From the Burpple community

On IG, we've seen so many beautiful photos of food. Food photography has tremendously evolved -- with good placement and lighting (and also photo edits), a normal plate of chicken rice can look aesthetically tasty and sparks our appetite.
And Singapore is truly a food nation! Take a look at those sgfood hashtags, every second, there will be a new post on food! Surely, it's a familiar scene to see everyone crowding around the food and trying to take a nice shot (we're guilty of that too). Even before we taste the food, we would think that it is nice because of its presentation. Often, the food may look good but taste otherwise.
Back to the idea of taking photos of leftover food, we're surprised to find that there aren't many photos of leftover food. Guess, the idea of taking photos of leftover food may not be appealing to many people but what if the photos are taken in an aesthetic way?
Personally, we find photos of leftover food can portray different meanings. For instance, finishing all the food on the plate could mean that the food is really good, the portion may be served just right or maybe... too little? Leftover food could mean that the food is not tasty or it could even portray the diner's mood: having a bad day and have no appetite? The leftover food can also depicts the diner's personality through the choice of food: a picky diner who leaves all the greens untouched or a health-conscious diner who takes the time to remove the fatty parts of a meat?

Join us to explore some of the Singaporeans eating habits: take a nice photo of the plate after your meal and hashtag #sgleftoverfood now :) #sg50 #singaporean #singapore