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Claypot Mee Tai Mak Came here with great anticipation, having tried it before and really liked it when it was at Clementi! Feels like the standard has dropped though - a little too watery this time.
My family popped by this coffeeshop in Macpherson and when I saw that 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat is situated here, I knew that I had to get their famed Claypot Braised Mee Tai mak ($8) 😍 . This bubbling wok hei goodness truly lives up to its name. Smooth and bouncy, the mee tai mak blended well with the umami-laden gravy. We were surprised to find bits of fried egg and chai poh inside which added am interesting texture to the dish. Mixing the raw egg yolk into the gravy, it definitely brought the whole dish to a whole new level. This makes for an ultimate comfort food as it wasn't too salty and starchy. Added some chilli in for a fiery kick and it was indeed a good choice 😋 . We also added on the Seafood Spinach Soup ($3.80) from another stall. It came loaded with spinach, minced meat, egg, wolf berries, and a large prawn. The soup was was sweet from the spinach and wolfberries, and seemed to be infused with a corn flavour. It was slightly underwhelming as compared to other spinach soup stalls which I have tried. Nevertheless, it still makes for a healthy and wholesome meal! . The ANTicipated scale ⚖ 👅Flavour: 8 ants 💰Value: 8.5 ants 📍Convenience: 7 ants
Red Grouper Fish Head Steamboat Served to your table with a small wood plank below it. It has charcoal that's burning from within. The soup's boiling and there's lots of wongbok (looking like they've been cooked for some time, soft and have absorbed all the goodness of the broth), chunks of red grouper, seaweed. Dive deeper and you'll find big pieces of yam (OMG MY FAV IN THIS POT)! The soup is addictive, exuding the light ginger taste. It tastes almost as thou some carnation milk has been added, but no. It's pure goodness boiled for a long time i guess! I also found some small bits of preserved vege in the soup (those added to congee). They're totally not stingy with the ingredients. This costs $25 and soup is refillable! But, i find that the refilled broth tastes much lighter, probably as the fish and vege werent boiled continuously in it. Again, the chilli dip in light orangey red lits up the taste of the fish. ANOTHER MUST ORDER HERE. If you're in a group of 3 or 4, just go for the medium one at $30! I enjoyed sipping on the soup even under the hot weather. Try it &i hope you'll like it as much as i do!
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Decent Place For “Zi Char” In Toa Payoh H O S T E D I am always on the lookout for new “zichar” places to take my parents, so when an invitation to try “Lai Bao” was extended to me by Brand Cellar PR agency, I accepted. Like many “zi char” joints around Singapore, this too is located within a coffeeshop in the heartlands (Toa Payoh to be exact). Their branding is quite striking though and is easy to spot. The menu was planned for my group of four pax so we didn’t choose the items. Below are the dishes I would order if I happen to visit #LaiBaosg again: 1. Ginger Chicken (Half: $6) - Served cold, it‘s the ginger sauce spread all over that makes this dish very tasty. I would not go so far as to say the chicken was perfectly cooked but at least the breast was not dry or stringy. 2. Lai Bao Wok-Fried Fine Beans (small: $7) - One of my favourites was this stirfry of crunchy beans topped with strips of crispy yam. 3. Deep Fried Teochew Duck Fritters (small: $8) - I wasn’t aware it contained duck because the taste wasn’t obvious but that didn’t stop me from reaching out for one piece after next. Pretty addictive. 4. Sixties Fish Head Charcoal Steamboat (small, grouper: $15) - I liked the sweetness of the collagen-rich soup and that it arrived flooded in long cabbage, meat rolls, tofu, black fungus, baby tomatoes, seaweed and yam. Before being added, the chopped up pieces of fish head had been fried so as to impart more flavour. Don’t expect to find chunky pieces of fish meat in here since it is the head that’s used. 5. Crisp Fried Aubergine & Pork Floss (small: $7) - Prepared in a fragrant, dry-style, this was another dish everyone enjoyed. Would I return? Yes, but only if I am in the area because frankly, we are pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to good “zichar” options in Singapore.
You can have all the glam food you want, but a steamboat will always be welcomed to start the weekend! ⁠⠀ This is the Sixties Fish Head Charcoal Steamboat from Lai Bao at Blk 168 Toa Payoh Lor 1, and it's as tasty as it is comforting.⁠⠀ What I liked best was that I didn't get that numb tongue feeling when I was done with this.⁠⠀ Drop by if you're in the area (it's between Toa Payoh and Braddell MRT stations), they have other stuff you might be keen on too. I'll be writing about it soon, so FYI!
@laibaosg , it’s an affordable zichar by Baoshi, located at Toa Payoh Coffeeshop block 168. Feature Seafood Lala Ying Yang Hor fun. Hor fun cooked in lala gravy, served with seafood like prawns, fish and lala clams and topped with crispy deep fried hor fun for crunchiness. Beside the hor fun, Lai Bao also offers Lai Bao chilli crab or 13 spices black pepper crab for $30/ 1 crab, $50/2 crabs. It’s really affordable zichar. 💰$5/$7/$10. 📍Lai Bao fish head steamboat. Block 168 #01-1040. Lorong Toa Payoh 1.
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Tteokbokki Buffet 💵: $12.80++ 📈: 7.5/10 🤔: One for all the carb lovers! Sweet potato tteok and corn & cheese tteok were definitely my favourite! Fried items were okay, but the fried chicken is worth a try.
Korean Tteokbokki Hotpot Buffet | $18.80++ It was worth the price as it’s buffet style. Not much variety but of good quality. Leave some space for your second meal - kimchi fried rice. You can ask the service crew to help you with the frying of rice. 5.5/10
Tteokbokki Army Stew Buffet ($12.80++ Weekday Student Lunch, $13.80++ Adult Weekday Lunch, $18.80++ Otherwise) My go to place whenever I’m free for on a weekday lunch + craving some good ol army stew! Love that the army stew is so customizable in every single aspect! 😍😍 (Other than Yoogane’s weekday lunch promo that comes with a free cheese ring but less variety of ingredients) The spiciness ranges from non-spicy to mild/normal/intense spiciness using different combinations of sauces 🌶🌶 There is definitely a good range of fresh ingredients (cabbage, beansprouts, mushrooms, bean curd skin, tofu, spicy chicken, normal chicken, luncheon meat, sausage, clams, sweet potato noodles, vermicelli), many many types of tteokbokki (sweet potato-filled, cheese-filled, normal in different shapes and sizes, potato gnocchi) and of course ramen! Basically everything that you might ever see in an army stew was available and the quantity of each highly customizable! 🎉🎉 Also, loved that there was cooked food on the side while waiting for the stew to boil, like fried gimbal, fried dumplings, fried fish cake, fried chicken (only the fried chicken and maybe dumplings were decent, most of the fried food was cold sadly) and eomuk/odeng (good thought but it was pretty plain, skip this or soak it in the army stew for more flavour). The time limit is strict at 60 min for students and 90 min for adults during weekday lunches, so plan you time strategically! Leave 10-15 min at the end to evaporate out the sauce and cook your own kimchi fried rice 🤤🤤 The rice really soaks up the sauce and was pretty delicious being fried up with luncheon meat, corn, kimchi and seaweed! A really worth it meal and definitely would recommend if you’re near Clementi/Suntec on a weekday lunch and craving some hot stew 😋😋
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Sumptuous Hotpot Buffet ($34.80++/person) Amazing buffet and dining experience! The staff were very attentive and provided excellent service, especially Mr Jie. We celebrated a birthday so they gave us a private room that was decorated with birthday balloons. We ordered the laksa soup base (very rich and too thick after awhile) which was recommended by the restaurant, as well as the tomato soup broth. You can even order other side dishes like fried mantou and prawn paste chicken wings which were really delicious! The buffet also comes with sauces that you can mix and match; while some extra drinks or soup bases require an additional top up. Finally, we were served pumpkin dessert to end our meal. It was overall a very pleasant dining experience - good food, clean place (it’s very new too since it was opened not too long ago), friendly staff so it’s definitely worth a visit!
Buffet Came for their steamboat buffet and was ecstatic when I saw the tray of meat come for me 😍 layered on a specially designed tray, it is then placed over the steamboat pot, forming that beautiful sight in my photo. ⁣⁣what started off as a really convenient way of eating soon turned out to be a mess because as you start ordering more ingredients, they came on plates and the table simply didn’t allow for more space (or because we were gluttons and ordered too much) soup wise, I felt that the tomato broth wasn’t as thick and fragrant as compared to other steamboat ppaces. Worth a second visit since it was pretty value for money! Senior citizens get discounted price too, so bring your folks along! ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Hotpot gathers people together on a single pot and cook their own meats and vegetables. What’s your favourite soup broth? My bias goes to Hai Xian Lao’s Prawn Soup 😋
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Value For Money Steamboat ($29.80) Onepot offers a wide variety of soups and ingredients at affordable prices. You can get up to 3 soups per table and we got laksa, mala and chicken soup. The chicken was a bit plain for our liking but the laksa and mala were flavourful and yummy.
Mala Hotpot buffet for $20?? Yes, with #burpplebeyond it's possible. Although it's not the best, it's not too bad either considering the spread available (scallops, bamboo clams, mutton slices, etc). You're able to satisfy your mala cravings definitely. Do note that your clothes will smell of mala oil after the meal, so just go really casual if you want to!
Good Variety The sauces are pretty standard, & are right by the entrance. Next to that are the ice cream freezer & free flow sugary drinks station - these cost $2 extra (total), which I didn't opt for & I felt I wasn't missing out on much. For meat, I basically whacked the beef & mutton as I usually do. They weren't too fatty, which is great! The other options are pork & chicken. The main section where the rest of the ingredients are saw a large variety seafood (the bamboo clams were a bit smelly though), mushrooms, vegetables, my favourite tang hoon & thick sweet potato noodles, & I must have cracked 4 eggs into the soup nearing the end of my meal 😂 Overall, in terms of variety & quality of food, I was quite happy with what was offered. Give the Xiao Long Baos a miss, though - despite being included in the buffet price, they aren't actually nice. Not much soup inside, & the skin is way too thick. The top is also very stiff & hard (that's what she said). 💷 Cash/NETS only 🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Eatigo for 50% off, clicked through via Shopback for cashback 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner 📱 Accepts GrabPay
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