Tastemakers Guide To Jalan Besar Hawkers
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide To Jalan Besar Hawkers A trip down the famous food haven of Jalan Besar is not complete until you've checked all these places off your list. Laksa with fresh cockles? Comforting pig organs soup with a side order of mei cai? Gravy ladened scissors cut rice? Check, check and check. Follow our Tastemaker's recommendations for a guaranteed happy belly!
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: April 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: April 2017 There's no better time than now to gather a group of friends for a meal in town at a new spot (bonus points for beautiful ambience!), round up the most adventurous eaters for a meal like no other in Keong Saik, or simply kick back and enjoy a good read over light bites in this Greek deli-cafe in Suntec. Don't say we #bojio.
20 Best Cafes 2017
Burpple Guides, Cafes & Coffee 20 Best Cafes 2017 Tasty food, good drinks (brownie points for coffee) and a return visit all planned before actually leaving the cafe — all these are signs that a cafe deserve a mention in our guide to the 20 Best Cafes in Singapore 2017! Whether it's revisiting old gems in Arab Street, uncovering new digs along Neil Road or waking up early to get your hands on the best breads in Bukit Timah, it's time to pack your appetite and embark on this year's cafe-hopping journey!
Best Salads in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Salads in Singapore March 2017 — For those looking to keep to your #eatclean routine, we know how tough it can be in Singapore, considering the amount of good food we're surrounded by. However, these salads have proven to be tasty, quick, healthy lunch fixes that won't leave you too stuffed to function. Here are our best salad picks to try!

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For Consistently Good Cafe Dishes

Despite the many openings throughout the years, we know we can still rely on Artistry, where food and coffee are both spot on. Indoor seating is limited, so swing by this cafe cum casual art gallery early to be seated in the comforts of air-conditioning, otherwise be prepared to sit outdoors. As always, our recommended eating plan is for a group of four to share two mains, so that you still have stomach space for dessert. You won't go wrong with the popular Artistry Chilli Crab Burger ($25) that sees a ridiculously generous patty of blue swimmer crab meat served with a heap of fries and a bowl of irresistible chilli crab sauce to dunk everything in. The crowd-pleasing Potato Hash and Scrambled Eggs ($20) that comes with silky scrambled eggs, surprisingly crisp kale and bacon, and little fried potato balls is another great option to share. If there's only one item your stomach has space for, let it be the PB&J French Toast ($14). Expect a generous slather of smooth peanut butter smeared in between two pillowy slices of brioche, topped with vanilla bean ice cream, mixed berry coulis and a scattered bed of speculoos cookie soil. Wash it down with a cup of their excellent Flat White ($5) or Gibraltar ($5), a double shot of espresso with just a bit of milk.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Marc T.

Stir-fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce

Found the food here to be generally underwhelming, but what wasn't bad were these cubes of soft radish cake encrusted in caramelised XO sauce.

Redpan is known for their modern twists on local food and their Tahu telor tacos really don't disappoint.

Crunchy salad with fried tofu puffs and eggs before being drizzled with sweet kecap manis all nestled in a warm soft tortilla shell. This was definitely something worth going back for!

Yun Cheong Thin Crust Pizza

Yun Cheong Thin Crust Pizza ($25)

Somehow, these days, picking dishes on a menu seems to be a breeze! Calling out to me at newly opened @redtailbarsg is this Yun Cheong Thin Crust Pizza! Who would have thought of adding lup cheong to pizza🤔?!

The combination of flavours actually worked perfectly! Upon the service, I could instantly detect the distinct aromas of liver lup cheong! The chinese liver sausage bits really made this pizza the most unforgettable one for me by reminding me of how I used to really enjoy lup cheong and drizzling the lup cheong oil all over my rice☺️!!

Garlic naan 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 Super yummy.

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