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Reviews at Soon Li Yong Tau Foo (Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre)

Reviews of good food at Soon Li Yong Tau Foo (Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre)

Read so much about this Yong tau foo that opens only in the middle of the night and it's hostile stall owners that I was determined to try it one day. Waited for more than an hour at 1230am before the stall really opened and was ready for customers to pick the ingredients. Many were there early, and you really gotta be fast or you just gotta wait even longer.

What stood out for the YTF in this stall was the wide selection of unusual YTF ingredients. They had mostly internal organs, many fried items like pork belly, some seafood, in addition to the usual ones. Every order came along with a bowl of pig liver soup. Also, the soup base tasted pretty light, doesn't seem to have MSG added. $27 for a pot of soup for 3, without any bee hoon.

Remember to mention:
1. Whether you want Dry bee hoon to go with the soup, how many bowls
2. Your bowls of ingredients to be cooked in the same pot of soup or separate pot
3. Whether to add vegetables, chili padi and Ikan bilis into your pot of soup

Well, the stall owners weren't exactly as hostile as I thought they would be. Just don't obstruct their way and give clear orders and you will be fine!


This is one supper joint you must come fully prepared for. Bring a troop β€” assign one to "chope" seats, one to stand in line to place your order and another to wrestle alongside you to "kiap" the most prized ingredients on the Yong Tau Foo shelves. It's a battle waiting to happen at the stroke of midnight (note that they sometimes only open at 1am if the owners are still busy prepping), when the signage lights come on and hordes of veracious eaters rush forward. Apart from usual suspects like brinjal, cuttlefish and taupok, Tastemaker Fiona Ting recommends getting the Spam. We hear the pork items are the fastest to fly off the shelves, so zoom in on those as well. Give it about 30 minutes for the owners to prepare your food, and you'll be rewarded with a metal basin brimming with your picks, swimming in an unbelievably flavourful ikan bilis broth that has been boiled for hours. Pro tip: If you can, bring a portable stove (because why not!) to keep your soup bubbling hot throughout your meal!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Fiona Ting

Soup. That's what I feel notorious Soon Li Yong Tau Foo's good for. Boiled for hours with pork bones, soy beans and anchovies, it's a clear broth, slightly peppery yet loaded with flavour and depth. It's addictively comforting since we're sharing this in the middle of the night. They do also offer one of the largest selection for YTF that I've ever seen too.

Only beef we had with this joint is that some of their ingredients aren't cooked long/hot enough, which results in lukewarm soup after all those ingredients are dunked in. This explains the portable stove you spy in the photo, which we took the liberty of bringing our own, and since all their YTF are served in aluminum bowls, they heat up really nicely.

*Note: Aunty who mends the stall is actually nice to chat with, just as long as you DONT stand right behind her or block her way. Stay safe folks!

Opening hours: recently they've been turning their lights on only at 1am.

Dry version of yong tau foo.

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Soon li's yong tau foo perennially has snaking lines for the moment they open but the plethora of choices and quick service makes bearable. It also helps that everything from the earthy soup to the ultra fresh ingredients and amazing chilli IS SO DELICIOUS. πŸ€—πŸ€—

One of the most stressful and terrifying supper experiences one can undergo, with a most handsome reward...if you survive the onslaught.
Come midnight, once everything is ready, the stall lights come on, and (like when you alert the Witch in Left 4 Dead) the horde closes in via stampede to instantly form two queues - one to pick the ingredients, and one to place your order and make payment. It is essential to go in a minimum party of two and assign the relevant roles beforehand if you want to reach home before daybreak. You will feel cold limp sweaty flesh caress your body parts from behind as the ravenous zombies dart for taupok and brinjal below and above your arms; you will hear desperate cries of "aiyah just 随便 (anyhow) pick lah!!" from warriors who simply want the ordeal to be over; your body will be shoved left and right by aggressive golems in the fray if you don't stand firm when you're picking your items; your patience will be worn thin when the uncivilized and daring brazenly cut queue and fling their bowl ahead of yours, in manner of skillful frisbee toss, in the bowl queue. It will be ugly.
But if you survive - and I have, precisely six times - you will be rewarded by one of the best yong tau foo around. The variety of ingredients is wonderful (their pork items in particular like their pork belly fly off the shelves), and the ikan bilis-heavy soup demands consumption in its entirety. I always ask for green chilli padi to be added, but do be warned - they add a fierce edge to the soup and will sting you without mercy if you happen to bite on them.
(There is a cheat code, like in every other game, if you wish to avoid the horrors of the above-mentioned experience - just go after 12.30am. By then, order will be restored by way of self-regulation, and all you have to do is queue for a long, long time. But where's the fun in that?)
Soon Li Yong Tau Foo is a must try. This is non-negotiable. But before you taste the best, you gotta pass the test. 4.4/5 #Hawkerpedia

Probably the only yong tau foo that still sells this well past midnight. Opens around midnight (might open at 11.30, 12 or 12.30 on some instances depending on how early the owner can prep the ingredients), but be sure to know there will always be a queue. It closes at around 3am. So if u are new to this stall, pls make sure to choose the ytf ingredients while ur partner-in-crime queue, then put it somewhere and wait for ur turn. When it is ur turn, reach for your bowls. If u have ordered many ingredients (approx 12), it will be put in a metal bowl like this. Do not need to tell the uncle if u wan noodles or anything. Bcos that will be asked by the auntie. Whatever u do and wherever u stand, pls do not block the auntie's path from the stall to the table in front, or risk getting scolded. This huge bowl and the noodles cost us $16 and about 30 mins of wait.

Lucky to get our metal bowl of "liao" at around 11.40 and check out that queue. People(including us)could be seen camping around around as early as before 11 😰

Rushing and excitement begins when the signage flickers on and simultaneously everyone starting participating in their 100m dash, while I scored fourth place πŸ˜‚ *auntie mode on*

Being a first timer here, I hear experienced uncles chanting their order in fluent hokkien while I tried my best to decipher whatever they said and caught the main point at least

The fierce owner uncle will not ask you what you want but you have to tell him...

1) Vegetables?
2) ikan bilis?
3)soup or dry?
4)noodles or been hoon?
5)sauce on it or not?

My bowl of ingredients without noodles cost me $5 with really fragrant ikan bili soup lots of kang kong and soft handmade yong tau foo. Cheap and yummy yet healthy supper for us!!!

really good in this cool breezy night.

our westie friends bringing us out for supper in the west. I can finally say that there's something for supper in the west!

Not a big fans for queuing for food but this is really one of the top 5 great supper in #sg.. Worth it! Personally I love the yong tau foo is because of the soup by adding green chilly padi and Anchovies in pork stock just warm up my tummy !! Oh almost miss out the chilly sauce n sweet sauce 😬😬

OMG THE BEST YONG TAU FOO IN THE WORLD. Please people just come here and brave the crowd because this is AMAZING! Stall opens from midnight till food blackout. #food #foodporn #ytf #singapore #yongtaufoo #instafood

Imagine having to Queue after midnight and have to tolerate the bad temper of the stall owner? This is a must try for all night owls who can't sleep at night and scouting around for food.

a little excited over my first bowl of soon li ytf + a complementary shadow of dad who has already tucked in & can't be bothered with me. #supper

#Latergram- Finally got the chance to try this legendary midnight/ "dog bowl" Yong Tau Foo last night! The soup is so good (almost addictive), and I love how they throw in chopped green chilli paddies into their soup to make it slightly spicy and very unique too! Yum.. Gonna be back for more!

#Latergram- Midnight Yong Tau Foo at 1250 a.m. I don't normally queue for food but I would say that this wonderful bowl of YTF is definitely worth the half an hour wait!

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