6 Woodlands Square
#01-05 Woods Square
Singapore 737737

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08:30am - 09:30pm

08:30am - 09:30pm

08:30am - 09:30pm

08:30am - 09:30pm

08:30am - 09:30pm

08:30am - 09:30pm

08:30am - 09:30pm

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From the Burpple community

Ventured out for the virgin dine-in experience post-Heightened Alert because I needed to get a haircut; couldn’t stand how everything was touching the ears and just couldn’t really go together — decided to drop by for a peaceful dinner at the neighbourhood coffee since I was missing out some cafe vibes after all these while.

Added to menu fairly recently (or at least it wasn’t served during the time when I first visited them), the Truffle Egg Mayo Croissant is a classic favourite — an item that some may call basic, but at least also one that is pretty comforting for some. It doesn’t disappoint for those who know what they are going for — the buttery, flaky croissant that encases a creamy egg mayo that perfumes of a light truffle aroma; evident enough to notice, but not overwhelming to taste buds, and comes with leafy greens for a refreshing crunch. It doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel here; just something that warms the soul.

Was good wanting to go for a usual Flat White but found myself blurting out “Orange Expresso” — maybe because I just wanted something slightly more beverage-like for dinner. Sowl Coffee is one of those places that makes their fruit-infused soda from scratch — extracting juices from the orange and all; their rendition isn’t too gassy, and the citrusy notes do cut through the fruitiness of cuppa relatively well. A surprisingly light rendition of the beverage which didn’t cloud the taste buds.

Sowl Coffee is that sort of place that Woodlanders will grow to appreciate in their neighbourhood — a pleasant option to have considering how there seems to be a lack of specialty coffee joints in this area; and without doubt, a place that I wouldn’t mind hitting especially when things get busy and heading out of the neighbourhood just simply isn’t an option.

It is not easy to find a cafe in Woodlands area, that’s why you see me coming back whenever I craving for some drink.

This time I go for the iced matcha latte, which taste stronger on the milk side, but a balance matcha flavour with it.

There wasn’t much cafe in the north side and glad to see Sowl Coffee opening here at Woods Square.

Not really a big space they have but they sell not only coffee but also some pastries.

Their iced sweet potato latte is the alternative option if you looking for something sweet. You could request to change the milk to alternative milk like soy, almond or oat.

Checked out the new Sowl Coffee at Woods Square — pretty much a godsend for folks in the Woodlands area because of the sheer lack of specialty cafe options in the area offering espresso-based coffee and pastries.

Opted for the Pain au Chocolat which was pretty decent overall — flaky and buttery with melted chocolate in between; something which works well for a good light bite with a cuppa on the side. Flat White is brewed from beans roasted by Six Four Coffee for now — a blend of beans of Colombian and Brazilian origin; carried an earthy note with a light body which is good for a slow mid-day cuppa.

For the longest time, there seems to be a void when it comes to specialty coffee places in the North — the lack of cafes in this part of the island serving up decent espresso-based coffee have pretty much gotten us used to travelling out to other areas for the cafe experience. Sowl Coffee fills up this gap perfectly; despite the lack of hot food being served due to the space it occupies, it is a pretty deserving spot for a neighbourhood that has a lack of choices — somewhere which residents in the North and the office crowd of Woods Square would certainly appreciate having in their backyard!

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