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The amount of sweet sauce for the black one is just nice, not too little, not too much. It's slightly charred, giving it different layers of texture. The ratio of egg to the radish cubes is also perfect and more importantly, the serving of chye poh is generous. It also doesn't feel overly greasy and oily too, so you don't get jelak after eating it.
📍49 Sims Place
# 01-25
Sims Vista Market and Food Centre

Date visited: 3/6/2018 (Sun, 12:09pm)

This stall has a very generic name. It is probably easier to identify it as stall #01-23.

There was a short queue that moved fast. Png kuehs were out of stock by the time I reached.

So, I only ordered the soon kueh. They only had two left in the steamer drawer, but still many on the steamer racks.

I had 2 piping hot soon kueh from the steamer drawer and one not-so-hot one from the steamer rack. Big difference. The soon kueh skin is much softer and less chewy if you heat/ reheat it before eating.

The soon kueh from this stall is really good!! Generous filling and so yummy.

I always prefer soon kueh skin made with rice flour to those made with tapioca flour (translucent, more chewy, Hakka-style). The skin has itself is very soft and slightly chewy; just the right amount of bite for me.

The soon kueh filling; shredded turnips, mushroom and dried shrimps, is really flavoursome.

With sweet sauce and chilli, they are perfect!

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This is not a popiah stall on its own but part of a main stall that sells roasted delights, and yet there's only one stall owner manning both so it's a little weird HAHA but the auntie was very chirpy so I just went ahead anyway. It's just 2 stalls to the left of 合兴板面之家.

• Very flavourful turnips (not the sweet but savoury kind)
• Sufficient crunch from the crispy bits
• Super cheap, $1.30 for 1 and $2.50 for 2! But it's a little smaller than average

• Typical dry and hard skin
• No peanuts / lacking peanut fragrance
• Very loosely wrapped
• Ordered one with chilli but couldn't taste any

Verdict: 3.5/5


What sounds like an extravagant dish from a restaurant is actually available at 合兴板面之家 at less than half the price. From a down-to-earth and humble stall with seemingly introvert owners, this simplistic-looking dish impressed me with a generous amount of ingredients given (veges, chicken thigh, prawns which weren't fresh, and A LOT OF clams) and a tasty gravy that's just sufficient to coat every component without leaving me thirsty (hence presuming that no MSG is used). And please don't forget that chilli, it's potent but in harmony with the seafood-infused bee hoon.


This is one of the most popular stalls in the hawker centre, with long queues every morning.

I ordered mee pok tah (my usual) and this is what you get; a bowl of noodles with fish cakes, mushrooms, minced meat & ti po (flat fish). It also comes with a bowl of soup with dumplings. The soup itself is delicious, so flavorful with not much msg.

They are only open in the mornings, so only the early bird gets the worm. #BurppleMajulahMakan


Queue may appear long but it did move relatively fast. & Instead of the flat yellow noodles, clear & non-starchy white noodles were served in a pretty sensational homely & thick dark gravy, similar to that of your typical lor mee but not really.
Coupled with Chinese style golden fried chicken fresh from the wok, the lovely auntie singlehandedly selected parts from the new batch (instead of randomly serving) to ensure that every customer get a fair generous portion - I don't really know how to explain this, you need to see it for yourself.
& It was definitely one of the better $3.50 I've spent in this food centre. Sometimes dishes like this look nothing but ordinary, but what we don't know is how much they can actually taste rustic and actually are richly steeped in traditions from our own culture 🙆🏻
P.S. Also tried another of their Xing Hua Lor Mee ($4) the other time too - liked that it was full of clams, seafood & pork belly (didn't take a decent photo) but figured I much prefer this one above.