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Omote 2.0 - Mentai Chirashi Don ($23.80) Notes: Omote just launched their Menu 2.0 on 17 July 2019. This menu is part of Omote’s 2.0 menu, under the new contemporary modern donburi, offering 3 variations of don: 1. Salmon Mentai - definitely my favourite part of the dish; the mentai sauce is super creamy while the salmon is torched in aburi style. It was executed well as the aburi salmon is still juicy and not too dry! 2. Cubed Salmon in Spicy Cheese Sauce - the wasabi taste is a bit strong for me. The salmon cubes are cold with crunchy texture. 3. Assortment Chirashi - Omoté’s classic dish which never goes wrong! The chirashi is fresh with generous chunks of salmon, tuna and tako.
beef bowl from the new revamped menu at @omotesingapore !!!! tastewise it was pretty good at an affordable price of S$13.90!!!! the only downside was that there was a huge slab of “beef” that ended up being tissue paper wot even LOL
Calida Aurelia Soh
Spicy Triple Chirashi Don ($19.80++) On top their signature marinated diced seafood, this don also had spicy lobster meat and spicy salmon tartare. I had this thinking the quantity was gonna be more manageable than the upsized chirashi don, but it's definitely just as generous with the toppings - easily a portion that two people can share if they're not looking to be filled to the brim. The rice, similar to the upsized chirashi don, was clumpy albeit seasoned sufficiently. However, I'd recommend the spicy triple chirashi don only for those that prefer stronger flavours and seasoning: I personally felt that the natural flavour of salmon and lobster meat was lost in the sauce/marinate that they were in. But again, this is good for those with looking to eat their fill and would wanna have something other than the more familiar marinated diced seafood.
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Japanese Food Meal at @thesushibar_sg in @tampines1 . . Pitan tofu (S$5.90++) Century egg tofu with crab stick and flying fish roe . Scallop Mentaiyaki (S$14.90++) Thinly sliced Japanese scallop with mentaiko sauce . Wafu Spaghetti (S$10.90++) Angel hair pasta with mentaiko sauce . Not sure if it was due to weekend, the table turnover was quite fast. Quite stressful eating here. . The Sushi Bar Address 🏡 : 10 Tampines Central 1, # 04-09 Tampines 1, Singapore 🇸🇬 529 536 Tel ☎️ : 8877 3535 Open ⏰ : Mon - Fri : 12pm - 3.45pm, 5.30pm - 9.45pm Sat - Sun : 11.30am - 9.45pm Website 🌐 : http://www.thesushibar.com.sg MRT 🚇 : Tampines (EW2/ DT32)
So glad that The Sushi Bar has an outlet at Tampines! The food are always so good! 😋 My favorite - Pan seared sirloin steak (100g/200g $14.90/$28.90) - so juicy & tender! 🥩 My another favorite - thinly sliced Japanese scallop with mentaiko sauce ($14.90) - super good & satisfying! 😋 Deep fried sweet shrimp ($5.90) was a fantastic starter & you could really taste the sweetness 🦐 Sashimi ($29.90) - my all time favorite was salmon! Check out that thick yummy fresh slices! Tuna was good too! Swordfish literally melted upon your bite. Yellowtail was not my preference as I did not like its taste & feel. Sea urchin sushi ($11.90) was an acquired taste that I’d yet to acquire 🍣 Soft shell crab salmon aburi ($18.90) was a yummy roll 🍣 #burpple
Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 at The Sushi Bar Since there were only 2 of us, we can only use the 1 for 1 once, and we had this Chicken Skewer aka Yakitori. Had SalmonxSwordfish Don, but the swordfish didnt taste fresh and it cost $22.90. But the Pitan Tofu was superbbbb! Will want to try other sushi places in future 😅 #Burpple #TheSushiBar
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Maki Roll One for one maki (one for $13.90 and other other for $19.90)using beyond deal. Covered in lots of tempura, tasty with a good crunch. Got some of their sashimis too as they were having in house promo.
The Better Roll The [J9] Soldier Prawn Roll ($13.80+) was the better of the 2 rolls that I ordered, & would be the reason why I'd consider returning here. It didn't blow my mind, but I actually enjoyed this one - crunchy tempura prawns topped with black flying fish roe. I would only hope that if I do return the next time, I don't have to wait >30mins for my food to arrive. Granted, I was warned of this about 10 mins after I ordered... & it was due to a shortage of staff. Hope this doesn't happen too often! 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner 📱 Accepts FavePay 🙋🏻‍♀️ No service charge ✅ GST is chargeable
Would Prefer Another Cheese Items eligible for 1-for-1 on the Burpple Beyond promotion are marked out clearly with a (B) on the menu. This one is [J2] Spider Web on Fire Roll ($14.80+), which is a California-style roll topped with nacho cheese. It contains cucumber, egg & crab meat with torched nacho cheese on top. I've never been a fan of nacho cheese - each time I try to give it a chance, it fails miserably. I just don't like how artificial it tastes, & this one is no exception. If a lighter-flavoured cheese were to be used, I think it'd be much better. I did, however, like the smokeyness that came from the torching of the cheese. Ate this with wasabi & that made it more pleasant - the kick from the wasabi neutralised the very strong taste of the nacho cheese. 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner 📱 Accepts FavePay 🙋🏻‍♀️ No service charge ✅ GST is chargeable
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And The Competitor From District 7 Is... District Sushi has it hard in the hunger games. There’s at least two other Japanese eateries that do sushi and sashimi within Sunshine Plaza alone, and there’s God knows how many other sashimi restaurants within a five hundred meter radius. And we’re not even gonna mention the glut of Japanese eateries all around Singapore that specialize in chirashi dons, just like District Sushi. However, District Sushi is nothing if not determined. It has survived in its minimalistic little shop space for a couple of years now and still continues to bowl out chirashi dons such as this bowl of salmon belly chirashi don ($16 nett). The most expensive item on their menu sits exactly at the $20 line, which does make District very competitive in terms of price. But what about the quality? I’m glad you asked. The quality of the sashimi overlaid on the steamed rice was simply stellar, and the quantity of sashimi was downright delightful. While there were only three different kinds of sashimi within (salmon belly, octopus and a solitary sweet prawn), there were so many slices of each kind lavishly splayed all around the top. The slices of thick cut salmon belly were supremely satisfying, while the thin slices of octopus brought a delightful chew and crunch to the textures in the bowl, and the lone prawn was subtly sweet and remarkably fresh. Unfortunately, the rice within was a disaster. It was shockingly sour due to an unwelcome excess of vinegar within the rice, and the rice was lumpy and tough to break down. For the first time in history, I refused to finish the rice in a chirashi don and left a good lot of it untouched, instead focusing on the sublime sashimi. The sashimi was definitely District’s saving grace. That, and their surprisingly mellow miso soup. The miso soup had an abundance of cooked salmon bits within, and was actually a delight to drink. Nicely salty, and with the right flavor combination to get your salivary glands raring and ready to go for the main course. The service at District Sushi is fast, polite but slightly sketchy. The waitress was friendly and efficient, the food came out in short order, but she completely forgot our order of mentaiko scallops until my dad and I realized that something was conspicuously absent from our table towards the end of our meal. To her credit, she promptly put in the order and offered her sincere apologies for that spot of forgetfulness. No harm done, really. While District Sushi certainly ain’t gonna be triumphant in the hunger games anytime soon, they’re not going down without a good fight.
Super Bara-Chirashi Don Rustic blocks of salmon, tuna, mekajiki (swordfish), unagi, tako (octopus), tobiko, tamago, kani stick, poached prawn and ikura basked in special homemade bara sauce. Served with salmon miso soup》$20 Fishes were fresh but not the best chirashi if I’m to compare it with another shop with the same price. The only let down would be the sushi rice where I felt it has too much vinegar in it. I wonder if they accidenly poured too much vinegar that day 🤔
Salmon Ikura Don Nothing can go wrong to a bowl of salmon don as long as the fishes are fresh. The salmon slices were thickly sliced and marinated/drizzled with sauce and topped with ikura. The sushi rice is quite sour and needs more improvement》$15
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