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If You Have Not Been To Long Ji, Please Give It A Try.. Ambience: 4/10 (We were seated near the toilet, had to borrow chairs from other tables and help clean up the table ourselves, the restaurant was busy and noisy the entire evening and servers was not friendly at all.. THAT SAID, dining at Long Ji was still worth it because the food was really good!) Taste: 9/10 (I am not a crab fanatic like most of my family members are but wow this crab beehoon tasted really amazing. The wokhey from the beehoon that was stir fried with a copious amount of garlic, and the thick, flavourful broth are perfect when combined. SO GOOD. Other dishes worth ordering include the drunken prawns in claypot, stir fried meesua, coffee pork ribs and green dragon vegetable stir fried with garlic!!! 😍)
Crab Beehoon with Wolfblass Wines. Fresh crabs with beehoon steeped in Long Ji's flavourful stock, packed with the taste of pork lard. And thanks to @jennytanwrites and #wolfblasswines, we tried several wines that could go well with our local dishes. Turns out, Wolf Blass' chardonnay was perfect for this dish. The acidity cuts through the richness of the broth, while the creaminess of the wine matches the creaminess of the crab perfectly. In fact, their Shiraz works well too even though it's a red wine. That's cos Long Ji's broth is also deep in porky flavour. 🔸 [Tasting] #foodphotography #fujixh1 #exploresingapore #burpple #singaporeinsiders #crabsg #foodiegram #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #foodcoma #f52grams #hungrygowhere #sgtzechar #foodgasm #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #onthetable #sgig #yummy #finedining #singapore #foodie #finediningsg #crabbeehoon #winepairing
Crab Bee Hoon This crab costs $88. Best crab beehoon I’ve had. The soup is flavourful and full of wok hei, crab is very meaty! Must try at this zi char place! Do call in to make your booking!
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Roast Meats Saw a crowd during lunch before, so we had to come back to try, of course! Our default roast meat stall near the office is 88 Hong Kong, so the char siew and sio bak here had big shoes to fill; they were not bad, but nowhere near our accustomed standard. The chicken was so-so but the tender and tasty duck fared much better. Noodles aren't the super q Hong Kong-style either, which I personally prefer. I'd say it's a good enough lunch option in the area, but I wouldn't go out of our way to come here again. Price: from $3 for Char Siew/Sio Bak Rice and Wanton/Dumpling Noodle/ Soup
Late Night Dinner Late Saturday night date w mommy, which reminded me of the times where she would take leave from work to accompany during exams in pri school. She insisted on shopping before dinner. Good thing I ate a froyo while she was shopping. They are so efficient here that the food is served almost immediately after ordering. We got a claypot ee mee and a wolfberry egg drop soup. The claypot was filled with lots of liao! Love the bite of the wolfberry vege. They usu put this vege in ban mian in the past, but no one does it anymore.. 😢 #hawkerpedia
Roast Pork + Roast Duck Rice Had been wanting to try this stall ever since my mum started raving on how good the roast here is. Roast Pork was actually pretty good; savoury with smoky flavours and a really crispy skin. Roast Duck was equally good as it is flavourful, with crisp skin with its juiciness kept. Worth eating if in the area.
Xing Wei
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Moonlight Hor Fun Feel like moonlighting but can’t moonlight? Then have a moonlight hor fun/ yuet kwong hor (月光河). Don’t get hungry at this hour but do order this dish at KEK Seafood the next time you’re there. It’s fried hor fun cooked in sweet dark gravy, served with prawns, squid, chye sim, lard and topped with a raw egg. There’s a strong wok hei (burnt) flavour exuding from the hor fun noodles. Mix the raw egg yolk together with the noodles to enjoy the full flavour of this carby dish. Gotta say that the lard does makes the dish very aromatic.
Have Your KEK And Eat It Too 😄 If you are considering “zi char” for takeaway or delivery, @kengengkee should be at the top of your list. My recent dinner there was very satisfying as usual. Based on that meal, these are the dishes by Head Chef & Co-owner Wayne and his team that I feel are worth ordering because they should travel well too: 1. Salted Egg Squid (small: $18) - The slightly chewy rings of squid are evenly coated in a dryish style of slightly spicy, creamy salted egg paste. Highly addictive (especially with a cold beer). 2. “Hae Chor” (Prawn Rolls) - Wrapped in delicate, thin beancurd skin is a generous amount of juicy and tasty filling composed of minced prawns, pork and water chestnut. I had three at one go because yeah, they’re totally irresistible. 3. Coffee Pork Ribs (small: $15) - Hand on my heart, KEK does one of the best renditions around. Theirs feature large, boneless pieces of meat that are unfailingly tender, fragrant and delicious from a sweet and rich caramelly coffee marinate. 4. “Har Jeong Gai” (small: $12) - The prawn paste chicken is quite literally a flavourbomb on bones, so be warned, they are easy to overeat. 5. “Nai Bai” with garlic (small: $8) - A simple yet tasty stirfry. 6. Sambal French Beans with Minced Pork (small: $8) - Crisp, juicy vegetable with some meat and a bit of a spicy kick is appetising for sure. There is one other key thing that can’t be “dabao-ed” and that is the warm and friendly service by the other Co-owner Paul Liew who runs the front-of-house. I look forward to experiencing it first-hand again once this situation with the coronavirus improves and we can all return to dining out with peace of mind.
The Claypot Liver That Is To-Die-For! @kengengkee (also known as "KEK Seafood") is a MICHELIN Plate Restaurant I am familiar with as it’s one of my family favourites for “zi char”. Seeing forever-cheerful Paul, his brother, Head Wayne and the rest of their family never fails to spark joy. Having dined at KEK Seafood several times, I obviously have my must-haves, of which the Claypot Liver is tops. It is imperative to be enjoyed in the unique KEK style, that is with plain white rice popped in and given a good stir. Trust me, you do not know how sublime liver can be until you‘ve tried this. Apart from having a very good supplier because the liver tastes really fresh, the kitchen team treats the cooking of the liver like a science to ensure it arrives perfectly cooked (it has to be soft!) on the customer’s table. So if the customer is seated in the air-conditioned area, which happens to be twice as far from the kitchen as a customer seated in the al fresco section, cooking time is halved. This is because they take into consideration that the liver will continue to cook in the claypot as it’s being carried all the way there by the wait staff. Honestly, I was so impressed when I heard this.
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