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Returned to South Union Park again because they seemed to have added in a new dish to their menu recently. Yet another dish that is hard not to fall in love with here — those plump, seared prawns that delivered a good bite and provided a hint of crustacean sweetness, the Risotto that isn't too wet nor dry with bits of breadcrumbs within for a crunch whilst carrying a tangy (from the Basil Pesto) yet slightly sweet flavour of carrots with bits of small, chopped up pieces of carrots for a bit of texture. A dish that again manages to impress — one that encompasses all aspects from execution to flavours and texture; a new favourite found!

Another new dessert that is newly introduced with the menu revamp. The Hazelnut Chocolate Semifreddo comes with Coffee Chocolate Mousse, Candied Hazelnuts and Chocolate Crumbs. The dessert is somehow big on flavours, yet not particularly jelak for it's not overwhelmingly thick — the mousse was smooth and creamy without being cloying. Playing with a rather safe flavour combination, I really loved how they try to add elements such as coffee to bring the hazelnut and chocolate combination beyond the "Ferrari Rocher" flavour — the coffee actually helps to add yet another dimension of bitterness on top of the bittersweet chocolate for a slightly different ending that worked particularly well with the hazelnut; possibly even cutting through the richness of the cream to make things feel easier on the palate. Yet another dessert from South Union Park that puts the meal to a brilliant end.

One of the new desserts introduced in their latest menu revamp — the Earl Grey Panna Cotta also comes with elements such as Strawberry Gel, Sponge Cake, Almond Crumb and Macerated Strawberries. The Panna Cotta comes pretty aromatic from the tea infusion; it comes with a distinct Earl Grey flavour that made it pretty appealing even on its own. The Vanilla Sponge Cake might feel a little stiff on my first bite, though having it with a bit of the Strawberry Gel does seem to do the trick and gives it another dimension of flavour as well. Crumbles and almond crumbs are added for some texture and gives the dessert a crunch, while the macerated strawberries were fresh sweet to the right degree without being overly so. Overall, a pretty light dessert that feels less adventurous than those from their previous menu, but still puts the meal to a good end as always.

Back to South Union Park for the launch of their new menu revamp — the Pork & Fennel Sausage Pasta is the only wholly new pasta on the menu. A very simple yet hearty and comforting affair, the Pork & Fennel Sausage Pasta was something that hits the heart rather than being bold and adventurous like the filled pasta from previous menus. The pasta is handmade in-house as usual, done al-dente with a bit of bite while it comes in this light tomato-based chicken jus that is tangy and pretty appetizing without being overwhelming. The broccoli creates some texture for the pasta with a crunch, while the pork and fennel sausage provides a meaty bite without a porky stench. It's a good balance of lightness and richness in flavours — very simple, fuss-free that is so ever satisfying to have.

Not exactly a new menu item, but one of the new items on their special boards for this weekend. The portion is pretty generous with three thick slabs of pork belly — each comes with an adequate amount of fat as well as lean meat for a balance of tenderness and bite; charred for a bit of smokiness amidst the savoury flavour without carrying a porky stench. Beneath the slabs of pork belly lie nibs of corn, pine nuts and baked beans (which is all prepared in-house) for some texture, while everything sits atop a bed of parsnip purée that's absolutely smooth with a hint of sweetness; very intriguing and certainly my favourite element in the entire dish.

Duck Confit Pasta ($22) - The tagliatelle pasta was freshly made and served in hazelnut cream with sautéed spinach. Felt the duck taste was quite overpowering, but the cream that went with the pasta was really good.
Honey Soy Fried Chicken ($12) - with pickled red onions. Crispy well seasoned boneless chicken paired with a honey drizzle. Braised Chicken Leg ($23) - with potato purée, carrot, button mushroom, haricot vert. This was one comfort food! The chicken was tender and tasted so good with the sauce that came with it. South Union Park is a cafe that gives a relaxed vibe as it is located away from the city. Love the quiet environment and it is a cafe without any gst or service charge.

Great Earl grey panna cotta with an impeccable texture that goes rather well with the strawberries. Portion isnt small but it really is very light such that one pax can finish this without any trouble at all. Would have been a great dessert if all of these wasn't marred by the fluffy looking but rubbery sponge. Checking out xing Wei chua's post seems like this wasn't a one off thing so I'm just wondering why????? They have such great fluffy sponges for the pineapple coconut sundae why did they do this to the Earl grey panna cotta? The leathery sponge really spoilt the dish I'm sure they don't have an issue with the execution it could be a new texture they're playing with

Irks me when great places don't have a proper website and menu easily available.

Anyways they mentioned they very recently changed the menu so I was quite bummed to not be able to try a few dishes I wanted to. But it was serendipity to learn that I checked out the new menu earlier than Mr first on a scene so that's comforting. Btw all prices are nett but do tip they have great service if only the food is slightly slow

Sounds simple and it really is, but executed to perfection and it's a delight. The roasted pineapple doesn't have an edge, and combines so well with the coconut ice cream. Throw in soft sponge cake and butter cookies and you've got a fruity dessert great for sharing


This was so close to perfection. If only the brownie was slightly crispy it would have been ambrosia. Everything else was executed to perfection, especially the candied pecans which lends a nice crunch to contrast against the soft ingredients. Don't order this to share, you're in for a breakup. 3 of us obliterated the dish within 30seconds :p

The salmon was about as tender as it could get since it was fully cooked thru but only very slightly pink. Kudos to them for the temperature control. It was so tender my friend was worried it was raw haha. Anyway the white clam cream was the epitome of "light and flavourful" and was raving about how it elevated the tender salmon. Definitely a salmon dish thats rather unique

Chicken was very slightly dry but otherwise a hearty dish. The sauce was roasty and satisfying and I particularly loved the mushrooms which were of the perfect texture

The duck was soooooo tender I would have mistaken it for chicken if not for the flavour. Personally I don't think the toppings do that much for the dish but the sauce had a great tang that keeps you going back for more. While we ordered the plate to share, it took herculean willpower to stop >

Delightful piece of heaven. A well-crusted steak, garnished with chimichurri sauce, laid on a bed of sweet potatoe mash cooked to near perfection.

The picture says for itself.

Absolutely loved this signature dish. This is the first roasted Vegetables dish that I could say, that a plate is just not enough!
The choice of mix - Asian + Western plus the dressing used is brilliantly put together! Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Corn Nibblets and Quinoa in Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil.
Delicious and simply understated!

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