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From the Burpple community

From bake fresh by Tina Sim.

Bought it because someone compared it to Rich & Good Cake Shop. This Swiss roll is not as cottony soft and I prefer the rich & good kaya filling to this pandan fudge. The filling is quite subtle in taste and I find the texture abit grainy (not sure if it’s the filling or cake)

Taste like any other swiss roll from your neighbourhood bakery. However, the roll is huge so quite value for money I guess.

Unisoy Black Soy Bean
Rich in protein and vitamins, low in sugar and fat.
Best served warm.


This stall is called Siaga Rasa and their pandan custard is one of the BEST I have had in Singapore. Unfortunately, the glutinous rice was lacklustre and wayy too much that it nearly marred the smooth and eggy custard. In the end, I ate the rice first so I could enjoy the custard on its own. 😆

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From Leong 良海南鸡饭
Only $3.90 for this classic plate of chicken rice.
Added a braised egg.
Tender chicken meat texture, fluffy flavourful rice & blanched bean sprouts.
Highly recommended!

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Always back here for the fried egg and the generous amount of greens.

Siaga rasa

You don’t come across a good durian kueh salat often do you ?

Well - you”ll find it right here at a siaga rasa in Shunfu market .

Everything is homemade so you won’t get any of those rubbish machine made neon coloured type of Kuehs.

Authentic durian flavour that’s not too sweet - rice is nice and firm but moist . It’s a winner .


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