7 Maxwell Road
#01-15 Amoy Street Food Centre
Singapore 069111

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From the Burpple community

Still remembered how I was impressed during my first visit to Spice & Rice some time back at Amoy Street Food Centre before they became the talk of the town for their Nasi Lemak; made the order for these because was told that there was free delivery for them during the Vesak Day weekend — a perk considering how delivery kinda costs a bomb for where I live (that’s why you don’t see much posts here lately).

I like how their Sambal Cornflakes are considered somewhat of a twist to the cornflakes we are familiar with that are often retailed by homemakers during festive seasons like CNY and Hari Raya — those that are often made to be sweet and laced in honey or caramel. Spice & Rice take is savoury and spicy in retrospect; tossed with a house-made sambal and comes with anchovies, curry leaves and peanuts for a mix of textures. Their sambal is not shy on spiciness; provides quite a good kick of spiciness that most who are tolerant to moderate levels of heat should be ok with, whilst also sticky enough to lace the cornflakes up nicely for sweet-savoury note that some may associate with local snacks. That being said, not sure whether was it because of the delivery process (perhaps we are too far away), the batch we had came a little limp and soft (both cornflakes, and anchovies), with the cornflakes seemingly lost a bit of its crispness; perhaps sealed in a bottle before they were adequately cooled down — perhaps a one-off, but this could be easily fixed by popping them into a toaster oven and reheating them just for a couple of minutes (less than 5, depending on your temperature setting) with the cornflakes being back to its crispy state thereafter. Apart from that, care has also been placed to retain as much chlorophyll in those curry leaves as possible — not just for vibrant green amidst the brown elements for aesthetics, but it is also immensely crisp and hints mildly of a curry leaf fragrance when one gets to them; one of the minor details that I quite liked.

Whilst the free delivery promotion has since been over, one can order the Sambal Cornflakes and their Nasi Lemak on their webpage during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) — both pick-up and contactless delivery are available, not to mention that they are also listed on the likes of Grabfood and foodpanda. They are also still open for takeaways if any one is still returning to office near Amoy Street Food Centre during this period of time; just so if you need to get any Nasi Lemak cravings solved and prefer to get the food by yourself.

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Classic fried chicken - come with a sunny-side up, pineapple cubes, cucumber slices, chilli paste, and of course, ikan bilis and peanuts.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/spice-rice-nasi-lemak/

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Ordered their Set A Basmati Coconut with Classic Fried Chicken ($7.90) and added on some Butter Chicken ($3). Given that their food does not contain MSG, I find the taste pretty good!

Basmati rice was not Lemak enough for me but for those who want a healthy meal, this should suffice. Their Chilli isn’t the typical salty ones as well and is definitely way healthier! Would have to say that their butter chicken is good too, not as flavourful as many other places (but again, healthy alert!). This bowl is probably for those who wanna be healthier but craves local food imo. In addition, the eggs were cooked to a wonderful consistency (runny yolk) and their fried chicken was really flavourful and the Star of the dish!✨

Who doesn’t like Nasi Lemak here? As we always see a new place selling it keeps popping out.

This stall at Amoy Street Food Centre is the latest one to offer such a dish. They only have 3 different items on the menu.

I gotten the classic Nasi Lemak with Indian spiced fried chicken, anchovies, peanuts, boiled egg, cucumber, sambal and coconut rice. The owner was generous enough to addon curry vegetables for me.

While the fried chicken was indeed delicious, it seems wasn't attractive enough for me for the taste. Also for the anchovies, there wasn't any much flavour when I bite them. The sambal itself also wasn't any spicy as I was expecting.

The price itself also consider a higher one for $7.50 in this hawker centre.

Have caught some wind about Spice & Rice at Amoy Street Food Centre which specialises in Nasi Lemak — had always been wanting to head down to the stall to give it a go, and finally did so pretty recently; a move which I was glad I made.

Offering three different types of Nasi Lemak here, the obvious choice for me was the Classic Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken for I just cannot have Nasi Lemak without the fried chicken. The Nasi Lemak here features elements such as Indian Spiced Fried Chicken, Anchovies, Peanuts, Sunny Side-Up, Cucumber, Sambal and Coconut Rice — the usual suspects that one would think of for this very familiar local classic. They seemed to nail each element down perfectly with this rendition — the Indian Spiced Fried Chicken seemingly rubbed with turmeric, came all crisp on the exterior yet succulent and tender inside, locking all the juices of the chicken within that is utterly delicious especially when its piping hot. The basmati rice comes with ample coconut-y fragrance — not too heavy, yet fluffy with an evident aroma that makes it pretty “Lemak”; very enjoyable to have even on its own. The chili that came on the side carries that distinct sweetness often associated with chili that is served with Nasi Lemak, yet delivering a slight hint of spiciness that provides just enough punch to give a slight tingle even for those who are not tolerable to moderate levels of spiciness — very well-balanced. The anchovies came crisp like how it should be, without being soaked in grease while the sunny side-up is prepared upon order to guarantee that molten yolk; all that without being drenched in oil.

Coming at $7.50, Spice & Rice definitely is not the most economical Nasi Lemak even in the Central Business District which it is located at. That being said, it seems that what they are serving up here is an artisanal variant that takes into consideration the best of traditional flavours, and whipping up a modern variant that is familiar and delicious — something which other establishments such as Lemak Boys and The Coconut Club seem to be targeting at. Must say that this is one Nasi Lemak I would certainly be going for if I am working in this area (because in reality, I don’t) — a really well-rounded variant that places an emphasis on all elements that is truly worth making the visit for.