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Souperstar (Tanjong Pagar Centre)

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SOUPERSTAR – is a reimagined food concept that amalgamates the best of local and the world’s food heritage. We do so by injecting popular flavours from around the world to the nostalgic taste of popiah, thus changing how popiah is being savoured. Popiah when paired with our soups make a hearty meal!

7 Wallich Street
#B2-31 Tanjong Pagar Centre
Singapore 078884

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10:00am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 07:00pm

08:00am - 09:00pm

08:00am - 09:00pm

08:00am - 09:00pm

08:00am - 09:00pm

08:00am - 09:00pm

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Enjoy these 1-for-1 deals with a Burpple Beyond membership
Signature Souper Combo
SAVE ~$12.80
Medium Soup & Mini Bun
SAVE ~$6.90
Popiah & Drink
SAVE ~$9
Hearty Salad
SAVE ~$8.90


From the Burpple community

Their onion soup was good even though I still prefer my usual tomato basil; but hey, it still makes for a comforting lunch

Healthy popiah and delicious soup for a satisfying lunch. My usual go to whenever I am craving for a lighter lunch.

This is the third combination of popiah and soup I've tried from Souperstar. This is the 'Chef's Special' Caesar Chicken Popiah with the Souper Shroomy soup and it cost $10.30.

The Caesar Chicken Popiah is stuffed with romaine lettuce, red onion, parmesan croutons, black olives, roasted chicken and hardboiled egg. It came with a Caesar dressing which I eliminated as I already had selected a cream based soup (I spooned the soup into the popiah with every bite so it would kind of taste like a dressing). It tasted...exactly like one would expect it to taste. A Caesar salad in a roll. Which I have no complaints about, because Caesar is one of my favorite type of salad. They had packed a generous amount of chicken and egg in the roll though, which I appreciated. Always a fan of their popiah skin too with its soft yet resilient texture.

The mushroom soup was way too watery. I like my mushroom soup thick and kinda chunky. And it didnt have much of a mushroom taste at all.

A pretty average, but not mindblowing meal.


One of my favorite lunch places for a balanced, filling meal. This was the Sunny Carrot soup with the Wasabi Mayo Popiah wrap and genmaicha for the drink, costing $10.60 in total.

The soup was a bright (almost artificial) orangey-yellow and looked very appetizing with chunks of carrot and crispy crackers floating on top. The sweetness of the carrot shone through and it was rich without being overly jelak. I like my soups a bit thicker (almost like a puree) so this was a tad too watery for me, but still quite a satisfying mouthfeel :)

I preferred the sesame chicken popiah but still glad I tried this seafood wrap. Loaded with vegetables and a light drizzle of wasabi mayo, it also came with slices of steamed prawn, fish and tempura bits. I really liked the crunch of the tempura bits and veggies contrasted with the soft, starchy popiah skin which held together all the ingredients beautifully. And the wasabi mayo gave it that spicy kick to elevate an otherwise tasteless roll. Pro tip: for extra oomph and flavor, drizzle a spoonful of soup into the popiah with every bite!! The soup will drip into the vegetables and coat them without getting the popiah skin soggy :)


Double Up Potato and Chicken soup was great! Great deal with Burrple Beyond! Will return! 👍

tomato basil soup x sweet thai chilli chicken popiah
shrooms soup x sesame chicken popiah
tomato basil soup was dabombz, and the bread cubes complemented it well, but the shrooms soup was a bit runny (could be thicker). both popiahs are gr888888 but dont taste like popiah at all, more like a wrap w/ a thin wrap skin