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Should Have Take Photos Before Devouring The Food 2 pax Total cost: $60 Ordered one Mookata set, one somtum poo pala (aka fermented fish and crab papaya salad, thai milk tea and, oolong tea. Set came assortment of pork meat, chicken meat, squid, prawns, sausage, imitation crab, eggs, tanghoon, and an assortment of vegetables. Papaya salad was mediocre, not packed with flavour as it should have been. Crab was tasteless. Would not order again. Milk tea is normal. I heard you can order an xxl size. Oolong tea is from the can. Nuff said. Dipping sauce... guys dipping sauce here is heavenly.. perfectly sweet and savoury enough to compliment the meat. 10/10 would drown myself in it. Overall experience? Environment is suitable for low key outings with close friends as it is rather warm. Food wise,a set is enough for 2 person. We were stuffed by the end of the meal. This place is good enough for a visit again although it is on the pricer side.
New Udon Platter ($45) Plenty of mookata buffets in Golden Mile Complex but New Udon Thai Food is consistently crowded. Featuring a giant platter of prawns, marinated pork and chicken, sausages, squid assorted veg and glass noodles, this was a pretty generous serving just about right for two. They鈥檝e also got their own thick chilli sauce made in-house that reminds me of a slightly funky gochujang.
Simply Love Their Mokata. Fresh Ingredients The Chilli Sauce Are Homemade. They have pork set that comes with marinated pork / pork liver / hotdogs / fish balls / crab sticks / prawns / cuttlefish and lots of vegetables. It鈥檚 value for money and their Thai milk tea is yummy as well, large cup is only $5 It鈥檚 my favourite place fo mokata. No where else.
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AYCE Buffet ($29.90 per person) Happy Mookata solves my dilemma between Thai mookata and Korean cheese BBQ with a pampering all-you-can-eat buffet ($29.90 per person) that throws in drinks and desserts 鈥 think, chocolate fondue 馃崼, six flavours of ice-cream with toppings 馃崹, and (my recommended) Thai milk tea. This here, is the buffet I recommend to my friends even when they don鈥檛 ask 馃檲 . Grab at least one friend to share a dual soup pot that includes a cheesy nacho sauce dip 馃 Their tom yum broth is spicy and salty and their chicken soup is slurps of savoury. Help yourself to their seafood spread that鈥檚 replete with crayfish, clams, tiger prawns 馃, scallops, flower crabs 馃, and mussels. There's an array of marinated meats 馃ォ but also grab their unseasoned pork belly to grill till brown and smoky. Then smother all in smooth cheese sauce and, while you're at it, boil a pack of Korean instant noodles to do the same. Pull the strands in to the yellow dip 馃挍 and twirl up a gloppy tangle to relish 鈥 voila, DIY cheese ramyeon. . 馃摳: @mikkonje . Read more: https://herecomesgin.wixsite.com/ginwashere/single-post/Happy-Mookata
Thai Barbecue Steamboat For $25.90 nett per person, you get to enjoy both Thai barbecue and steamboat, there are 28 ingredients to choose from, free-flow soup base, nachos cheese dip and free-flow ice-cream. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg
Mookata for the first time! 馃槉 Guess we ordered too much again.. #foreveroverordering. Eat until we were super bloated! Check out the never ending balls at the side 馃槬 #vscocam #burpple
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For No-Frills Coffeeshop Mookata This fuss-free mookata chain is a fail-proof option when you're craving a BBQ fix. Located within heartland coffeeshops in neighbourhoods like Jurong West, Bedok and Ang Mo Kio, Bangkok Street dishes out hearty mookata sets at affordable prices 鈥斅爌erfect for penny-pinching students! Go for the Platter for Two ($22) that comes with prawns, crayfish and vegetables. Unlike other mookata joints that have different soup bases, Bangkok Street keeps it simple with just one 鈥 chicken soup. Add on crowd favourites like Streaky Pork Bacon ($1.90), Luncheon Meat ($1.90) and King Oyster Mushroom ($1.50) for the full works. For the big finale, finish off with cooking instant noodles and a fluffy beaten egg in the flavourful soup.聽 Avg Price: $15 per person Photo by Burppler Jin Low
Ala Carte Mookata A good place in the west of Singapore. The best part would be that it opens till late! Food is generally clean, doesn't give me the thought that I might get food poisoning. Portion is also alright. Best for rainy days!
1st MOOKATA Being the first time experience, there is no comparison which I can make. FOOD: My friend and I did not opt for the 2-people set. We browsed the ala carte and chose about 10 dishes (without rice/noodle). Some of the dishes have generous portion, some. After all, our stomachs were much satisfied. PRICE: We spent $22 for the meal, which I think is pretty reasonable for 2 pax. AMBIENCE: Great ambience. There's some music being played, sometimes Chinese songs sometimes English songs. Nice place to catch up with friends, talk at whatever volume you want, remove your slippers and sit like a Buddha. It's a typical kopitiam. Perhaps there's enough smoke from the stove, no one in the vicinity was smoking. SERVICE: Everything was easy and smooth from sitting down to ordering, out of gas to paying. The shop owners/waiters/waitresses were so friendly. CONCLUSION: I'm going back again for supper.
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Mookata Buffet @ $53/2 pax 馃構馃構 They鈥檙e currently having a promotion at $53 nett/2 people or $26.90/person!! Not sure how long their promotion is for (so call up before going down) but it鈥檚 super worth it 馃槏馃槏 Salted egg cheese is easily the best cheese pull in Singapore and it tasted so so good with bits of curry leaves and strong hints of salted egg, all masked in a scrambled-egg-looking cheese. The mookata comes in a grill with 4 side slots, of which 3 can be different cheeses (salted egg cheese, truffle cheese, mozzarella cheese, ladyboy cheese, in descending order of bombziness) and the last being grilled egg (light taste was good for neutralizing the greasiness so can eat more!!). The variety was decent with 3 main categories. Category 1 (cheap ingredients) with vegetables, 3 types of mushrooms, maggi mee and rice. Category 2 (cheap meat ish things) with cheese tofu, different types of cheese balls (so so), pork collar, pork belly and quail eggs. Category 3 (the goods) with lamb rack, beef, chicken, smoked duck, salmon, clams, scallops and imitation abalone. Felt that the seafood wasn鈥檛 great except the salmon, and the beef, pork collar and chicken (takes long to cook tho) definitely tasted better (especially with the cheese). MVP of the meal still goes to the salted egg cheese which made everything taste amazing 馃構馃構 As if all these wasn鈥檛 enough, the meal comes with free flow super sweet drinks (thai milk tea, green tea milk tea, lemon tea) and ice cream (chocolate, raspberry ripple, mint, yam, blueberry). Pretty worth it meal with amazing superb service and no time limit. Location is near the supper stretch and opens till late as well! Free parallel parking around the area on weekends too 馃挴馃挴 Ambience might be a little hot and ventilation wasn鈥檛 great, but definitely a great spot to pig out and roll around in endless cheese 馃惤馃
Cheesy Mookata There was a wide variety of dishes and meat to choose from and the cheese was good too! The buffet includes free flow drinks and ice cream which makes it a pretty good deal!
Cray Slayyy (~$30) Ah 馃槏 ladyboy's buffet sends you to heaven with the free flow of crayfish here!! Well, that's basically what I filled 90% of my stomach space with, heh. The rest of the choices for bbq were adequate, so don't ask for much.
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