dish should be about $5 or $6, but I'm not too sure because I'm not the one who placed the order. This salted egg yolk fish skin dish from a humble zi char stall is way ahead of the majority of its competitors (definitely not one of the run-off-the-mill ones). It doesn't lose out to the biggest names when it comes to salted egg yolk (fish skin)... You can really taste the well-balanced flavour of the salted egg yolk. I find the majority of salted egg yolk (fish skin) too sweet, lacked enough salted egg yolk flavour, or/ and not crispy enough. The fish skin was thin (enough), crispy, crunchy, but not hard. Not only can you taste the egg yolk, but also the fish skin as well. Salted egg yolk (sauce) that is too sweet puts me off immediately. This is one very good dish of the salted egg yolk with a good balance of flavours.
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Featured In 1 Guide
Fried Fish Soup (No Milk, $5.80) Broth is excellent and very flavourful. Even without the addition of milk, the soup is thick and cloudy. This bowl comes with fried fish which is fresh and tender. The fried fish is battered nicely, not too thick. If you can’t decide to go for fresh or fried fish, Xin Yuan Ji has got your back with the mixed fish soup that’s slightly more expensive but gets you the best of both worlds. Note that there’s a lot of sediments at the bottom of the bowl which are gritty and sandy so avoid disturbing the base while savouring the soup.
“Fresh” Fish Slice Soup (No Milk, $5.80) Truly a comforting bowl of soup for a rainy day or when you’re under the weather. Each bowl is served piping hot, and even with my ailment-dulled senses, the cloudy fish soup was flavourful and sweet. Aside from the “fresh” fish slices (I’m not sure why they included the quotation marks in the menu), there’s also a few large cubes of silken tofu, bok choy and tomato. They’re generous with the fish which is indeed fresh - the flesh is tender and bouncy, plus they’re large and thick slices so you can really savour each piece! It’s yummy on its own, but I loved eating it dipped into the light soy sauce with chilli padi for an extra sweet, salty and spicy kick. As you reach the bottom of the bowl though, try to avoid disturbing the bottom as there’s a lot of sedimentation at the base. It’s gritty and sandy, probably some ground up crustaceans or shellfish that gives the soup it’s amazing aroma and flavour.
Fried Fish Noodle Soup ($5.80) from Xin Yuan Ji. There's perpetually a long queue outside so we were lucky to snag a table within 5 minutes when we decided to have an early dinner. The soup was smooth, creamy and sweet, carrying the flavours from the fish and vegetables. The fish, fried just nice. The batter wasn't too thick so it was easy to bite into and overall, it was light and crisp. . . . 📍31 Tan Quee Lan Street # 01-01
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