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[CLOSED] Shio & Pepe (Emporium Shokuhin)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


From the Burpple community

The tomato rice wrapped in fluffy omelette is quite flavorful! But the wagyu beef is hard to chew, tastes like canned food. It’s $22.80 for a bowl 😕

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It was a super value for money dinner! Thanks to the friendly staff who alerted us about the promotion 😀 We ordered:
. Mushroom Overload Pizza ($16.90) - crispy thin crust with bechamel sauce base, topped with mozzarella, shiitake, shimeji & button mushrooms. We found it slightly oily & lacked ‘ohm’
. Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Pizza ($16.90) - Tangy tomato sauce on crispy thin crust, topped with mozzarella, roasted teriyaki chicken, smoky honey glazed sliced ham & juicy pineapple chunks. We love this super tasty pizza!
. Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio ($14.50) - Linguine pasta with togarashi pepper, fragrant olive oil, bacon, shiitake, white button mushrooms, chilli slices & parmesan cheese. One word to describe this: Oily! So-so lah.


Rocket leaves were fresh & moist with the olive oil that I felt was way too much. Parma ham was tasty
1st visit to this place & I love the 'wow' feel that the interior gave me as I entered via the simple looking entrance. It's like a hidden paradise & the decor & vibe were fantastic
I was just as impressed when the pizza was served as it looks exactly the same as how it was portrait in the iPad mini menu. Definitely will return to try out other offers


Fixing my craving for spaghetti, I finally visited Shio and Pepe after months of sidetracking.

Fancy on first impression, the mentaiko spice is nicely paired with the cream pasta, mixed with bacon bits that, while isn't mind blowing, is decent and definitely above average as pasta.

The other dishes of pizza hamburg and omurice varieties seem interesting, and I shall come back to try another.


Thus as one of the more popular items on their menu, Shio & Pepe’s Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Omurice ($17.90) was pretty hearty with a generous portion and carried the familiar as well as comforting flavours we all know and adore. The soft omelette wrap was fluffy and perfectly seasoned - not too firm, runny or salty. However, hidden under the yummy egg blanket revealed the ketchup rice that was a tad mushy. Both sweet and savoury, I would have preferred if the tomato rice were fried and the grains distinct to add texture to the dish. And swimming in the decadent house-made cream sauce with chicken chunks and shiitake mushrooms, it does also get jelat towards the end so sharing is caring but overall the elements went well together.

A great time all thanks to our food host Cayenne at Marina Square's Foodiegram Sunday!


There was plenty to eat at Shio & Pepe (within Emporium Shokuhin). From the vast menu of Japanese and Italian fusion dishes, we had a tasting menu and my favourite was the Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Rice.

I like my omelette soft and runny with a bit of bite so this was perfect. Under the fluffy blanket of egg was a generous portion of tomato fried rice. The cream sauce went well with the egg and rice but nothing beats a savoury demi-glace that we're all familiar with.