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From the Burpple community

Always back here for the fried egg and the generous amount of greens.

Siaga rasa

You don’t come across a good durian kueh salat often do you ?

Well - you”ll find it right here at a siaga rasa in Shunfu market .

Everything is homemade so you won’t get any of those rubbish machine made neon coloured type of Kuehs.

Authentic durian flavour that’s not too sweet - rice is nice and firm but moist . It’s a winner .


Refreshing comfort bowl of fish soup from Marsiling Teochew fish soup with lots of veggies and fried egg. Shiok.

From Lian Kee Roasted Chicken Duck Rice
Served promptly with neat & orderly queue during lunch.
Only $4 Roasted Chicken & Roasted Pork Belly Rice.
Great vibes.

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Siaga Rasa
Unit 02-28

From a stall specialising in homemade kueh ( with less sugar ), I found these gems that are quite hard to come by .

Moist and well cooked glutinous rice cakes slapped with savoury coconut cooked with a myriad of aromatic spices like tumeric , galangal , chillies , turmeric , kafir lime leaves .

The rice was moist and cooked just nice with a good bite - something quite challenging to achieve .

The stall sells a whole myriad of tasty and unique liens like baked pumpkin kueh, baked banana kueh , baked tapioca kueh and the usuals like kueh salat and kueh ko swee .

From 鸭(粿汁,饭,面,粥,粿条仔,鸡饭)
Duck . Kway Chap . Rice . Noodle . Porridge . Mini Kway Teow . Chicken Rice .
Had chosen few comforting food; slow braised chicken feet, sliced bitter gourd, pumpkin cubes and sesame oil chicken.