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Apparently a signature here. I underestimated its spiciness and whacked too hard. Almost died. Huge though. And I could actually eat the long beans, something I usually barf.

Value for $ set for $6.50, comes with basil beef, Tom yum soup, rice and salad! Look at the amount of meat! The beef was flavourful and the all the elements made it a fulfiling lunch that I was still full during dinner time!

This is a yummy tom yum noodle soup. You get a creamy tom yum with fish slices and 3 big fresh prawns for $5!

This stall is tucked away in an inconspicuous corner, and I ordered from it because it was one of the stalls still open at night. I was super impressed by its pad thai. It's really good. The noodles were chewy, super flavourful, and it's only $4.

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Wanted Thai Basil Chicken for lunch since yesterday and so I got some! I'm surprised no one was queueing at Sisaket Thai Food (Maxwell Food Centre) because this is a stellar packet of Basil Chicken Rice. S$4.50 and very verg worth it. Also, I love how there are so many tiny chilli padi slices hidden in the concoction. INSTANT FIRE IN THE MOUTH. :D #food #foodporn #maxwell #thai #singapore

Tomyum fried rice! #foodporn