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More Reviews of good food at Simply Wrapps (Raffles City)


Wholemeal wrap
Kidney beans
Honey dijon

Make your own salad - Egg, corn, kidney beans, mushroom, pumpkin, and falfel. I added an additional serving of grilled chicken, with balsamic vinegar as my sauce. Healthy dinner. πŸŒ½πŸ„πŸ₯—


not sure why i replaced avocado with chickpeas, but i fell in love with this salad bowl! πŸ₯— though i'm not one who ever craves for a salad #carblover, this salad has since left me dreaming of it HAHA

will be back to try one of their wraps soon! 🌯


This picture doesn't do justice to the true size of the salad wrap. It's really so big and filling that you'd be shocked eating it. I was quite reluctant to go here at first because I had always just passed by it, but my friend brought me here as part of his "healthy living" and it really impressed me. I particularly enjoyed the spinach wrap that added a new depth of flavour.


These are all my favorites 😘1st time having salad from this chain and I totally fall in love 😍Best tasting salad among those chains that I hadπŸ‘πŸ»The roast beef was thinly sliced and tender. The dressing brought an Asian taste to the western garden dish. I like that the salad was served well tossed with flavor in each bite. This is now my new love salad chainπŸ˜‹


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Salad base, pumpkin x 2, cranberries, brocolli x 2, chickpeas and edamame. I love this place! But please stop the portion from shrinking.... I had to double...

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First try of the salad. Big portion and ingredients are fresh. Will be back again.


Love the wraps here, especially the seared tuna wrap. The lettuce is fresh and crunchy, seared tuna is not too fishy and the wrap is always bursting with ingredients! Slightly pricy at $11.90 but it satisfied my tummy really well. I chose the tomato basil wrap and you can taste/smell the scent of tomato while eating it.


Chickpeas, falafel, romaine lettuce, brown rice, brocolli, jalapenos, edamame, honey ditjon~

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I had the Journey to Norway in a wholemeal wrap ($11.90), cause I'm a sucker for smoked salmon. It was by far the largest wrap I've ever had, and really delicious too! If anyone were to say eating clean and green means bland and boring food, I'd Simply bring them for delicious Wrapps here.

Eatclean with Simply Wrapps and make your own wrap at only $8.90 (Choose a wrap, 6 ingredients and a dressing). My wrap is jammed packed with 2 servings of mushroom, falafel, couscous, mangoes, tofu with mint yogurt dressing.

Decided to go healthy today after a session of Hot Yoga so tadahhhh!!! I customized my own salad at Simply Wrapps- tomato basil wrap filled with lettuces, tofu, mango, mandarin orange, falafel and mushrooms, then tossed in a lovely wasabi mayo sauce (ok that didn't sound too healthy). Loved the generous serving and variety of ingredients to throw in. It's a pity that the eggs and corn ran out for the day. So do go early to snag the better ingredients!

We all have our individual different colors, characters and flavors. But when mixed together can taste so good 😊 occasional add on a little spice or sauce brings it to another level 😘

Call it occupational hazard but I love to eat clean :D got a seared tuna wrap with wholemeal wrap. Love the combi of seared tuna, edamame, corn, cherry tomatoes and romaine lettuce w japanese sesame roasted dressing!


Switched the walnuts with almonds, I must say, I think walnuts went better with the wraps 😝😝😝 and I just cannot get enough of this!!

I simply love my greens too much. 😁 checked out Simply Wraps at Raffles City. It's very similar to my fav Salad Stop. Fewer toppings, slightly cheaper but still very satisfying! Shared this with S and we are both full!

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It's at least half clean I think. This is Singapore mixed seafood wrap, ingredients comprising crab sticks, lettuce, shrimps, cherry tomatoes, carrot and cucumber in chili crab dressing.

I got another tasty bundle of good stuff created for lunch today. This time, my Make-Your-Own was filled with smoked salmon (this cost an extra $3), quinoa, broccoli, beetroot, baby tomatoes, carrot, a hard-boiled egg and baby spinach leaves. All were tossed in my perennial favourite dressing, the mint yogurt, before being wrapped in a spinach tortilla. It sure tasted good for something so healthy πŸ˜„

A really fat wrap packed with 6 nutritious fillings of your choice, made perfect with the intensely-flavored roasted sesame dressing. Who said healthy food can't taste good?


Felt all holier-than-thou as I stood at the counter picking out six super healthy choices to go into my healthy spinach wrap with iron-rich baby spinach leaves. Hello quinoa, alfalfa sprout and beetroot. Nice to see you too dear carrot, edamame and egg. In you all go with some mint yogurt dressing, into my nice fat bolster of a vegetarian wrap. Gosh, eating here always makes me feel so smugly angelic! πŸ˜‡