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Office lunch today was pretty much a one-dimensional affair with this lunch box. Slightly gamey tasting pulled pork with rice and some tomatoes. A little too simple and too much like something I could put together at home for my liking. Just plain brown rice, plain tomatoes and a little bit of meat (very different from the images on their website! I remember seeing mixed veges and a scoop of avocado). The average HDB vege rice store would give you more bang for your buck. This left me and others a little hungry despite the fact I'm generally a small eater. And this is more like a rice box than a salad box (unlike what their website says they provide).


We're not vegetarian, but Spinacas' vegetarian ratatouille salad could easily convert me. Flavors do not restrain themselves as it dances across the palate in celebration, bursting with mildly spicy caramelized sweetness of aubergine, zucchini and mushroom, tossed in fresh baby spinach.

What better way to celebrate National Spinach Day than with a healthy baby spinach salad delivered to your doorstep... and 10% off for all our readers?

Dig in, it's hearty at GourmetAdventures.net.


Happy Meat Free Week! Who says vegetarian food has to taste innocuous?

Having said that, when bland and tasteless vegetarian food is commonplace, much convincing is needed to summon the strength to opt for a vegetarian salad over something meatier—after all, a salad already has sufficient greens, no? It's a good thing we summoned the strength. We're not vegetarian, but this vegetarian ratatouille salad could easily convert us.

Flavors do not restrain themselves as it dances across the palate in celebration, bursting with mildly spicy caramelized sweetness of aubergine, zucchini and mushroom—best eaten warm. Strength won't be required to opt for this the next time.


Spinacas set to deliver nutritious and hearty salad to your doorstep offering 5 meats and 2 vegetarian options in 2 sizes. Each box of leaves comes with a fixed base (baby spinach or mesclun and pickled red cabbage) and 6 toppings (honey cherry tomatoes, broccoli, hard-boiled egg, cheddar cheese, nuts and seasonal surprise ingredient) with a home-made dressing.

The protein component consists of meats such as Morrocan Spiced Chicken marinated in a fiery Middle Eastern spice blend for 12 hours and BBQ Pulled Pork slow cooked in a cinnamon stock till meltingly tender, then tossed in a custom made BBQ sauce. Both are Spinacas best-sellers. We had the Morrocan Spiced Chicken, opt for it if you love a fiery kick in your salad and have high spice tolerance!

To win a box of salad, simply answer the following question by commenting on this post! *Question: What are the two best-sellers of Spinacas?

Two followers will be selected randomly and this giveaway ends on 11 March 2015!

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I had the Morrocan Spiced Chicken Salad that comes with spinach and chicken cubes marinated with a fiery Middle Eastern spice blend, 6 toppings of honey cherry tomatoes, broccoli, hard boiled egg, cheddar cheese, nuts, grape. It also comes with a extra virgin oil, salt & pepper dressing.

Absolutely adoring how fresh and perfectly cooked the greens are—no mushy broccoli here. They're absolutely generous (it's 100g of meat!) with the tasty pulled pork that's tossed in a special barbecue sauce. What we really love is how the contrast of textures and flavors wield so beautifully together. Delivery is free for orders above $30. Stay tuned to GourmetAdventures.net for our review and giveaway!