Seorae is not your ordinary Korean Restaurant. Seorae is the first Galmaegisal restaurant in Singapore. We serve Galmaegisal. A special pork cut that is only available in 5% of the entire adult pig. It's so juicy and tender. Legend say in the past it was only served for the Korean Royalty family. Seorae serves the highest quality meat and produce. You will experience the best of Korean Grill!

68 Orchard Road
#02-01 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 11:00pm

11:30am - 11:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm




Reviews at Seorae Singapore - Korean Charcoal BBQ

Reviews of good food at Seorae Singapore - Korean Charcoal BBQ
Are you a cocktail lover?

If you are one who likes to have some cocktails with your food, @seoraesg will be a good place to visit!
Introducing the new Pineapple Soju (S$22.90++), a refreshing cocktail where fresh pineapple fruit invites Korean soju over to its pineapple home for a Korean BBQ meat-ing!
Where to find this?
Seorae @seoraesg
68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura L2-01, S237839
Sun to Thu: 11.30pm to 10pm
Fri/Sat: 11.30am to 11pm
[Mon to Fri (3pm to 5pm): No Grill/Patbingsoo]

Mix Kkochi Platter ($21.90 for 5 skewers) - time to burn away the weekday stress as it's Friyay!

These Korean Street food skewers are charred in front of your eyes and goes great with their newest Pineapple Soju ($22.90). If you come by during lunch it's cost $24.90 with stew (Jjigae), rice and drinks that is good for 2!
Haven't been posting much recently as I wasn't feeling my best, thank you for still sticking around ❀️

Cheese Mandu Tteokbokki πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ§€
Korean rice cake cooked in hot sauce, served on Korean hot pan with fried fish cake, egg, corn cheese dumpling, ramyeon and pineapple.

With spiciness that only tickles my tongue, this is definitely something that can satisfy my tastebuds.
$35.90++ ala carte
$26.90++ with min. of 2 grill meat at regular price
This was taken at a media tasting.

Cheese Mandu Tteokbokki + Three BBQ Meats Set For 2 ($69++ inclusive of free flow of barley tea)

Check out this new set for two people on SEORAE's menu. It features a huge Korean hot pan of Cheese Mandu Tteokbokki + Three BBQ Meats.
Protein-lovers will undoubtedly drool over the juicy trio of "Woorsamgyeob" (US beef shortplate cut marinated with special sauce), "Samgyeobsal" (spicy pork belly) and the "Galmaegisal" (the signature premium lean yet superbly tender pork skirt meat). Do note the best way to enjoy the pork is to dunk it in the hot, gooey melted cheese.
Sweet and spicy, the very hearty Cheese Mandu Tteokbokki is a riot of chewy Korean rice cake, egg, fried fish cake, ramyeon and pineapple partying away in hot sauce. On the rim of the pan sits a few corn-cheese dumplings that look like mini curry puffs that've been stuffed with a sweetish creamy corn filling. This was an unexpected hit with us all too.

Not Interested To Visit The Same Shop Again

One of the famous Korean Grilled Restaurant rooted in SG since 2016. Was here during their first month, and now is my second visit after a year. Disappointment comes when you are craving for something good and worth, but it turns out not to be the same/similar to what you expected. The price of the meat seem ok in the menu, but when it got served, it is just a tiny portion (10 slices of meat). Okay, usually we eat with garlic, onion and of cause the sauces, but no garlic is given, you need to ask for it (and they give you small tiny one) and the sauces are way too little. Errr...never mind. One thing I can't answer to myself is that, a bbq restaurant has no tissue paper, why? The side dish kimchi is just average (only 4 types of side dishes). Oh yeah, what I know from my first visit is that they charged on the refill of steamed egg, but now they allow you to refill up to three times only! HAHA! Remember, don't over eating because of the meat is just way too little! Think I will go the other restaurant next time. Hmmm...

Cheers to midweek!!

Korean BBQ and early bday celebration with SSG πŸ˜‰πŸ‘—
This sweet makgeoli almost taste like there is no alcohol! Just a nice sweet end to the BBQ!
#burpple #midweek #makgeolli

Spicy rice cakes!

They serve super good spicy rice cakes!! Their meat are definitely on the pricier side but definitely worth the try as they are high grade imported meat!

Average Food, Appalling Service

Let's start from the point we got in. Waiter was talkin to us, stopped half way to entertain another guest. How nice!
When we were seated, we were served in 10 mins of our food which is good. Ordered 3 dishes. The first dish came was the kimchi stew. The next that came was the kimchi pancakes. The Waiter actually handed the item to me to put it on my own table. (even if you go to a hawker place to order, the Aunty/uncle at least chucks it on your table). Then came the spicy rice cakes. Same issue..
Now for the taste of the food.
1) kimchi stew - the consistency of the 'stew' is more like kimchi soup you find at Korean food stalls at koufu. We counted 5 tiny cubes of meat (that's if you consider one of them that was pure fat). In short the stew wasn't cooked well.
2) In my opinion, the best of the lot. The pancakes was crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.
3) Spicy Rice cakes was not too bad.
I guess these days restaurants don provide free water. Even basic stuff like serviettes was not provide either. Not even tissue paper? For a bbq restaurant?
I may be picky, but that was what i experienced

Had a tad too many desserts today #sugaroverdose.

Craving for some savoury food like.... Korean BBQ!
Love the different cuts of meat at Seorae, like Galmaegisal (pork 'skirt meat') and Samgyeobsal (pork belly).
Eat the Galmaegisal by dipping into the onion and spicy sauces or melted cheese.
PS: {Late Night Dining Promotion}Complimentary 2 Soju Bombs or 1 Patbingsoo for dine-in customers after 8.30pm with $60 minimum spend.

Sinsa Patbingsoo

4 munchies: Another top pick of mine from this Korean charcoal BBQ chain known for its galmaegisal (pork skirt meat), the Sinsa Patbingsoo was a delight to have after a night of spicy and greasy fare. Served in a honeydew bowl, the high-quality milk shaved ice was topped with vanilla ice cream, red beans, and fresh honeydew. Those firm yet juicy balls of melon were an absolute treat – bursting natural sweetness in every bite!

If you're dining in at Seorae from 8.30pm onwards, I'd highly recommend you to get the Sinsa Patbingsoo (or 2 soju bombs worth $20) with $60 minimum spend.

This was a hosted meal by Seorae, courtesy of Pamela and Bless Inc. Asia.

Samgyeopsal at @seoraesg.

The only cut where you can't find an analogue on Song Joong-ki's chiseled, sculpted form.

I'm sure fans of the latest k-fever, Descendants  of the Sun (DOTS) drama would have known that Seorae is featured in the show.

So glad that Seorae offers the traditional charcoal BBQ, what's more when it is accompanied by kimchi, egg and cheese at the side too.
Enjoy the late night dining promotion when you dine-in after 8.30pm, and receive 2 Soju Bombs (worth $20) OR 1 Patbingsoo free with a minimum spending of $60.

Fans of K drama, Descendants of the Sun would have know that Seorae was actually featured in one of the scene.

Charcoal grilled meat always taste better than the usual flame over. And what's best here is you can cook your egg, kimchi and cheese at the side! πŸ˜›πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Fans of DOTS and Song Joong-Ki.

You should know that Seorae was featured in their show. Seorae is a Korean BBQ where you can chill and enjoy good BBQ food with your friends.
Seorae is having a late night promotion!
Customer who dine in from 8.30pm onwards will get to choose to enjoy 2 Soju Bombs (worth $20) or 1 Pattinson free with every minimum of $60 spent.

Thank you @blessincasia and @seoraesg for the invite.

Dinner at @seoraesg.

Isn't it nice to see all the meats chilling in harmony on the grill! Okay maybe not chilling...

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