Founded by four young professionals crazy about all things Japanese, Shukuu Izakaya is a recreation and creative expression for every wow moment we had from our sojourns to Japan. A trifecta of sublime foods, epic drinks, and of course - our authentic Izakaya ambience.

8 Stanley Street
Singapore 068727

06:00pm - 10:30pm


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05:30pm - 11:00pm

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What you should order at Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar

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Reviews at Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar

Reviews of good food at Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar

Shukuu has a rustic Japanese decor that serves surprisingly fresh, delectable and authentic Japanese dishes. I had the honour of being served by the owner and was pleasantly pleased by his recommendations. The salmon and skewered Meat are my favourites

Shukuu is a hidden gem conveniently located in the CBD. The small, quaint and wooden furnishings reminded me of Japan, momentarily forgetting about the hustle and bustle of being in the city.
Tried a variety of food dishes, but my favourites were the maguro yukke, kani gratin and the oden. The maguro yuuke was nicely seasoned with sesame oil and melted in the mouth. Fans of mentaiko (like yours truly) will enjoy the kani gratin dish came in a cute little crab shell and a whole lot of mentaiko sauce. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the initially unidentified chewy objects in the kani gratin dish were bits of macaroni, which added texture to the dish. I enjoyed the oden which was lightly flavoured (see if you can spot the money bag in the dish) and heartwarming.
Ordered the barley shochu this time, but will definitely be back to try their sake next time.

Went to ShuKuu over the weekend and it was crowded by 8pm, so be sure to go earlier to secure table seats. Try the maguro yukke (marinated tuna in sesame and chilli oil; $13) and gyu ponzu (beef slices in ponzu sauce; $7). Amazing!

Decorated by Jap food street design and polite waiters bring about a pleasant Jap dinning experience.
I seldom take beef. Esp the raw taste when it's not marinated well.
Surprisingly, Gyu ponzu appetiser goes well with the sour sauce and opens up my palette for main dishes.
The agedashi tofu is light to my tummy, Allowing me to taste other dishes with stronger taste.
The aburi shimesaba is a little raw and when dips with wasabi, blends well together.
Tori Kara-age are crispy on the outside, boneless, easy to eat and suitable for all ages.
The Natural saltiness and buttery taste is the perfect combination for Oysters, kaki no sakamushi, indeed the catch of the day!
A must try if it's your first visit.
Overall if one enjoys a little saltiness into your dishes, this is a perfect place to chill and dine :)

The deco and vibes of the place was warm and vibrant and very japanese.The waiter was polite and knowledgeable and provided good food and sake recommendations. I ordered the $80 Shukuu's experience platter which consisted of tofu in dashi gravy, lightly seared beef in ponzu, torched vinegared mackerel, sake/buttered oysters, garlic soy chicken kaarage and 5pieces of kushiyaki (charcoal skewers). I was impressed with how evenly they sliced the mackerel to Japanese precision and it was fresh and firm. The garlic soy kaarage was the bomb! When it came, the aroma was heavenly and I had to put it in asap. Crispy on outside and well marinated throughout and moist. Mayo dip went well together and I didn't mind the extra calories that day. Haha. The skewers were good too. Had a nice charcoal smell and not too dry. The sake of the day was a fantastic accompaniment to the value for money platter. It was smooth yet dry, and didn't overpower the palate. Amazing! I'll definitely be back.

Went there some time last week and i especially loved the ambiance. Staff also welcomed us with a smile. They serve a huge a variety of menu and my personal favourite would be the parmesan chips which is served with a side of cherry tomatoes and honey. Highly recommend to pair this with their rosti. Overall, great food, ambiance as well as service!

Visited Shukuu from a friends recommendation. The ambiance was perfect and the waiter patiently went through the menu to recommend their popular dishes to us. I feel they are extremely friendly and their service was excellent.

The grilled surume squid and Iberico black pork collar is really delicious. Really enjoyed the meal! :) Will definitely come back

Visited Shukuu for the first time and had a decent Izakaya experience... Service was absolutely great, which is rare in Singapore. Waiter patiently explained the menu page by page and gave great recommendations. We tried around 8 dishes and the best one was definitely the pork jowl (see picture). Unfortunately, we didn't try the sake (reason for another visit). The only drawbacks were the food was not served hot enough and the presentation/ plating was lacking. But overall, it was not a disappointing visit.

This is the best dish that I ordered last time. The rest are decent, but this is OUTSTANDING. I love the place and ambience as well.. will be coming back!!

Cozy ambience with a wide selection of food and sake, ShuKuu is the place to be for an authentic Japanese atmosphere. Amid the busy service, the staff remained attentive and the food was great!

The Yakitori, unlike even some of those we had in Japan, was juicy and succulent. My personal favourite was the beef tendon stew. The beef tendons are so soft that it melted in our mouth! They have a good variety of sake to go with your food, so definitely try them out!

Fantastic dining experience with good attention to detail (they even had hooks at the side to hang our bags). The decor is one of the best representations of a traditional Japanese food outlet in Sg. Will definitely return for more.

Had the Marinated Squid, Zucchini Camerbert fritters, Mentai Crab, Tendon Stew, Beef Tongue, and some skewers!!! Everything was wonderful, especially when paired with the sake that was personally recommended by the boss owner lad.

This pretty much sums up the highlight of Shukuu! The Sake came recommended by the staff after knowing my friend and I were more into alcohol with a sweeter undertone. It went down well with the restaurant's signature charcoal skewer platter. Another great item on the menu was the rosti mentai, which had a strong mentai flavor that went well with the crispy rosti below. The rosti mentai is also a great carb-y dish for people like who prefers to pair my alcohol with something starchy.

I really loved how the staff were so friendly and patient with helping us understand the different sakes and what pairs well with our orders. If you're unsure, they also allow a small cup to sample!

There was an array of items to choose from and we were really spoiled for choice. My favourite has to be the Gyu Ponzu, which is lightly seared beef with citrus ponzu sauce. Of course, you can't miss the Rosti Mentaiko that everyone is raving about!!! Anything Mentaiko is yummy!

Visited ShuKuu from a friend’s recommendation. Didn’t did I know that this Japanese restaurant was hidden along Stanley street which offers affordable Japanese food. Their menu serves an extensive range of Japanese cuisine, a huge variety including raw, deep fried, baked & grilled to charcoal grilled as well as skewers, mini donburi and soba. Also, the bar has a special menu that features food cooked with sake hence the name origin of Sake bar. This restaurant dedicates utmost attention to each individual recipes to the smallest detail, all the while using traditional cooking techniques. Spoiled from the variety of choices, the friendly staff had patiently gave us detailed explanation of their best-selling recommendations. I will recommend their two house specialty sakes, Umeyonado Yuzu and Sawanotsuru 1999 which was amazing. I love how it was pretty flavourful;, being light and refreshing yet bringing out a bit of sweetness.

Most of the side dishes were less than $15 and it was pretty worth the money. We have had a pleasant dining experience with everything we ordered. Our favourites was definitely their tender beef Gyudon, and their mentaiko rosti served with a generous amount of well flamed mentaiko sauce. We also had tasty chicken karaage, and not to mention their oyster cooked in sake. Enticingly fresh and creamy yet giving off a unique taste from the sake perhaps, I would recommend giving it a try! If you’re looking for a chill japanese bar to catch up with your friends, I think ShuuKuu is just the place. In a nutshell, cosy ambience, top-notch service, affordable and brilliant japanese food, I will definitely come again.

Having just returned back from Japan, ShuKuu surprisingly did a wonderful job of bringing a similar taste and atmosphere to Stanely Street. We were greeted with a pleasant welcome by the curated decorations of the place and it brought good memories of the Izakayas along the streets of Japan. The staff were friendly and curteous from start to end and had went the extra mile to carefully explain their dishes on the menu. Their menu consisted of a wide range of dishes and interestingly even suggested what to end the meal with. A friend and I decided to try their dishes that were recommended but also tried others that were not. The kitchen was quick to serve the various dishes we ordered and they were dished out nicely and paired with good sauces.
Just to highlight what we loved were the juicy and tender beef Gyudon, the sashimi that was fresh (and worth the price!), the mentaiko rosti that was well flamed, the tasty chicken karaage, the oysters cooked in Sake and the Yuzu Umeshu that was well paired with the meal. One other thing that I love about this place is that its busy but not noisy so its easy and great to get a conversation down with friends. Definitely a place I'm going to return back to!

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