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Lost count of the number of times I had fish soup here at this Marsiling Teochew fish soup stall at Shunfu mart. The generous thick slices of fish coupled with the fried egg is just so so good. They are also quite generous with their greens unlike most fish soup stalls out there.

Siaga Rasa
Unit 02-28

From a stall specialising in homemade kueh ( with less sugar ), I found these gems that are quite hard to come by .

Moist and well cooked glutinous rice cakes slapped with savoury coconut cooked with a myriad of aromatic spices like tumeric , galangal , chillies , turmeric , kafir lime leaves .

The rice was moist and cooked just nice with a good bite - something quite challenging to achieve .

The stall sells a whole myriad of tasty and unique liens like baked pumpkin kueh, baked banana kueh , baked tapioca kueh and the usuals like kueh salat and kueh ko swee .

From 鸭(粿汁,饭,面,粥,粿条仔,鸡饭)
Duck . Kway Chap . Rice . Noodle . Porridge . Mini Kway Teow . Chicken Rice .
Had chosen few comforting food; slow braised chicken feet, sliced bitter gourd, pumpkin cubes and sesame oil chicken.


An underrated gem in Shunfu Estate, Mei Zhen Hakka Deli attracts me with its suan pan zi. The abacus seeds were soft and chewy while the concoction of chilli and dried shrimp hit the spot. Love the addition of fried shallots for some crunch.


Bakefresh by Tina Sim

My favourite bakery for spongy and tender muffins that are not too sweet.

While most would still opt for choc and Spice’s muffins - I find them overly sweet.

I love the banana and walnut and the Apple muffin from bakefresh - homemade goodness just like from your mum ‘s oven.

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Wak Limah

Absolutely my to-go-to place when I visit Shunfu market .

The Tauhu goreng is moist and soft within and slightly browned on the exterior from being flash fried .

Drenched with a delicious spicy and sweet peanut gravy and complemented with bean sprouts and cucumber strips for a nice crunch.