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Ordered this yam vanilla soft serve to give it a try. Tbh it's a bit pricey at $5.50 per cone, it is not as sweet as normal soft serve which I kinda like it and there is a pinch of salt added to it? Not to forget to mention, it melts quite fast too. Overall it is okay, but I wouldn't specially go down to get it next time.

Rather creamy and not overly sweet. The subtle hint of purple yam flavour was pleasant

This originally costs $5.50, but thanks to the in-app promotion, I got this at a dollar off and paid $4.50! Thanks Burpple for coming in clutch with the discounts! ✌🏽️✊🏽👊🏽

So anyway, I got my hands on Small Potatoes' mixed softserve when I was there. It juxtaposes their Japanese Sea Salt and Japanese Purple Potato flavours in a glorious helix construction.

The sea-salt flavour is unafraid, yet modest in its saltiness, and the purple potato is meek in a way - mellow in its sweet-savoury taste, which makes it barely analogue to to the sea-salt flavour. Personally, I felt that it was nice, but hardly riveting, which I was more sure of halfway through this.

I've also read about how this melts incredibly fast, but thankfully it was all good for me. I also really liked that the cone was made tight enough, such that there was no chink where melted ice-cream could seep through. When I was clearing the cone and removed the paper cover, it was dry. 😮 It's a clean and refreshing change from the paper cover already welling up melted ice-cream! (7.2/10)

The ice cream was quite tasty but a bit pricey, even after the $1 discount.

Mixed Ice Cream Cone: Kumamoto Yam and Himalayan Sea Salt flavor, considered a savory ice cream (S$5.50). Can't taste the yam flavor though, the sea salt flavor is stronger!

Sweet Potatoes Ice Creamery is a Hong Kong franchise that was brought over to singapore by model Faye Veronica and damn was the soft serve delicious. I love sweet potatoes and ice cream, so I'm more than happy to eat my 2 favourite foods together 🍠🍦

It was quite thick with the REAL stuff, felt like a mashed sweet potato actually 🍦 #burpple

我只吃到一点咸咸的味道.. 完全忘了这里头有紫薯.. 😥
用以点缀的紫薯饼干也太咸了!! 🤢
我还是不排斥这🍦 😅

Buy 1 get 1 free at $4 with snatch app 🍠🍦. Back to doing work now. *sobs*. What weekend u tell me what weekend. #snatchsg #burpple

If there's one thing that can make me happy -> 🍨🍦🐠
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