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Pan Fried Fish With Tom Yum Sauce Looks can be receiving sometimes and I know this does not look as appetising. But trust me, it is one of the best pan fried fish I had in a long while. It's soft and tender yet crispy on the surface. There are 4 sides that you could choose from( I chose the pasta and garden salad, the other options include mashed potato and fries). It also includes a very generous bowl of tom yum sauce which has mussel and prawns. The Tom Yum sauce exceeded my expectations as it was creamy and sour and spicy; the original tom yum taste did not get diluted in cream. Got this for 16.90 but there is an additional 15% if you have selected POSB/DBS credit cards
Smoked Duck Aglio Olio Went to 49 seats for SUPPER! Got the Smoked Duck Aglio Olio($14.90) for myself. In the menu there's this option where you can add "level 49 spicy". Went to the counter and asked how spicy it was and the reply I got was that it was spicy till your lips would SWELL(around 5 tsp of CHILLI PADI 馃尪馃尪馃尪馃尪馃尪). So they offered me another alternative which was to request for 'more spicy' which I agreed since I love spicy food. The aglio olio pasta came, linguine was cooked al dente and the mushroom and duck was good. Spicy wise, I would say it's spicier than McSpicy but still manageable for me. It was a good thing I didn't request for the level 49 spicy, if not I might not have been able to finish it. (Tip: Come after 10pm for supper promo. $10 nett for all pasta cause there's no gst and service charge.)
Tom Yum Salted Egg Pasta With Seafood And Fried Chicken This was a bit too spicy for my liking. Couldn鈥檛 taste the salted egg either. $16.90
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This needs no introduction. Lunch Bara-Chirashi at @bistrodulepin is perhaps the highlight of any weekday soir茅e on Orchard Road. At $14 a bowl, I am hard pressed to find a similar quality, hearty meal than this one; comes with a miso prawn soup.
Gotta exclaim that the 9-course Omakase dinner here was a real good value and quality for the $70. Situated in old Orchard Plaza, this is just a small establishment with confined space, giving one the same feel like that in Japan itself. Not as obvious from its name, it is actually Japanese fused with French influences. And the result was a Japanese dining experience with surprises in taste. That explained why the meal started with appetisers with cream cheese, liver p芒t茅 and burrata cheese. On top of the more typical but fresh items like Hiroshima oyster and Anago sushi, we were intrigued by their other items done very differently. Their sashimi was served with an interesting miso-peanut butter like sauce which gave it an awesome flavour, we鈥檒l-complemented with crispy garlic chips and wasabi. The fried tuna was served with a tartar-like toppjng that went well with the deep-fried tuna. The meal was no lacking in premium ingredients, with black cod, king crab, Kagoshima beef and Uni. The black cod was well-executed and flavoured with a plum-pesto sauce, special and delicious. The king crabs were done tempura style and served with also an unique orange ginger sauce. Biting into those well-marbled juicy beef was just heavenly. And the meal definitely ended on a high note with the yummy angel hair pasta topped with Uni and generous portion of Ikura. By the end of the meal, we felt absolutely satisfied, with the good deal, quantity and quality of the food. We would recommend to add on a sake or wine to make the experience an even better one. Due to its space and popularity, early reservation will be a necessity to avoid any disappointment.
I makan
Chicken Liver Pate ($5) I loved their chicken liver pate with Meiji crackers. The pate wasn鈥檛 as fatty as foie gras, but was still very creamy. There wasn鈥檛 a very strong stench and it tasted quite pleasantly light with the biscuits. The portion was also surprisingly big, considering this was only $5! Bistro du Le Pin occupies a small space on level 2 of Orchard Plaza, which is near Centrepoint, at Somerset mrt and has affordable lunch sets (bara chirashi and omelette rice) for about $15. The chef is Japanese, so you can be assured it鈥檒l be a great experience. Also found out that they offer omakases at night!
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