[CLOSED] Simplicité Café

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Simplicité Café - A place where everyone wants to be We are a gourmet lifestyle café serving simple comfort food that everyone loves - great Gelato, awesome Waffles and delicious Bakes which are handcrafted using our own special recipes. We believe that good food doesn’t need to be complicated, and that the rule to making a great product is simple - simplicity! For us, what matters most is to use ingredients of the highest quality, passion and a deep understanding of what our customers like & love - the secrets to good gelato and waffles. We want our customers to Indulge, Gratify and Delight in what we have to offer as we look at providing the best food, customer and lifestyle experience.


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TLDR version- Bland food, small portions. What’s good here is their homemade ice cream (that pistachio was yums) but I could do with more for $5/scoop. Will go to the other yummy ice cream store instead.


Pretty and buttery waffles with super thick pistachio and salted caramel gelato. Deco is simple, yet calming, with friendly and quiet service too which is almost like a rarity now. If only they switch up the flavors more often, then my 'healing' will be complete. 😁


Does anyone share the same thought as me? Chanced upon Simplicite Cafe after dinner at Oh Deli Gourmet Delicatessen and was pleasantly pleased with the offerings over at the ice cream counter.

The order of the night was the Blossom Waffle ($16) which comes with a triple scoop of green tea gelato, hazelnut gelato and passionfruit sorbet. The waffle was given a shower of blueberries and strawberries, and a squeeze of chocolate fudge. This is the kind of waffle that I like, Belgium style that's crisp and light.

Address: 425, East Coast Road, Singapore 429012
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The hazelnut flavour from the ice cream cuts through the perfectly crisp waffle and makes it a nice combination. A very good place for waffles. Price: $8.50

Every 'petal' of this flower tasted crispy and abit fluffy, topped up with a nicely done pistachio. Yummy!
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A little crispy and dense flower waffle topped with Nuts About You and Cookie Monster flavored ice cream! Ice cream are smooth and towards the creamy end. Not the best waffle around but good enough to satisfy your ice cream waffle cravings!