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What you should order based on community favourites


From the Burpple community

Had this and the pastry which was actually the best seller or recommended. However I thought the brownie tasted so much better! The brownie was packed with flavour and very fudge. The ice cream is a tad sweet but the salt did help cut through. A good vanilla bean ice cream would have been great too!

Chose the duck pasta because it was the most popular. Really love and appreciate the homemade pasta. Cook on it was al dente. But somehow I still prefer a tomato based pasta. Would definitely come back for the pasta!

The duck confit tagliatelle was unique in flavour. The pasta is handmade and the sauce has tandoori cream plus lemon zest so it doesn't get too rich. I love the hazelnuts added in too!

The Moroccan chicken leg was served with spiced chicken leg, butter mushroom rice and preserved lemon sauce. This was very flavourful especially with the cilantro added to this and the chicken was very tender.

This has grapefruit juice, lychee juice and soda water in it. It was really refreshing but the lychee flavour overpowered the the other flavours.

Duck Confit Hash, $21. We had an amazing brunch here at one of the top trending Burpple Beyond Recommendation cafes! Very unique dish and we were blown away! Toooo gooood! Tater Tots were very crunchy and crispy, shreds of duck confit were so delicious and tender, it wasn’t tough at all! We are so amazed by its texture, super FANTASTIC! Topped with 2 sous vide eggs, some spinach and red wine sauce! Wow, we Love it!!!