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when your bird nest is sprinkled in gold. but it was that globule of coconut ice cream on mango custard that stole the show.


wonderful dinner and attentive service staff. Highly recommend for special occasion for your special ones


Ended the meal with the chocolate espuma that is infused with pink peppercorn, poached cinnamon pear, maple pecan granola, sour cherry jello and sable. I didn't quite get the peppercorn (again?) infusion into the chocolate espuma, and that awakening of my taste buds by the very sour cherry jello.


The main is a mangalica pork chop marinated with black char siew sauce and comes with roasted celeriac, apple & raisin and cider jus. The pork chop was extremely tender and juicy, although it turned out to be very oily towards the end as the oil and marinate are left behind on the plate. The sweet marinate on the pork tasted exactly like the usual char siew with some charred edges. It also comes with a fried glutinous rice ball with a yam center but it was dry and did not help to cut the greasiness down from the meat. Overall, another strong tasting dish which left me wanting gulps of ice water to wash it all down.

Went to Sky on 57 for Restaurant Week and we started with the Tuna Carpaccio that is seasoned with a Sze Chuan peppercorn shoyu dressing and comes with micro greens and crispy grains. A very daring take on the flavor profile here with the use of peppercorn which has a very slightly "ma"/numbing effect. I love the crunch from the crispy grains and the green apple slices, but the entire taste from the dressing was too heavy for my liking.


But then again how can you not if you just moved to Singapore. And went to Sky at 57 in this gorgeous building. The food was absolutely divine. I am not even going to try to describe it!!! #Singapore #expat #burpple