More Reviews at Seasalt - The Seafood Place

More Reviews of good food at Seasalt - The Seafood Place

$8. The sauce is Super yummy! Squid is grilled to perfection! Love the salad that comes with it.

$14...(added lemon butter for $1)
The fish is delicious! Fries taste good too. The whole plate is quite worth it. Chilli sauce is thick and goes very well with the meal. Will come back again.
Note to self: remember to take malt vinegar.


Sweet fresh Mussels! If the garlic cream could be thicker, it will be perfect for me!

Please set aside some stomach space for the bread. I saw many tables not finishing the bread which is such a waste because the leftover sauce (plus mushrooms) is sooo good. I enjoyed the sweet aftertaste, possibly they added wine, plus the fresh seafood savory taste from the prawns. My only only small complain was that the prawns were a little small. I'm reconsidering whether to visit again and spend $16 on this.

Vino Mussels ($15) - Juicy, succulent mussels in a white wine sauce with celery, carrots, & heaps of garlic. The sauce was pretty salty, the baguette nothing to shout about.. But the mussels were gooood. I would order this again, perhaps in their other styles like Tom Yam & Garlic Cream. They also have clams & prawns, if you don’t like mussels.


Been craving since the last time I was at this hipster coffeeshop for 🍺🍺 ++ $9 hand battered fish & chips with lemon butter sauce and fried small crabs for $5 only!! Wanna try garlic cream mussels next time bahahah

Grilled whole mackerel with potato salad & greens (with honey mustard) ($17)
Herbs, mayo, mustard, garlic, black pepper, seasalt
Serving looks great but tastes average.


Keeping things simple and fresh is Seasalt's philosophy. Dig into a scrumptious pot of mussels at this stall (also situated in Salut Coffeeshop), and choose from a selection of sauces including white wine, garlic cream, blue cheese, and even tom yum! Go for the garlic cream sauce, a surprisingly light and fragrant complement to the fresh, sweet mussels ($15). If mussels aren't your thing, go for a pot of fresh King Prawns ($16), some Lemon Butter Fish and Chips ($9), or Grilled Snapper ($12) instead!

Succulent, sweet muscles cooked with white wine, celery, carrots and lots of garlic. Not quite a fan of the sauce/wine used as it's a tad bitter, but it brought out the fresh sweetness of the muscles. ($15 for a pot)

$16 and you get 6/7 fresh king prawns soaked in creamy goodness, also came with two slices of baguette (which tasted like playdoh but nvm la since the prawn so good, I can close one eye) for you to savor the sauce!

Very fresh Canadian clams. Tasty!


Mussels served were tiny in their much bigger shells, should be over- cooked. Pity!

Cajun-style grilled calamari for $7.50. Not something I'd specially come for, but pleasant enough to munch on while waiting for my burger from De Burg.

Quite a #generous and #affordable #fishnchips. #Salute #coffeeshop #Burpple #dinner #reubeats #western #backlog #timetoclear

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the meat was but soft though, didn't quite meet expectations.
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Hand battered fried fish & chips and vino #mussels with @osmanthus_tea πŸ‘―... totally wanna try tom yum flavour next time. Delicate and crisp crust around melt-in-your-mouth flakey fish omg 😁 #thisislove #fishandchips #seafood #sgfood #yum #yestergram #lol #srslydamngood