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From the Burpple community

Abandoned decorum and squealed with joy I did when I found out there's a Shake Shack at the Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport. After hearing so much about this famous brand from the U.S., to say I was excited is an understatement.
Ordered a single patty Smoke Shack and a Classic Shack with double parties because it was imperative I made the most of this golden opportunity. The former had a lot happening with hickory smoked veal bacon, spicy chopped cherry peppers and the proprietary ShakeSauce, while the latter was all about the meat. Those Shake Shack beef patties seriously rocked! Incredibly tender and juicy, they reminded me a lot of the ones from the iconic "In 'n' Out" and Singapore's "Omakase Burger". Free of hormones and binders, the 100% Angus Beef flavour was at full intensity. I dare say it is impossible not to moan with pleasure when you take your first bite.