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Featured In 5 Guides
A Spectacular Brunch ($16.50) There are no words to describe how marvelous this was. I think I鈥檝e been sort of desensitized to brunch fare - like you know how everything starts to taste the same if you鈥檝e had the same thing over and over again? That goes for even if it鈥檚 of different variations. This one just knocked the ball out of the park omg. I took my time to spread the compound butter and honeyed ricotta on the sourdough toasts, slapped on some scrambled eggs and San Marzano tomatoes and holy motherforking shirtballs was it a STUNNER.
Great Food & Vibes! We ordered the banana butterscotch pancake (think it was 18.5) and truffle fries (9.5). The pancake was rly impressive; it kinda reminds me of the ricotta hotcakes some cafes have, but atlas鈥 rendition rly puts the cake in pancake! It manages to be rly fluffy and not dense! The pancake itself wasn鈥檛 too sweet and didn鈥檛 get jelak even towards the end 馃槏馃槏 the truffle fries were great: strong consistent truffle taste (the actual portion is bigger than what鈥檚 reflected in the image as we were rly hungry and ate some), the price is decent but I鈥檓 a little sad that they raised their price (it used to be 8 馃槬馃槬). Nonetheless, love this cafe (esp the new decor and setup after their renovations) and will be back! 馃槏
Bacon Kedgeree Bacon Curried Rice, Raisins, Tomato Basil Paste, Organic Jammy Egg, Caramelised Onion, Sour Cream. One of the new items available at Atlas Coffeehouse which had since reopened after an extensive renovation which carries a different look from before. Essentially almost akin to Pineapple Fried Rice spiked with chunks of bacon all over, the rice comes slightly sweet yet with a hint of curry spice, made savoury from the bits of bacon that speckled throughout the entire bowl. The Organic Jammy Egg is done to a texture where the egg yolk is a little hardened but still creamy, though not oozy and flowy like a typical sous-vide egg; I would have probably preferred having it sous-vide or molten to allow the yolk to better mix into the rice for better flavour. That being said, the caramelised onions were extremely on-point with its sweetness 鈥 a very distinct note that works extremely well with the rice while the sour cream, though a little unnecessary for me, does help in providing a slightly neutral flavour yet adding some creaminess into the dish. Everything is still done as per standards familiar to Atlas Coffeehouse, Colombus Coffee Co., and Lunar Coffee Brewers; pretty excited to give the other new items a go another time.
Xing Wei
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