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Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea The hype is real! Xing Fu Tang brown sugar boba milk (S$5.30) was my favourite brown sugar milk tea of all brands. The soft and chewy pearls were the highlight of the drink. Initially I was afraid that it was too sweet as I normally choose 30% sugar level, but it turns out just right. Would definitely queue for it again! Overall Rating: 4/5✨
Xing Fu Tang. Located at 2 Tampines Central, Century Square, unit 01-22, Singapore 529509. They have recently open another few more outlets at Paya Lebar Square, Square2, Takashimaya & Plaza Singapura. . . . Brown Sugar Boba Milk $5.30, Lemon Green Tea $4.90. 2 different feels, brown sugar milk tea is smooth, fragrantly sweet and soft QQ boba pearls, just like what we had back in Taiwan! Their pearls were made freshly on the spot before stirring them in a huge pot of brown sugar! We also bought another cup of lemon green tea, it’s so refreshing and citrus! . . Rewarding ourselves with bubble tea tonight for surviving the first mid week of 2020! . . @xingfutangsg @centurysquaresg #hungryunicornsg #xingfutangsg #brownsugarbobamilk #brownsugarmilktea #lemongreentea #centurysquare
brown sugar boba milk 🤪 the torched, caramelised sugar on top added a nice crisp crunch to the drink, which is pretty unique! the pearls, stir fried in brown sugar, were gooey and deeply flavorful. the drink was rich and milky — an intense and decadent treat. $5.30 | 8/10 ⭐️
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Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls drink: average milk tea, but more creamy/rich than the regular ones pearls: nice and chewy pearls. brown sugar flavour is present, but not a lot rating: 3/5
a-TARO-ble Fresh Milk With Taro Pearls Let’s just say I’m (Chiyin) a sucker for anything sweet potato and taro. Kennedy likes taro too, so when we saw the poster with the pictures of Hey Long Cha’s newest concoction, we were thrilled. Sweet potato AND taro? TAKE OUR MONEY. The staff was really helpful and told us that we could swap the fresh milk for their milk tea instead. We did that (opted for 30% sugar because Chiyin prefers her bbt not-so-sweet) and found a new favourite. 50% sugar might be better because their 30% was pretty diluted as compared to other BBT brands. Thankfully, the sweet potato paste was a great complement and was sweet enough to add more taste to the milk tea. We chose the sweet potato paste instead of yam paste because it’s something we haven’t seen elsewhere! The taro pearls were really QQ too! Highly recommend trying this drink if you love sweet potatoes or yam.
Signature Brown Sugar Milk Tea Tried out @heylongchasg at the newly revamped Century Square cos the flavours seemed like everything I love! ❤️Brown sugar, oolong tea etc... What could go wrong? Unfortunately, was sorely disappointed with the diluted "Signature" milk tea and the tiny amount of brown sugar pearls given. (Refer to pic) Minus points for the overcooked pearls. Was so excited to try ALL the flavours, but it looks like I won't be returning again after this disappointing concoction. 😔
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