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From the Burpple community

Mirana house pineapple tarts that my family religiously orders every year.. We love the sweet tangy pineapple filling covered in the soft crumbly exterior (almost close to "melt in your mouth") but this year they might just fall short a little somehow still good yet lacking in some way we can't quite pinpoint what

My 2 staples for CNY!!! This year's fragrance bahkwa is very disappointing and no one got us lim Chee guan HHAHA but izzok my lapis and love letters are as fragrant and satisfying as before

"Posing w my signature handmade gimbab & sushi for my CNY guests" 😚✨

What I call a blissful mess!! It's that time of the year again 😋 Lou Hei are generally good tasting but my family loves sakae's especially because of the chewy jellyfish and thick salmon sashimi cuts at an affordable price!!! ( Tip: add a portion of salmon if you are a sashimi slayer like the members of my family)

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From Paris Baguette (pardon the drip on the plate) but doesn't the cake look 😍😚


Crepe, strawberry and cream, chiffon cake (repeat) is what you get!!! Surprisingly enjoyed the chiffon cake in the midst and I hope you like ur Korean birthday cake Mummy 💖