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Then I wonder now come thes prawn paste chicken look so "ugly one" (Sorry instagram-hazard, we end up judging food by how they look - bad bad.) Anyway, after taking a bite.... So flavorful, and quite juicy. Okay, I am sorry HCG 我错怪你了,你是好吃的。
Anyway HCG u like? Bee Kia at Novena is my other fav.


The stalks and some bits of the leaves are simply poached and then drenched in a melange of superior soy sauce, a dash of sesame oil and drizzles of oyster sauce. The leaves are first chiffonade-d and then deep-fried before crowning the poached stalks earlier alongside crispy shallots. Ok, that's all.


Unlike the black pepper one which we all loved, this here was such a disappointment. Not only did it not come with fried mantou (what travesty!), the sauce was uninspiring – mild and somehow, fell extremely flat. More sweet than spicy, we only settled for this because the cooking style we wanted — wok-fried with foie gras, come on now — was only available if we ordered Alaskan king crab. Ok, that's all.

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Perfectly crisp and addictingly crunchy but it could do with more of that familiar pungency and inimitable umami. Still, it's good fried chicken. Ok, that's all.

Nonetheless, those fermented black beans, while providing such a welcome reprieve to the usual style of cooking the meat, were a little too much, much – overly salty and not properly sautéed; hence, it fell flat and made the dish boringly one-dimensional. Ok, that's all.

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Here, the almost crunchy cephalopod gets a light coating of seasoned corn flour and then deep-fried until it shines a golden sheen. Just before serving, it is tossed in a simple yet addicting mix of salt, pepper, red chillies and deep-fried garlic. Who needs popcorn when you can have this? Ok, that's all.

The fragrances of wok-fried dried shrimps and curry leaves make the world a better place. Because each piece of the chicken is deep-fried first, the deep-frying helps the meat to soak up all the flavours of the sauce. Ok, that's all.

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Rice in a soupy broth chock full of the umami of dried scallops and the intense sweetness of seafood – from grouper slices to prawn and squid. Love how the sliced Chinese cabbage provides just enough crunch to counter balance an otherwise smooth texture throughout. Ok, that's all.

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Sure, it's just black pepper, familiar and boring. But it's undeniably not! Unlike most renditions, what I love most about it is how un-one-dimensional it is. The sauce has a slight sweet ending (read: molasses sugar, I think) and a most welcome spicy punch from cili padi. We enjoyed this so much more than the other crab dish we ordered, more on that in another post. Ok, that's all.

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Look at how it glistens. That beautifully balanced and textured layers of fat and meat, that lipsmacking caramelised stickiness, and that addicting smokiness from that charcoal grill. I literally cannot even. Ok, that's all.

This here is a good exemplar of how a zi char dish can also be light yet full-flavoured. Bamboo clam is removed from its shell then lightly poached to heighten its inimitable crunch. Superior soy sauce and sesame oil are drizzled over the shellfish – it tastes as though both sauces were lightly heated to "open up" their respective aromas. The best part of the dish? That duo of garlic — freshly minced and deep-fried — adds such allure to the palate. Personally, I'm not a big garlic fan but this combination really works. That sauce should not be wasted at all costs. Ok, that's all.

Damn good la. Just go and try it for yourself.


$125. Super good tze char, generous amount of salted egg, right amount of thickness (not too watery not too gao) fresh seafood

Best crab Beehoon ever!!!! The Beehoon was very well simmered resulting it being very flavorful. Also the shiokest salted egg Boston lobster 😋😋 their signature soon hock with minced meat and tofu was also super fresh 👌👌

I don't think the word "Zi Char 煮炒” is suitable for this place. Tucked away at Blk 47 Tanglin Halt Road, one can differentiate due to the settings, light music, wine glass, Alaskan Crabs which are not normally found at a HDB area. I quickly settled in with my family, 7 adults & 4 kids and started ordering....1) 虾酱鸡 which was not bad and because we were famished after waiting 45 minutes, another serving was ordered. Only to realized from the helper that the chef here cooks by the table ordering so if you ordered again, it would probably take a while😡😡😡 2) 肥牛豆芽 deliciously done...yum 3) 蚝卷 had an unusual taste...oyster and salted egg yolk combination not bad 4) 烩饭 looks too wet for my liking. Mui Fan should be sticky gravy and not like watery porridge 5) 螃蟹米粉 - claims to be top 15 in Singapore, I agreed to give them that as its top 15!!! Vermicelli tasted too peppery like 猪肚汤, crabs is also a little disappointing, freshness and sweetness is missing 6) 砂锅笋壳豆腐 this dish is unique as it tasted perfect to go with rice, saucy, with bits of minced pork, egg plant, bean curd and fish - splendid combination. 7) 竹蛤 cooked with fried garlic with oyster sauce - yum. Lastly, I probably would not visit again as I feel they are more suited at a mall venue or actual restaurant setting to command nearly $600 bill. Not your average Joe joint. Yumminess 4/5


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