Tastemakers Guide to Jurong's Best Hawkers
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide to Jurong's Best Hawkers In the name of food, there's no journey too long or destination too far. For this month's Tastemakers guide, our Tastemakers took a trip to Jurong and came back with bellies full and plenty of inspiration to share. For anybody who's wondered what there is to eat in the 'wild wild West', look no further. Be it pan-fried Teochew kuehs made by hand, amazing char siew noodles that sell out in two hours, or a steamed fish that our Tastemakers are still waxing lyrical about, there's plenty in this guide to whet appetites, and some great bargains too!
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: June 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: June 2017 One of the wondrous things about living in a foodie city is the never-ending slew of new eats to try. This month, we've got our eyes on luxurious wagyu beef rice bowls in the CBD, freshly baked sourdough loaves and tartines in Bedok Marketplace and a really unique kopi susu from this new bakery on the Keong Saik circuit. We've also sussed out a value-for-money Ramadan special deal at this Muslim-owned cafe, perfect for breaking fast!
Best Steaks in Singapore 2017
Burpple Guides, Steak Best Steaks in Singapore 2017 A good steak — a choice cut that has been handled with care, cooked with thought and seasoned perfectly — is just about one of the finest meals to treat oneself to. Whether you're looking for a no-frills beefy dish that's full on flavour but easy on the pockets, or all ready to splash out on both provenance and ambience for a celebration, this guide has got you covered.
New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars In Singapore: May 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars In Singapore: May 2017 It may have come to the end of the month, but we're sure not putting our stomachs to rest! Arm yourself with the hungriest food-loving friends and head out for a feast like no other. Tuck into satisfying burgers (Muslim-owned stall) in Golden Mile Food Centre, then head to Bugis for finger-licking good crabs before ending your meal at Bukit Timah with an Affogato like no other.

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Treat Yo Self after a Night Shift

What better way to start the day after your last night shift for the week than with someone else making breakfast for you 😉

Had the Breakfast Waffle ($9) and a 5oz White Coffee ($4.50)

The Breakfast Waffle's a combo of 4 waffle slices, sunny side up egg, a choice of crispy bacon or ham, and a side of maple syrup. Simple yet delicious ^w^

The White Coffee also had its own unique taste. Though small in size, its flavour shows its worth

I'd come back here again to study (w/o the need for internet) and/or to read a book to pass the day away :)

Gravlax Egg Toast ($16 nett)

If you've found certain commercial brands of cured salmon too salty or strong tasting, you should try the cured salmon, or "gravlax" as it is called at @southunionpark. Its flavour profile is milder in comparison which I find really palatable. Also, Chef Terence and his team have used it to create one of the prettiest open-faced cold sandwiches I've seen in a while.
On a thick slice of brioche is a freaking neat pile of finely-chopped egg dill mayo, and arranged on top of that are the cubes of cured fish with a few slices of housemade pickled cucumbers and red onions for extra punch.
By the way, this visually arresting sandwich is only available for breakfast on weekends between 9am and 12noon. So in less than 9 hours from now, you can actually order one if you like 😊.

One of last night's favourites.

Yucha Makgeolli ($35) was really delicious, with lots of yuzu in there! This is not to be missed for makgeolli lovers!
Thanks to @8koreanbbq for the invite and the generous spread!

#8koreanbbq #막걸리 #makgeolli #yuzu #유자

Pasta In A Jar

Do come in a pair or group so you can order their pasta/sides and desserts in a jar to share! They are just so good!

The Best Toast Ever!

Just the right amount of cheese and sweetness of the icecream! The toast outter was crispy and buttery soft inside too! Salivating again just by looking at the picture! Gonna try the mentaiko one soon!