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Eclectic woodfired restaurant. Craft beers, wines and cocktails.

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We ordered Blackened Barramundi and Pork Belly and both were good! ⁣

Super love the pork belly fats 🤣, it was very soft! Barramundi was good and fresh too but the sauce were inclined towards being sweet. Avocado was super good and fresh as well! ⁣

We also ordered an additional rye sourdough which was yummy too! It came with butter and olive oil+vinegar to go along with your sourdough. ⁣

If only Burpplebeyond is entitled to choose other main dishes as well! But still a super yummy and satisfied meal, we’ll be back! ⁣Staff was super friendly and helpful too~

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Featuring the 1. Blackened Barramudi $28 (with Squid Ink, Pistachio Pesto and Spiced Sprout Salad)! Fish was cooked perfectly and it was a great combination with the sauce and mushrooms!

As I was using #burpplebeyond, we paired this with the 2. Smoked Lamb Ribs ($26) plus another 1-for-1 of the stuffed pitas.

We got the 3. Veggie Dreams Eggplant ($15) and 4. Steak and Cheese ($18). Both were delicious as well!

We had to be seated outside because it was full. It's a small place so it's better to make a reservation. The service was great too, so no complains.

The only thing to note when claiming the 1-for-1 deal is that they will deduct the dishes with the lower prices! It doesn't matter how u want to pair them! I thought they would deduct the $26 and $15, but instead they deducted $15 and $18. Now I know!

Tender and soft, no gamey taste at all. Portion is really small though

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Trying something different from my usual sashimi dons/grain bowls! This was surprisingly good. The meat of the barramundi was soft and flaky while the squid-ink crust added a nice bite to the dish. I really liked the accompanying mixed sprouts salad that had a refreshing dressing to it. Do get their wood-fired sourdough which we later paired with the avocado sauce on this plate. 💯 However, at a price of $28, it is a tad pricey and I would only come back if there are still burrple discounts!


Didn’t remember what was part of this dish, so when we saw how black it was I was initially wondering if that was charred bits of the fish and whether we should eat it. I must say it was surprisingly moist, and the squid ink crust complemented the fish well! Pistachio pesto was fresh and nice too, but perhaps not as nice as the Avo dip (that came with 4 crisp-on-the-outside yet soft-inside slices of sourdough bread).

Perfectly cooked asparagus with just the right amount of char. First time trying it with burrata - flavours went really well together.