From the Burpple community

Reasonable priced set, the pork cutlet is deep fried on the spot which makes it extra crispy. The curry is really tasty to go along with the rice. Miso soup was given as part of the set. Recommend to give this store a try! 😋

In the new food court at 100AM, there’s a salad bar where you get to fill a bowl with as many cold salad ingredients as you can fit for just $5. The bowl is the standard food court bowl that ban mian or fish noodle soup comes in, so it’s pretty large. Most of the options are raw vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, and beans and seeds, but there’s also fusilli, hardboiled eggs, chicken franks, chicken, croutons, and a variety of sauces. The ingredients aren’t the freshest, and I stayed clear of the tomatoes which had flies all over them (hopefully this gets resolved while they working the opening kinks out), but it’s cheap and worth every dollar.