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Roast Meats Saw a crowd during lunch before, so we had to come back to try, of course! Our default roast meat stall near the office is 88 Hong Kong, so the char siew and sio bak here had big shoes to fill; they were not bad, but nowhere near our accustomed standard. The chicken was so-so but the tender and tasty duck fared much better. Noodles aren't the super q Hong Kong-style either, which I personally prefer. I'd say it's a good enough lunch option in the area, but I wouldn't go out of our way to come here again. Price: from $3 for Char Siew/Sio Bak Rice and Wanton/Dumpling Noodle/ Soup
Late Night Dinner Late Saturday night date w mommy, which reminded me of the times where she would take leave from work to accompany during exams in pri school. She insisted on shopping before dinner. Good thing I ate a froyo while she was shopping. They are so efficient here that the food is served almost immediately after ordering. We got a claypot ee mee and a wolfberry egg drop soup. The claypot was filled with lots of liao! Love the bite of the wolfberry vege. They usu put this vege in ban mian in the past, but no one does it anymore.. 😢 #hawkerpedia
Roast Pork + Roast Duck Rice Had been wanting to try this stall ever since my mum started raving on how good the roast here is. Roast Pork was actually pretty good; savoury with smoky flavours and a really crispy skin. Roast Duck was equally good as it is flavourful, with crisp skin with its juiciness kept. Worth eating if in the area.
Xing Wei
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Decent Place For “Zi Char” In Toa Payoh H O S T E D I am always on the lookout for new “zichar” places to take my parents, so when an invitation to try “Lai Bao” was extended to me by Brand Cellar PR agency, I accepted. Like many “zi char” joints around Singapore, this too is located within a coffeeshop in the heartlands (Toa Payoh to be exact). Their branding is quite striking though and is easy to spot. The menu was planned for my group of four pax so we didn’t choose the items. Below are the dishes I would order if I happen to visit #LaiBaosg again: 1. Ginger Chicken (Half: $6) - Served cold, it‘s the ginger sauce spread all over that makes this dish very tasty. I would not go so far as to say the chicken was perfectly cooked but at least the breast was not dry or stringy. 2. Lai Bao Wok-Fried Fine Beans (small: $7) - One of my favourites was this stirfry of crunchy beans topped with strips of crispy yam. 3. Deep Fried Teochew Duck Fritters (small: $8) - I wasn’t aware it contained duck because the taste wasn’t obvious but that didn’t stop me from reaching out for one piece after next. Pretty addictive. 4. Sixties Fish Head Charcoal Steamboat (small, grouper: $15) - I liked the sweetness of the collagen-rich soup and that it arrived flooded in long cabbage, meat rolls, tofu, black fungus, baby tomatoes, seaweed and yam. Before being added, the chopped up pieces of fish head had been fried so as to impart more flavour. Don’t expect to find chunky pieces of fish meat in here since it is the head that’s used. 5. Crisp Fried Aubergine & Pork Floss (small: $7) - Prepared in a fragrant, dry-style, this was another dish everyone enjoyed. Would I return? Yes, but only if I am in the area because frankly, we are pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to good “zichar” options in Singapore.
You can have all the glam food you want, but a steamboat will always be welcomed to start the weekend! ⁠⠀ This is the Sixties Fish Head Charcoal Steamboat from Lai Bao at Blk 168 Toa Payoh Lor 1, and it's as tasty as it is comforting.⁠⠀ What I liked best was that I didn't get that numb tongue feeling when I was done with this.⁠⠀ Drop by if you're in the area (it's between Toa Payoh and Braddell MRT stations), they have other stuff you might be keen on too. I'll be writing about it soon, so FYI!
@laibaosg , it’s an affordable zichar by Baoshi, located at Toa Payoh Coffeeshop block 168. Feature Seafood Lala Ying Yang Hor fun. Hor fun cooked in lala gravy, served with seafood like prawns, fish and lala clams and topped with crispy deep fried hor fun for crunchiness. Beside the hor fun, Lai Bao also offers Lai Bao chilli crab or 13 spices black pepper crab for $30/ 1 crab, $50/2 crabs. It’s really affordable zichar. 💰$5/$7/$10. 📍Lai Bao fish head steamboat. Block 168 #01-1040. Lorong Toa Payoh 1.
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Plate of goodness, Hainanese curry rice set, and it’s only $4.8. The Hainanese rice served with crispy pork chop, sunny side egg and finished with curry. The pork chop very crispy but not dry, and the curry not spicy, so everyone can enjoy the food. Another place that recommended by @singaporeliciouz. . 💰$4.8. 📍Maddie’s Kitchen. Far East Plaza, #02-10/13
Oyster Omelette (S$10.80/15.80/20.80) Opulent oyster omelette! Well, it tastes opulent! The oysters were large and most importantly, fresh! The omelette ($10.80 pictured) was fried to perfection, crisp not burnt and fluffy inside though a tad starchy. Pair it with their chilli sauce and you’ve got yourself a great snack. Also a side note, many customers can be seen waiting around because they’re ordering multiple omelettes to take away! That’s how popular it is.
Hàu Tráng Trứng thật độc đáo Tiệm cơm thuần tuý địa phương. Một số món ăn thật nổi bật, như món hàu trứng tráng phải nói lả ngon nhất ở Singapore!. Những món khác chỉ ngon vậy vậy thôi. Các món ăn đặc biệt giá hơi cao: Món trứng tráng hàu có thể lên tới 20,80 đô la. Món đầu cá Assam (khá nhỏ) chém cứ cổ: 30,80 đô la. Nhà bếp cần được tồ chức khéo hơn. Vào giờ ăn trưa, chờ đợi thức ăn có thể lên đến 55 phút. Đúng là Maddie điên cuồng. Nhưng ăn xong thì rất đả, ợ địt không ngừng!
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It literally means the express version of Ka Soh, situated in @fivespicesingapore food court at the Jewel. With a dedicated corner, this stall offers quite a good range of mains and side dishes for a complete meal, if not complemented with food from the other stalls. With a prawn variant, the prawn soup Bee Hoon still offered their awesome fish soup but topped with the umami from the fresh prawns. The dry San Lou Horfun we ordered also didn’t disappoint when it was served with a distinct Wok Hei fragrance. From their range of attractive sides, such as their popular Har Jeong Gai and fried pork ribs, we picked the latter which was yummy and went well with our mains. Amidst the wide choices of food in Jewel and even the food court, this flavourful fish soup itself would be a good enough reason to settle down at the peaceful corner for a simple-looking but satisfying meal.
I makan
Do not underestimate this unassuming bowl of prawn and fish noodles soup. They’re cooked with the same fish soup with no milk added. In case you’re wondering, the milky texture is the result of hours of high heat boiling with large amount of fish bones. The broth was sweet and stronger with prawns added. Also tried Ka-Soh fried yam with the sweet yam in the middle and crunchy on the outside. Prawn paste chicken gave a very intense savoury flavour with a bowl of comfort noodles. 🍜 Service was rather slow during peak hours. . . Where to dine? Faai Di by Ka-Soh 78 Airport Boulevard B2-238 - 240 Singapore 819666 (Five Spice food court by Food Junction)
An express concept of Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand Restaurant (2016 - 2018) Ka-Soh, The menu at Faai Di is a curation of Ka-Soh’s mainstay signature items that includes the slice fish noodle soup, spare pork ribs, prawn paste chicken and Ka-Soh fried yam. Faai Di also features new items that are currently exclusive at Jewel Changi Airport such as; steamed chicken with lap cheong - a traditional Cantonese dish steamed with sesame oil and ginger slices; and Faai Di’s prawn noodle soup - which uses Ka-Soh’s signature fish soup as a base with live prawns used to morph the brothy fish soup into a heady prawn soup with a red hue. One of my favourite item was the fried yam. The yam was very soft and perfectly cooked and fried in a nicely fried bread crust. ‘Faai Di’ (faster) check out Faai Di by Ka Soh at Five Spice Food Court at Jewel Changi. 📝📸@foodie_emilly Thanks @prcommsg for the invitation and @faai.di for having us!
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