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06:00pm - 12:00am

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06:00pm - 12:00am

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A simple combination of scallop and foie gras, there is nothing simple about this sushi as it enters your mouth and to your stomach. The is part of the whiskey paired omakase, and is only available for 12 pax per night so do call beforehand to make reservations to avoid disappointment. Roy, the owner, intentionally kept it that way, so that customers are not rushed through dinner, and he gets to spend some time speaking with everyone throughout the night, explaining the pairings of non Japanese whiskies with Japanese food. - Thanks to #southpawbarandsushi and #burpple for the invitation.

I've been to several Japanese restaurants for omakase, but this is the first one that I see pairing sushi and other Japanese food with scotch whiskey. Yup, I've seen Yamazaki and Hibiki whiskey in lieu of sake for some omakase, but I didn't realise "western whiskey" works really well too.
Taken during a tasting.

The buttery aroma perfumed the surrounding while the Scallop bathed in the oily goodness. 🤤
Second only to the Kohada, also served as the last piece of sushi. Which did leave me hanging for a moment (coming from a sushi traditionalist POV), till the calm miso soup arrives. 🔖

Southpaw serves affordable omakase helmed by Chef Kenny who has 17 years of experience in Japanese cuisine.
Pictured is torched foie gras with scallop, which I love for that aroma of foie gras fats with the sweet juices of hotate. What's even more interesting is that they pair their omakase with whiskey, and this made me realize that actually they go well together.
Taken during a Burpple Eatup.

Think of pairing whisky with food like you’re adding sauce to a dish. I thought it was end of the story after I slurped my oyster and sipped my whisky, but no, I was then asked to pour some of the golden liquid into the empty shell. To my utmost surprise, the whisky tasted even lovelier with the salinity left behind in the shell.

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Instead of the usual sake, Southpaw offers whisky and bourbon pairings with meals.

As it is a new place, give it some time to settle down, and give things going consistently.

They say this is the most filling of the 3 omakase sets and I can attest to that! 😆 The other 2 sets comes with 7 and 9 piece sashimi and costs $98++ and $138++. It's actually pretty easy to finish this bowl as the rice is very marinated and mixed with pickles, seaweed and such. There's salmon, maguro, shiro maguro, ikura, ika and sea bream (I think). But if you are a small eater, do remember to ask for less rice 😆

Discovered this on Burpple and no better way to celebrate National Day at a brand new spot. Southpaw offers Omakase with their own special take on the dishes led by Chef Kenny. They also have a good selection of Scottish whisky to curated by Roy the owner to pair with your food. My favorite was the foie gras on hotate sushi, giving you an indulgent melt-in-your-mouth experience. Come here for a unique cosy chef table experience!

Set in Cavan Suites, a short walk from The Refinery in Lavender, this brand new dinner-only outfit will have you fed very well. Pop by for their excellent Bara Chirashi Don ($38), a generous heap of cubed raw fish and seafood. This is topped with house-pickled radish and freshly grated wasabi — the latter really elevates the dish to refined heights. If you're in the mood to indulge, consider going for their Sushi Omakase dinner (available at $68, $98 and $138). Expect to be treated to really fresh sashimi, sushi and a lot of delicious fun. Leading chef Kenny Khoo has more than 17 years of experience in Japanese cooking under his belt, and the service staff are also personal and knowledgeable, so rest assured you'll be in very good hands. The owner of Southpaw is a bit of a whisky connoisseur, and they offer whisky pairing with their food (there's also sake for the purists) — this is an experience whisky enthusiasts shouldn't miss out on!
Avg Price: $90 per person
Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

My first dinner here saw me selecting the $98++ omakase (also available in $68++ and $138++).
After I had polished off an appetiser of thinly-sliced sea bream topped with caviar (pictured above in the corner top left) and a plate of sashimi, the following seven pieces of sushi were meticulously put together and served one at a time by Leading Chef Kenny:

1. Kanpachi
2. Engawa (Flounder Fin)
3. Marinated Bluefin Tuna with Japanese Yam
4. Kohada and Wakame
5. Aburi Salmon with Chef's Special Bonito Flakes
6. Foie Gras on Hotate (Scallop)
7. Anago (Sea Eel)

I found the quality of every sushi to be impressive, both in freshness and in size.
Chef then made me a bowl of Fresh Clams in Miso Soup on the spot. Its belly-warming comfort was a really wonderful thing to sip on. My meal was brought to a close with Ume Jelly for dessert.

Trust Burpple's product engineer @sidhartha91 to spot a new F&B establishment within the first day of its opening. Once I heard about it from him, I made sure I paid "Southpaw Bar & Sushi" a visit pronto.
A dinner-only place, the $98++ omakase dinner was my choice. For the first course, it was a gigantic oyster of the Canadian Rock variety. When offered by the owner Roy, I couldn't resist the unique 2-step whisky pairing of it with "The Ten #3 Light Highland".
This is how it went: I first took a sip from my glass of the Clyneish distilled whisky - it was selected by Roy (who's got more than a decade's experience in whisky and cigars) for its flowery, briny notes to complement the shellfish. The pale golden liquid (it has no extra colouring added) got my palate warmed up to better enjoy the lusciously creamy oyster which by the way, was so huge, it had to be sliced in half for eating. After both plump pieces had slipped down my throat, most of the remaining whisky was poured into the empty half-shell for me to slowly savour. Such delicious fun!
You might be wondering why the name "Southpaw". Well, Roy explained he didn't want something obviously Japanese as they aren't a classic or traditional sushi restaurant since they offer whisky to pair (but he does stock sake for the traditionalists though). Instead, he wanted something unexpected with a positive slant. Thus the name, because in the sport of boxing, a left-handed boxer would take on a "southpaw" stance, which is believed to give strategic advantage.
It was a real pleasure chatting with both him and Leading Chef Kenny Khoo, an industry veteran with more than seventeen years of experience at Nogawa and Tatsuya, last night.

This is a real belly-filler of a Bara Chirashi Don. Expect a big bowl heaped with assorted cubed raw fish and shrimp tossed in a light dressing. There's also refreshing crunchy burdock root and radish (that Chef Kenny Khoo pickles himself). I like that he uses freshly grated wasabi, which to me, makes a big difference.

Chunky cuts of fresh sashimi paired with a thoughtfully-selected single malt - one of the indulgent courses from the Omakase dinner at @southpawbarnsushi. This was the first time I had raw fish with an alcohol that wasn't sake. I loved it.

Here's the second item to be served at our omakase dinner. The delicate slices of fresh sea bream were dressed with truffle oil, caviar and Chef's specially-made bonito flakes. It was as much a pleasure on the tastebuds as it was a treat for the eyes.

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