90 Whampoa Drive
#01-32 Whampoa Makan Place Block 90
Singapore 320090

04:00pm - 01:00am

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Reviews at Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee (Whampoa Makan Place Block 90)

Reviews of good food at Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee (Whampoa Makan Place Block 90)

Follow the long queue in the middle of Whampoa market and you’ll find Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee with pictures of our former president Dr. Tony Tan on the front. This plate is not the best I’ve had, but it’s terribly subjective if you’re a fan of the dry/wet, spicy/non-spicy, beehoon/mee. It was a good dish though and the chilli packs a punch! I love how they sprinkle the piece of lard all over the dish to give that added texture to the dish.

Last few times it didn’t impress due to inconsistencies.
There wasn’t any queue yet when we tried tonight and our verdicts were mixed. While the stock was quite flavourful and the starchiness was just right; the “ammonium” in the noodles was a bit too strong. Nonetheless, their chilli did stand out for us. Overall, good but not the best to us.

There's a lot to choose from the bustling Whampoa Makan Place Block 90, but head straight for what our Tastemakers recommend — Hokkien mee. The stall, Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee, dishes out generous gravy- and wok-hei-ladened portions of the dish (from $4), and is easily recognisable by its signature orange oval melamine plate. Don't be fooled by the lack of a queue. According to Tastemaker Ni Eats, who frequents the stall regularly, you should be prepared to wait at least 20 minutes during peak hour, as there are plenty of takeaway orders. The Burpple community warns of the tiny amount of seafood, but is greatly satisfied with the three chillies provided on the side — chopped chilli padi, green chilli and a fiery sambal that has been consistently spicy for the last 20 years, according to Ni Eats.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Ni Eats

They will always be there to curb any rumbling stomachs late at night.
Be prepared to wait for a while even if you don't see a queue because there's bound to be ppl dapaoing (many packets). With just enough zhup(gravy) to make it wet enough for you to slurp down. This is the hokkien mee my family always go to for a comforting plate that has enough wok hei taste. I can vouch that their chili is as powerful as 20 years ago 😋. The different prices ($4/$5/$6/$8/10/$15) only means different plate size, it doesn't necessarily mean you get bigger prawns. 🤣 but I suppose they are small enough for it to be spread evenly in their huge wok! I did find one more prawn inside while eating haha!
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Walked from Toa Payoh to try this dish! While it's pretty much worth it, I was left a little underwhelmed due to my high expectations. Gravy was thick and savory, prawns are a little to few though.

In a nutshell, good but "could be better" in my opinion.


WAITING TIME: Slightly less than 10 min on a Friday early evening


SOTONG: A few pieces

FRIED PORK LARD: This time, yes. Previous time, no


CHILLI: Really good sambal :)

NOODLES: Thin white bee hoon with yellow mee. Nice and moist.



WAITING TIME: More than 10 min on a Saturday early evening (about 8 people in the queue before us)


SOTONG: A few pieces



CHILLI: Sambal :)

NOODLES: Thin white bee hoon with yellow mee. Nice and moist.


So last night, we decided to have dinner at Whampoa Drive Makan Place. It's just impossible to pass up having the Hokkien Mee there. The queue was long as always but the Wok Hei and flavorful noodles, squids & prawns are worth the wait. With their signature 3 types of chilies (Paste/Red Chopped/Green Chopped), you get just the right amount of heat and spice with every yummy mouthful!! Must try!!! 5/5

Still as good as I remember it to be. Similar in style to Chomp Chomp's, but with much, much less waiting time. Rather skimpy with the prawns and squid but I'm ok with that because it's all about the glorious noodles here. The stall is easy to spot - just look out for the uncle or auntie standing on the raised platform at the side of the stall, your food is passed over the wall to you!

I got the $8 worth of hokkien mee. They have range from $4 - $15 of hokkien mee that will suit different groups of people who wish to share it. The taste of the yellow mee is quite strong but the chilli sauce compliment well with the noodle.

Ambience: Market place
Cost: 💰
Taste: 🍴🍴🍴

one of the better hokkien mee I've eaten. too bad the Singapore fried hokkien mee stall is closed, this hokkien mee stall opposite of that is also not bad.

I grew up in the Balestier area, and we would go to Whampoa for dinner almost every night. This was where I had my first Hokkien Mee. As a kid, I couldn't really take spicy food, and my mum would constantly try to train me, so that I would be able to accept any cuisine in the world (thanks mum!). My tongue and lips would burn every time I ate this Hokkien mee with that sambal chilli, but it was so worth it. The image of my family digging into this warm plate of Hokkien Mee will always be a memory that I hold close to my heart. #hawkerpedia

The thick bee hoon is used in this rendition, and it also turns slightly gooey once cooled down a little. Love that they also give cut green chillies and cili padi here but no fried lard. They only reserve it for their loyal customers, and asking them for it is like milking a cow with no milk. This is why I never buy from this stall. Ok, that's all.

Fear not, just bravely stir them all in! And you will be rewarded with a flavourful hokkien mee with that shiok kick of spiciness! Plus they operate till 130am, get your fill of supper now! Starting my hawker food trail with one of my favourite hokkien mee in sg! #rainehawkertrail

This is a plate of Hokkien Prawn Noodles, yellow noodles cooked in prawn & rib stock. Seductively yummy.

Some people asked why must I shoot #instavideo for every single of my post? Well, it allows you to see & hear the food.
Because I want to show you unique sights of my country, that you can see the lady standing on a stool taking orders. It's funny yet so charmingly Singapore.

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