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From the Burpple community

Definitely the best roast meat stall around Havelock/Beo Crescent area. Super crispy crunchy skin on the roast. If you haven’t try char siew ribs then this is the stall to eat it. Well roasted ribs that are meaty and tasty as good as the char siew the stall sells. Pig skin is not easily available in other roast meat stall. This stall not only has it but the skin is very done - tasty and tenderly soft. Overall it’s a very yummy dish.


$18 for all of this in the picture with 3 bowls of rice in total. Comfortably feeds 3 pax.

Duck was on the salty side, char siew & roast pork were delicious to me but average to he folks I dined with. Chilli is quite watery, not very shiok. I would eat here again, though! (I am not big on chilli anyway)



Unlike most of the roast meat stall, this roast meat is not too salty. Crispy skin and evenly layered fat and lean meat make this a good meat. The duck too is well done and surprisingly not too fatty. Order the roast duck drumstick rice for $5.50 and add $1 roast meat to round up a nice meaty lunch.

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