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Assorted cheese [$49.28] Grabbed some cheeses for takeaway this time! These were meant for a BBQ event hence it was more sensible to go for the hard ones, less messy and perfect for snacking. I am very pleased with my choices and they turned out to be absolutely stellar with their own unique distinct flavor profile. The 36 months matured Gouda was dense and complex, with notes of caramel. It has a crumbly hard texture, like parmigiano. In fact, there were crunchy, white crystals throughout the cheese, which i learned are actually tyrosine, an amino acid and a sign of a well aged cheese. The Comte on the other hand was predominantly sweet and nutty, it was a lot milder, creamier & softer. I like the way it’s flavor lingers pleasantly on the palate. The semi hard Manchego truffle cheese has a rich intoxicating taste without being cloying. Delicate balance of tart and buttery, definitely a stand out in this platter! The dried mulberries are perfect for snacking and cleanses the palate between cheeses!
Ricotta Pancakes $18.80+! Oh absolutely loveeee how fluffy the pancakes were! Would absolutely return again for this but I’d share as the portion was pretty substantial! High quality maple syrup was also provided! ❤️ and this place has WiFi on days you wanna get some work done.
Crab Linguine Surprised by how good this was! Generous portion of crab meat and the sun-dried tomatoes, basil, chilli & olive oil really brought out the natural seafood flavor. Would absolutely order this again ($26++)
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