1 Selegie Road
#01-16/K8 PoMo
Singapore 188306

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm



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This cafe is situated on the 1st floor of PoMo. The staff were friendly and warm. Get ready to be spoilt for choice with their waffles, cakes & bakes and also of course assorted flavours of ice cream. I ordered the plain waffle and a flat white today. At $7.50 for the set, it was totally worth it. The waffle was very good and the salted butter made it more irresistable! The Flat White was a tad bitter IMO but the latte art looked cute though 🀣

Having to end our dinner on a sweeter note and satisfy my ever present cravings for ice cream, I strongly suggested the group for round two even before dinner started at Shots & Scoops and was so glad I did. A place I have been meaning to try, I was spoilt for choice when faced with their range of handcrafted, premium ice cream which promises the use of only natural ingredients sans preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Hence, after sampling most of the flavours, I finally settled on a tantalizing scoop of Strawberry Watermelon Sorbet ($3.80) and premium Madly Macadamia ($4.80) sitting on a fragrant house-made Buttermilk waffle cone ($1).
Going nuts for the rich Macadamia ice cream, the ultra luscious treat was all sweet (though not overly so) and nutty. Fans of Macadamia nuts could most probably inhale this, it was so guuud as the natural savoriness of the nuts matched perfectly with a tinge of milky butter-like aftertaste. The flavour well-executed and the consistency great. And similarly, the sorbet was of a surprisingly creamy texture. The refreshing fruity blend was foolproof and just the thing for our hot summer afternoons.

Thanks so match-a @shotsandscoopssg for the heads up and I m glad I managed to satisfy my cravings from my previous failed visit πŸ˜…. And much to my pleasant surprise, there’s also a new ice cream flavour- HOUJICHA! πŸ’› Matcha ice cream was also churned on that very same day but still undergoing fine-tuning and hence not available for sale at the moment. No doubt houjicha was my pick for the flavours, along with raspberry lychee rose for a refreshing (and colour) contrast. The ice cream are all homemade, freshly churned with a smooth, creamy consistency and a pleasant melt-in-the mouth texture. The houjicha ice cream managed to meet up to my expectations, with a distinctive and lingering roasted flavour and aroma that I totally adore. Intensity was spot on, though of course as a hardcore houjicha fan, I would certainly not mind a stronger roasted flavour. On the other hand, the raspberry lychee rose was tangy, a sweet fruity note coupled with a subtle floral aroma. On the downside, the matcha waffle had barely any hint of the characteristic earthy flavour, despite the promising green hues in the batter (swipe to the end to view). However, the texture was an ideal one that was consistent (judging from my previous try on their buttermilk waffle), with a crisp exterior and a soft, fluffy interior that carried a lingering buttery fragrance of batter. Looking forward to try the matcha ice cream next time, which I believe would be more prominent in flavour as compared to the waffles! .
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3.50 per scoop!
Raspberry lychee rose - you can taste the three tier favour which is light yet refreshing ( not like perfume haha)
Hojicha - MUST GET :) taste it and you will know it:)
Matcha waffle - it's like matcha lava waffle😍

However, despite the initial disappointment, I had no regrets ordering the buttermilk waffle and was in fact, satisfied with my decision! πŸ’– Freshly prepared upon order, the waffles had a slightly crisp exterior with a soft, fluffy interior that carried off an aromatic lingering buttery fragrance. Dusted with icing sugar atop, it was already so good in silo without any need for maple syrup/ chocolate sauce or any other condiments (apart from the essential ice cream). All the ice cream flavours here are homemade, with a variety of choices available. After sampling quite a few, my heart still goes to the lavender stracciatella, which is a lavender milk based ice cream embedded with chocolate chips. The characteristic floral fragrance was distinctive with a pleasant lingering aroma. Coupled with a pleasant crunch factor from the chocolate chips, I really adore the luscious milky, floral fragrance and flavour! πŸ’œ The other flavour that I had picked was strawberry bliss ; pretty rare for me to choose fruit asked ice cream since I m usually a tea/chocolate/caramel individual when it comes to ice cream. However, after sampling it, the tangy, fruity sweetness was one that hit the right ones, without a saccharine or artificial sweetness which I was expecting. The staff also mentioned that it was made from real strawberries instead of syrup / purΓ©e which is also one of the major factors for my decision in choosing this flavour. Kudos to the awesome service rendered here with the friendly staff providing samples generously and making consistent recommendation. Hopefully there would be other flavours of waffles (esp matcha) or ice cream on my next visit! πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨
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Ice cream overload at Shots & Scoops last Sunday! Mix it up with your choice of handcrafted ice cream (they are done using all natural ingredients) with their house-made flavoured cones - Red Velvet, Matcha, Charcoal, Buttermilk and Chocolate, or top them on waffles available in the same 5 flavours. Flavours rotate but you can expect options like Raspberry Lychee Rose, Chendol Sorbet, Lavender Stracciatella and Valrhona 72% Chocolate. Rather quality scoops here I must say! Really enjoyed the classic strawberry that was thick, creamy and smooth, packed with rich strawberry flavour. Not too sweet and none of that artificial taste - you also get the bits of strawberry seeds! Raspberry Lychee Rose was a lovely choice too, a refreshing taste of all three ingredients in a mouth.

Single scoops go for $3.80, double for $7, triple for $9.90 and you can also take away tubs at $12.50. Buttermilk cones are an additional dollar while the other flavours are $1.20. Waffles seem pretty affordable, with the Buttermilk flavour at $4 and $4.50 for the rest.

A huge thank you for having us @shotsandscoopssg and @kenpgl for the invite! πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈβœ¨

Apart from their classic Buttermilk waffle ($4), you’ll get to choose from 4 other flavours here at Shots & Scoops - Matcha, Charcoal, Red Velvet and Chocolate ($4.50). The specific flavours of the waffle themselves weren’t strong, although you do get whiffs of it between mouths. Our fault that we left ours aside a little too long, so it wasn’t as crispy and fluffy as we would have liked (will definitely be back to try it again). Their handcrafted scoops here were rather impressive, all made of natural ingredients. They are also in the midst of R&D, so you can expect new flavours on rotation! An affordable price tag for a sweet treat compared to others.

Add this new joint at PoMo onto your list of places to cool down when temperatures rise. Taking over defunct Hasu Confection's premises, Shots & Scoops (as its name suggests) serves coffee as well as housemade gelato. It's a great place for students in the area to gather and chat, as well as for weekend shoppers to drop by for a bit of a treat while escaping the Orchard Road crowd. Go for the Waffle Cone (from $1) β€” there are several flavours, including red velvet and charcoal, and top that with a scoop or two of Ice Cream (from $3.80). Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua feels that flavours are on the conventional side, but he did single out a few inventive creations like the Lavender Stracciatella, which combines the floral notes of lavender with bittersweet chocolate chunks. Wash that down with one of the aromatic espresso-based coffees (from $4), brewed using a blend of Brazilian and Sumatran beans.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

Checked out this new ice-cream shop at PoMo that had taken over the former premises of Hasu Confections. The ice-cream flavours here are much on the safer side, though there are some pretty inventive ones such as the Sparkling Lemon Sorbet with Tiger Radler (!) and Chendol Sorbet (which I quite honestly liked) around. I also sampled the Black Sesame; a flavour that was particularly strong with its roasty flavours but I am not quite a fan of the gritty texture it carries.

Ended up with the Lavender Stracciatella here; a twist of the usual Stracciatella flavour where they made use of a Lavender ice-cream as the base rather than a Milk Ice-cream base. It perfumes of a floral aroma while carrying chunks of chocolate for a crunch that provides a hint of bittersweet flavour in between. Pretty decent for those who are into Lavender and chocolate.


Whichever your preference is, Shots and Scoops will pamper your sweet tooth with their toothsome flavours.
Whats more, waffles and cones come in Buttermilk, Charcoal, Matcha, Chocolate and Red Velvet and there are also pastries, cakes and 1 for 1 coffee every Mournday 😍.
From now till 8 Oct, show this photo and enjoy an amazing 20% discount off all items! (Excluding promotions).
Head down for your ice cream indulgence today!
🏒1 Selegie Road 01-16/K8 PoMo Singapore 188306
πŸ•šOpening Hours:
Daily: 10.00am to 10.00pm
πŸ’²Cost: $3.80 for a scoop, $7.00 for double scoops
πŸ’ŒThks Veronica and Zhi Hui for arranging!
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$4.50 Matcha Waffles, and they also offer Strawberry Watermelon Sorbet

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