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Value For Money Steamboat ($29.80) Onepot offers a wide variety of soups and ingredients at affordable prices. You can get up to 3 soups per table and we got laksa, mala and chicken soup. The chicken was a bit plain for our liking but the laksa and mala were flavourful and yummy.
Mala Hotpot buffet for $20?? Yes, with #burpplebeyond it's possible. Although it's not the best, it's not too bad either considering the spread available (scallops, bamboo clams, mutton slices, etc). You're able to satisfy your mala cravings definitely. Do note that your clothes will smell of mala oil after the meal, so just go really casual if you want to!
Good Variety The sauces are pretty standard, & are right by the entrance. Next to that are the ice cream freezer & free flow sugary drinks station - these cost $2 extra (total), which I didn't opt for & I felt I wasn't missing out on much. For meat, I basically whacked the beef & mutton as I usually do. They weren't too fatty, which is great! The other options are pork & chicken. The main section where the rest of the ingredients are saw a large variety seafood (the bamboo clams were a bit smelly though), mushrooms, vegetables, my favourite tang hoon & thick sweet potato noodles, & I must have cracked 4 eggs into the soup nearing the end of my meal 馃槀 Overall, in terms of variety & quality of food, I was quite happy with what was offered. Give the Xiao Long Baos a miss, though - despite being included in the buffet price, they aren't actually nice. Not much soup inside, & the skin is way too thick. The top is also very stiff & hard (that's what she said). 馃挿 Cash/NETS only 馃枼 Accepts reservations - I used Eatigo for 50% off, clicked through via Shopback for cashback 馃嵔 Burpple Beyond partner 馃摫 Accepts GrabPay
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Seafood Chicken Pot (50% off w Beyond) Seafood chicken pot w spicy fragrant gravy $28.80 ($14.40 after burpple beyond 50% off) Added golden mushrooms $3.20 Super yummy and worth it with burpple 50% deal. Got the Spicy Fragrant gravy in 涓荆 and it had the right level of kick. Chicken was tender (has bones but that鈥檚 normal for dishes like this), prawns and squid were fresh. M size is good for 2-3 people (3 if you鈥檙e small eaters). Worth a try and I鈥檒l definitely be coming back!
Fat bird #BurppleBeyond 1-1 House Special Chicken Pot $17.90 Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot $17.90 Spicy Chicken Cubes $13.80 Hot Plate Prawns $14.80 Total: $71+ Utilised 2 vouchers for 5 pax. Ordered 2 Chicken Pots (Small) and 2 mains and about 5 add-ons into the 2 pots. We preferred the spicy chicken pot over the house special as its more fragrant and the spicies really gave our taste buds a strong kick! Portion of chicken in both pots were alright and we find the side dishes are on the pricier side, like one portion of instant noodles cost $3.90. For the mains, the Spicy Chicken Cubes, the ratio of the dried chillis flakes to the small chicken cubes was like 15:1, but chicken was well fried and flavourful. I like the sauce of the Hot Plate Prawns, and it looked really appetitizing with the colourful condiments. Overall, Beyond made it a fairly good deal especially when dining with friends since the price is on the higher side.
Delicious Alternative To Kaoyu Somewhat similar to kaoyu, where you can choose the gravy and other add ons. Highly recommend the Spicy and Fragrant chicken pot (it's not very spicy 馃槉)! Burrple 1 for 1, with additional add ons, is sufficient for a group of 4 pax.
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馃幎It鈥檚 getting鈥 HOT in here, so take off all your clothes~馃幎 Can't dine out but thay ain't gonna stop me from satisfying my hotpot cravings cuz City Hot Pot delivers! 馃殭 Enjoyed their Set E for 4pax 馃($115.99nett) which includes soup, staple & sauces! 馃憦馃徎 The ingredients were of good quality & super fresh 馃槉, nicely packed with a lock on the package to prevent any human touch on the way! 鉁 . Ingredients include Australian wagyu beef 馃ォ, pork collar 馃悥, lamb leg 馃悜, chicken breast 馃悢, fresh fish fillet 馃悷, fresh prawns 馃, prawn paste, handmade tau foo, pork minced paste, fresh meat wonton 馃, fried tofu skin, vegetable combo 馃ガ & mushroom combo 馃崉. . For staple, choose from instant noodles 馃崪, rice vermicelli, tung hoon, mee sua, udon noodles, pearl rice 馃崥 or braised pork rice (+$1). . You will be spoilt for choice with their 15 soup bases 馃槏馃槏馃槏, ranging from the classic chicken soup, Sichuan Mala 馃尪 to Thai Tom Yum 馃嚬馃嚟 and Korean Kimchi Soup 馃嚢馃嚪. Simply top up $1 for twin soup base! 鉁岎煆 I got their Fish Soup with Milk 馃悷馃and Tomato Soup 馃崊 - both were pleasant! . Check out https://bit.ly/3fwGkzW for the various hotpot sets that @city_hot_pot offers! 馃憣馃徎
1-for-1 Quality Hotpot Soupy meals are my comfort food, & I could honestly eat hotpot all day erriday. Here鈥檚 my latest gem of a find on Burpple Beyond: 鏃虹垚 City Hotpot Shabu Shabu at Raffles Place. I made a reservation on Chope, & swiped the 1-for-1 Wagyu Ribeye Set ($49.99++) deal. It comes with your choice of soup, staple, & a "VegiCombo" basket of delicious vegetables & soy products. The beef wasn鈥檛 too fatty & it was fresh! Also, very importantly, I enjoyed the Chicken soup base (棣欒弴楦℃堡) that I chose.. Would very happily return here again. Til 12 Feb 2020, I'm running a contest to give away a free #BurppleBeyond Premium (Monthly) plan to 2 lucky winners! Details on: @wobblethebui on Instagram / Bui Bui Eats page on Facebook
Great Value For Money! Ribeye wagyu beef shabu shabu completely worth it in this place! The set is complete with vegetables and carbs mains!
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